Unforgettable night with Sabrina

Unforgettable night with Sabrina

Master: Kevin-namesless

After obtain the number from webmaster… Last week Friday finally sms sabrina to arrange for 1 session… very fast i received an reply asking me back “u tau rate?” so i replied yes… so she replied saying to book her, need at least 2 hours in advance. so i booked her on 8pm slot for 2 hours straight…

once i arrived the hotel, i checked in with 3 hours rate. then sms her the hotel and also the room number. after 4 mins, she replied she had reached the hotel area and looking for parking. then i stand front of my window trying to guess which one is her. then i saw a malay lady, wearing spec holding umbrella walking towards the main entrance, so in my heart i say, this must be her… then walk to my door, peek from the small hole and YES! this is her. Nyummy… she knocked on the door.. i open it… and she was shocked… she say how come im a Chinese? 

i ask back her, why i cant be a chinese? then she answer because the way i reply her sms is in malay way… so i say ya… i can communicate in malay way if thats comfortable to her. then we jump ontop the bed, and we had a very good ice breaking session… we talk about her family, her education, bla bla bla… and look at the time… wow… passed 45 minutes already we chit chat… then suddenly outside heavy rain… then she jump down from the bed and go close the room light. then she say “JOM, masuk mandi yang”… we both wash and clean ourself, then i wait her on the bed… fuhhh… love her body (my favor milf body)… then she start with french kiss… Mmmm… i got back my EX french kiss feel….

then proceed to lick her boobs then down to her pussy… fuhh…. watery wet… and i continue lick her… and opss…. she cum… and she was so tense… and she say she want to suck mine… then i let her BBBJ… and the feel is great…. then i ask for DATY again… and she CUM the 2nd time while sitting on my face… huhuhu… whole face wet wet… nice smell…. then she cap me and ask me to doggy her…. half way doggy her i pull out and DATY her again… and thats the 3rd time she CUM… she straight lembik and lay on the bed… then i continue F her from back… and finally unloaded all my son/daughter…

we take a rest and i go toilet wash up… then chit chat a while for another like 30 minutes… then ask her to BBBJ me and lastly… i cum in her mouth… i asked her if she still want to cum again and she say TAK NAK!! KAKI LEMBIK NANTI YANG!

time showing 10.30pm… the rain also not that heavy. so i ask her to leave faster as the night itself she also need to travel back to Kuala Selangor. so we both hug and kiss for a moment and bid goodbye.

Name: Sabrina
Race: NL
Area : Sunway Mentari
Face: 6/10
DATY: YES (cum 3 times just for a startup foreplay)
Body: 9/10 (Is a MILF body)
Boobs: 34C … nice to suck and hold
FK : Very nice
BBBJ: 8/10
CIM: allow
GFE: 10/10 very friendly… like my own wife…
Damage: 250 + Hotel (RM50 3hours)

Location: Sunway
Category: NL

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  3. jelani says:

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