Unbelieveable Superstar Ratings – Ina(pic)

Unbelieveable Superstar Ratings – Ina(pic)

Master: Malim

First of all, I would like to thank webmaster for sharing me the contact of this pretty young BAKSO.

Actually, webmaster had shared with me this contact long time ago…But due to commitments, time constraint & other interest, I have yet to try this BAKSO until today, I finally had the opportunity and decided to give it a shot..And it was an excellent experienced where i should have try it long time ago….
If only i knew that the outcome was gonna be like what i had experienced today, god knows what today would have presented me with…Hey…like they say…’Save the best for last!’…..I have been monitoring her FR as well as the others for quite awhile…comparing & highlighting each of these BAKSOs speciality & golden secrets to assists me in making my selection and decision of whom to try and who will not…
No doubt each of these BAKSO have their own unique ‘speciality’ that sometimes makes it hard to choose…If can, almost everyone we would like to try…But I know that is just not possible…So i have to really make a ‘spot-on’ decision. Otherwise it would be a waste of time & money..There are so many Pretty & Gorgeous BAKSO in the market…but for this one BAKSO, named INA…A young beauty from Juanda, Surabaya…I begged the differ..and so today, i opened the chapter…
After giving much thought, i decided today..i want to try INA, the famous BAKSO FL from Jalan Ipoh…Well that’s how she is known and distinguished….When people mentions Jalan Ipoh…her name usually popped up..So I texted her as early as 10am today….but not hoping for an immediate responds and immediate availability of her time for today…So i was like…’If she answer…she answer….and if can’t get an appoinment for today..then next time it will be…
At one point i felt that i may have texted her too early in the morning….at some point i wasn’t hoping her to answer my msg today….But against all odds…at 10.45am, she replied my msg..At first i assumed that she might reply back something like…’I’m still in bed…you texted me too early’ or ‘No..i’m not free today’….or ‘Today..i’m off!’….but the reply i got was….’Hari ini i Free!’..I just couldn’t believed my luck….To make matter more sweet…she even told me that she’s available as early as 12pm in the afternoon…It was like an hour time!….
I actually have 1 hour to go before i finally meet her…That was just great!…And now i became increasingly eager to try her…So time, price & venue was confirmed right then….Appoinment fix…All that is left to do is to get my ass over to the meeting point…I waited for no time at all….This was the easiest & the quickest nego i’ve ever did….Around 11.55am…i was already at the hotel that she told me to come….paid the room for an hour and then texted her to tell her the room number…..She said OK…Within 10mins she was already knocking on the room’s door…So far everything went so surprisingly smooth…no hiccups….I realized that this may just be a very excellent day for me…and it did….Indeed today was another great day for me….
Since it was my first ever time meeting her….I have no clue of how she may look like….Is she pretty?…Is she chubby?…Is she friendly?…Is she sexy?..These questions came bombarding my head…Just when i opened the door to let her in….There she was….looking very pretty and giving me a sweet smile…..I schemed her from top to bottom in a flash…and….VOILA!!!!!
She’s the PERFECT FIGURE for me!!!….The figure that i really want from a girl……When you least expecting the Unexpected…..The Unexpected will present you with the Perfect Outcome for you!…My advice is…always ‘Hope for the best…Prepare for the Worst’…and you will not be entirely be dissappointed when things didn’t quite go your way….The moment she stepped into the room, she showed her true colour…Extremely Friendly & Chatty chick!….
That just adding an icing to the cake….I like her style….Her friendlyness…..her chatty & approacheable being…really makes her prettier than her looks….We were soon clicked rightaway….More like we’ve known each other for so long…..I enjoyed her companion…This is what i’m looking for actually….Getting into someone’s penties immediately wasn’t always in my mind….
Getting to know….making her comfy and making her feel safe with you are the main ingredient to a great outcomes….I’m not the type who are after sex in an instant without getting to know the girl…i’m not the type that is…’WAMP BAM THANK YOU MDM!’..pay her and dashed out of the room without even getting her name….Bro, trust me….If you make the girl comfortable with you…make them feel safe being with you….making them feel you are not after sex entirely….making them feel that they are not just a ‘Sex Object’ to you…..believe me bro….she will give herself to you in no time and effort needed…..You wouldn’t expect it to come sometimes….And this will make the sex become the sweetest ever!…You wouldn’t need to make a move at all….For all you know, if you are quick to read the situation…She’ll already sucking your didi without even you knowing it…And that’s exactly what happened to me today….
I’m not a casanova to be able to hynotized a girl with just a romantic phrase or with a blink of an eye….and i don’t have the looks to quickly makes a girl come crawling towards me begging to be fxck!….I only used the simple basic rule of thumb….get to know her!…make her comfortable and feel safe with you….and create the sweet moments….Everything will go smooth!….
You’ll be crowned the Winner even before the game start!…Everyone can do this…no need special skills for you to do it….It’s not ROCKET SCIENCE!..After the SOP quick shower, we both were already on the bed…still in our conversation…she suddenly made the moves that I was waiting for..just didn’t expect it to be so soon..She began moving her hands..from my leg towards my thigh…Then slipped her hands underneath my towel and straight for my didi..She grasped my semi-erected didi and gave me the ‘naughty stare’….Then she pulled my towel off and straightaway blow my didi..I must say..this girl loves to BBBJ…
She kept on sucking, gagging, licking and deepthroat my didi…She position herself facing me…exposing her ‘tembam or cameltoed’ pussy towards me and slowly opened her legs signalling me to DATY her…I understood her signals and went straight sucking and licking her pussy…Her tembam or cameltoed pussy was just too good to be true!..I didn’t even allow her pussy to breath…i just DATY non-stop until she was wet…We were side-ways doing each other a deed…Then things move to the next level…she climbed on top of me to positioned ourselves in a 69..(while switching positions..she still didn’t leg go of my didi..)..still keeping my didi inside her mouth…blowing wildly….
As much as she loved giving me a BBBJ….I too wasn’t ready to let her cameltoed pussy go…We were so into the foreplay that we didn’t realized the time until….the room’s phone rang…She knew it would be from the aunty at the reception telling her the time for the room is up…the 1 hour is over!…She instantly told her to add 1 more hour…Oh man!…she wasn’t going to let me off the hook…Then we soon realised that we were in fact foreplaying each other for almost 30mins!…We laughed then continued from where we left…As both of us has reached the boiling point…she capped me and CG-ed me hard and fast….
Her pussy felt great to the max!…I could feel her cameltoe…And we drifted into DFK-ing each other while she CG me wild!….It felt good and she felt goo too…We were in the CG position DFK-ing hard for almost 20mins…I know cos i was keeping track of the time…not to finish it early but doesn’t want it to end early…Then i can feel that i was about to come…so i stopped….but she kept on riding….Then i told her…that i want to finish her off in doggystyle….She didn’t allow me too…she quickly grabbed my didi and was squeezing it hard giving my didi less air so the urged of shooting my load will fade out…She was squeezing it for almost 5mins….
Then she let me go and position herself so i could do her from behind…It was a very arousing side…the view of her cameltoed pussy and her sexy ass was unbareable…I can’t wait no more….I quickly banged her doggystyle fast and hard…like a bullet train powering up…I banged her hard..She moaned like hell!….It only took me just a couple of thrust…Then i shot my load and it was a lot….she was panting for an air…I was grasping for an air…Then we both laid down next to each other and sarted DFK again…and after both our pressure gauge returned to normal operating pressure we stopped DFK and continued chatting…From the bed to the toilet then got dressed…we were still in our conversation like there was so much to talk about….After we ready to go….
I paid her and told her i was totally satisfied today and will see her again…She happily said OK..I offered her a ride but she said nevermind and after I returned the key and paid the counter for the additional 1 hour (only additional RM6 if you extend for 1 more hour…no need to pay another round of the room rate…), we bid each other goodbye and parted ways….I had nothing to say as i was stunned with satisfactions and didn’t know what had just hit me just now!..

Name: Ina
Location: Hotel in Jalan Ipoh
Age: 27
Origin: Juanda, Surabaya (One glance you’ll thought she’s NL…couldn’t really find any appearance that makes her a BAKSO)
Face: 8/10 – Pretty & Sweet looking
Body: 10/10 – The Perfect Figure for me…The type of Petite body that i want
Boobs: 7/10 – A Cup. Not a problem for me.
Ass: 8/10 – Fuiyooo!!!!
DFK: 9/10 – Passionately & Wasn’t ready to let go of each other
BBBJ: 9/10 – Excellent BBBJ..She seemed to enjoyed BBBJ me
DATY: 10/10 – Was really into it that it got us extended the room hour
FJ: 9/10 – Damned Syiok!
AJ: No
HJ: 8/10 – Naughty work of her hands
Pussy: 9/10.. Tight, Moist & Warmed..And the Cameltoe was unbelieveable!
Rush: Nope…On the other hand we had to add another hour…
GFE: 8/10 – Good
Damage: RM121 + RM23 for 1 hour room + RM6 for additional 1 hour extention
WIR: Definitely Babe!!!
Overall: 9/10 – Unbelieveable Superstar Ratings! based on my personal experienced..

**Her BF is a very lucky guy to have a GF like her ready to serve him when he needs it…**

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