Time Square hunting., Kuala Lumpur, Berjaya Time Square, Mira

Time Square hunting.

Master: Mat

I’m still young(24yeras) and this my first time I’m doing not with my girlfriend. Feel really nervous.

I got number from webmaster to contact OKT. I message her ask about the new girls. She replied, yes and she is Vietnam. She promote vietnam and chinese but, then I reply I want Indonesian since I cannot speak Mandarin or Cantonese.

I booking room near Berjaya Times Square for two hours. The funny here, the RECEPTIONIST is MALAY!

OK, maybe this my first time, I feel really shy. I paid and grabbed the key, straight go to my room.
I called OKT ask where is my girl? She said I need to wait. After 10 minutes, suddenly my BOSS called. Shit, what the ****. After I talked to him, my mood already down. I need to attend meeting next day. The jobs really make my mood down. Then I going to toilet, tried to play with my didi. Looks like I “mati pucuk” today even everytime my gf always shouting about my big didi?

A few minutes later door was knocked. Then enter 3 Indonesion. I choose Mira since she look talkative and has big boobs and nice looking compare with others. For the first time I need to pay before play. Yeah, doing ML with GF no need to pay lor. Hehehe.

She really seductive. Then, her friends leave us. I go to her after I lock the door, I want to hug her from back but suddenly she want go to rest room. Really hate that since I need to warm up before game. Then I also going to bath. Nothing happen inside there except water suddenly become HOT! Hahaha.

The game was started. I kiss her neck, ears and lips. Then going down to her boobs. Really huge! I think size 36D? I capture the pictures, but accidently all image was blur. Only close-up her pussy image was success. Shit, she was really fast and aggresive. I ask about anal and she not offer also CIM.

We doing all possible position. First start with attack from behind, then from back, then ask for doggie style. I put her legs above my shoulder, then finish blow in CD. It only take 25 minutes. Her pussy really tight, maybe she know how to control it. Then, we start to talk. My didi already tired. I ask about her backgroud, aducation, etc etc. She said she already 2 years in this industry, but only 2 months in Malaysia. Before this work at Singapore. I ask when she want to marry, then she said, “Saya tunggu kamu la”. Demn, compare with this women, better I choose my girlfriends who has Master in her education and more better in attitude. Haha.

Then, I want second round.

Then she said, “Melayu memang taknak rugi. Satu minit pun tak boleh!”. My mood down. I come here to enjoy, she spoil my mood! Of course time is money but I still have more than 20 minutes. Bussiness still bussiness. That’s why I don’t give any tips to her. For me, tips is something we give when we satified. We going to second round but not aggresive like 1st round. After I got bored, I stop, ask her to clean, then said bye to her. Before I’m going out from room, I cleaned up the room. Take CD, put inside pockets, flush up the toilets, spray detox in the bed, to avoid any evidence left. Hahaha (I’m very careful, right).

Name: Mira
Age: 31 years old
Face: 8/10 (really beauty, but when she talk really suck!better she keep in quite. hahaha)
Boobs: 10/10 (really big, not enough cover with my hand)
BBBJ: 9/10 (smooth)
HJ: 4/10 (huh, not very skilled. Better I doing myself :P)
Body: 7/10 (with huge breast)
FL/ML: 9/10 (tight pussy)
Damage: RM150 + RM35 (2 hours).
Next time I prefer Vietnamase.
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  1. marcus says:

    how do i get the contact from webmaster

  2. abberant says:

    Hi bro send me the contact no bro sardarbabar2009@gmail.com tq

  3. arilhr says:

    Hi bro send me details?

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