Those sexy eyes – Sophia(pic)

Those sexy eyes – Sophia(pic)

Master: Ricboom1234

First time sharing, last time went to find a few girls but this time decided to write and share with all the cheongsters.

This time the one who I’ve tried is Sophia, I requested her hp num from webmaster long time ago but didn’t have the courage to find her but at first after I added her, she already approach me and ask me whether am I free to find her. Wow! But that time I don’t really feel like it. So let it cool for quite long. So today, I’m quite itchy, so I decided to go find her.

Location is somewhere near Cheras, easy to locate the place so don’t worry, for sure you can find the place.

So after I’ve reached the place, I msg her, ask her where is it and then I went to find her.
Upon reaching, after opening the door, I saw no one there, apparently she was hiding behind the door.

First impression? She is a tiny and pretty girl, wearing a night sexy gown with her boobs busting out. And that sexy eyes of hers, until now I still can’t forget it. Some of you might find it weird but I personally find it sexy thou. Different ppl different point of view I guess.

Probably because I’m new, she collect fee from me first. So I pay her first, then we chat a bit before we went to take a quick bath.

Inside the bathroom, nothing much happen as I’m quite nervous because it has been quite sometime I didn’t cheong already. She helped me clean my lil bro very gently and I love the way she touched it. Oh man, I want more of it :p Chatting while bathing, so briefly after 10 minutes, she asked me to wait outside.

So after she’s ready, the film starts rolling here.
She suck my nipples first, so nice I would say.

After that, she start B2B with me and I felt great with her boobs touched my lil bro.
Then the REAL DEAL comes, she started sucking my lil bro like there is no tomorrow. Oh man! She is like hunger for it! I’m pretty sure if she suck it for a few more minutes, I would probably CIM already.

So she capped my lil bro, we proceed to do cowboy, missionary and that’s it.
Sorry guys, no kiss kiss here. Maybe we are still not close or what but she said, no kissie kissie. Oops XD

By the way, love how the way she yell and sound she made why she is riding on top of me. DAMN BABY!

Would definitely find her again if I have the chance XP

Name: Sophia
Nationality: Local Chinese (CKT)
Boob: 34B (Definitely recommend for a boobs lover)
Height: 5 ft 4 inches
Look: 9/10 with the attractive eyes
Service: 8/10
Hole: Didn’t try. Don’t feel like it today
GFE: 10/10, not rushing at all
Damage: RM300 per shot, 1 hour/ RM500, 2 hour

Location: Cheras
Category: CKT
Remark: She only serve Chinese 🙂

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