The Wonderful experience with Bai Mu Dan(pic)

The Wonderful experience with Bai Mu Dan(pic)

Master: Anthonio

Here’s my FR after visiting the sexperienced Bai Mu Dan.

After cancelling a few appointments, only manage to visit her last week. Set the date and ON.

While driving there, already imagining those FR stories by other sifus. Pictures of her naked is floating on my mind.

Reached there on time and called her, she directed me to her place. She greeted me with a sweet humble smile. Got in and wow…. blood pressure terus went up… We hugged and I realise she wasn’t wearing anything except a thin layer body hugging dress..that’s hot! She is exactly what is described, tall as model and exotic like hell… The hard on you get feels like its gonna pop out from your jeans..

Ushered me in and sat on the sofa, chit-chat and small talk. She cool was and calm.

She made it very pleasant and relaxed. She offered me a drink and candy. After a little chit-chat then we proceed to shower. Standing in front of me was an exotic sexy woman with nice curvy body….but she is not young may I remind you, boobs are big but a little saggy, but no complains so far.. 
but she is a seasoned player who knows to make you a slave…

After that the show begins. She slowly climbs over on me cow girl position…
looking at you in the eye, kissing, licking teasing and freaking drives you crazy…

Starts licking from nipples to my DIDI.. slowly and lets you feel the sensation of her skilful tongue.

BJ was absolutely fantastic, slow push-ups and teasing and lick once a while.. awesome!

We teased each other to a point we no longer can tahan…
So I capped my gun and proceed to a missionary showdown, penetration into a warm, wet welcoming vagina. Start of with a slow pumps and gradually increase the speed. Lift we legs up, and penetrate even deeper, soft moans and an orgy face show how she was enjoying all this too..

After few minutes, getting tired, quickly change to a doggy position and didn’t last long and I exploded into the rubber. The doggy view was excellent, with that kind of curve she has from behind.. fuuuhh..

I’ll let you brothers imagine that lah. After unloaded, sat and relax for a while before go washroom.

Had a drink, paid her and left. The thing I like about is not only the great sexeperience she provides but also her warm hospitality, courtesy and gfe. That makes it a great!

Name: Bai Mu Dan
Originate: Mongolia
Area: Cheras
Face: 8/10
Body: 8/10
Boobs: 34C a bit Saggy still great to hold
FK: allowed
Pussy: Clean shaven, wet and tight
BBJ: 8/10
GFE: very good
Damage: RM200

Location: Cheras
Category: PRC
Remark: She only serve Chinese

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