The Voluptuous Nini(pic)

The Voluptuous Nini(pic)

Master: Sonic

This happened last Saturday on 16/1/2021. I’ve been sex-deprived for awhile now and my lust was insatiable and I browsed through the site looking to try out someone new. Browsed and came across a review of Nini who fitted my criteria and got her contact from webmaster. I immediately whatsapp her and made the appointment (She’s a slow texter and her schedule is pretty tight due to work, so I had to book her for Saturday morning at 8).

I went straight to her place which was in Subang and there was ample of parking which was really convenient. Before heading up to her place, I had to buy cd as she didn’t have any on her. I headed to the lobby and waited for her to come down to pick me up. When she came down, my first impression was, “Eh, it’s alright, the curves are where it should be and that’s what matters (Janji tetek besar, I’m all good)”.

She brought me up to her unit and it was really clean and organized. We then head into the room, took off my clothes and started out with a massage first with oil. Her massage was great as she uses her fingers and hands really well and knows where are the appropriate pressure points to ease my body. As the massage went on, her hands started to carres my thighs and nutsack. It was at this moment, I knew things were starting to get pretty heated.

She whispered, “Turn around babe.” and BAM! , my little bro was as hard as 2020 and just wanted to penetrate her with all my might. “Sabar dulu bang, saya nak urut batang u dulu dengan mulut I”. That was such a turn on I cannot even…… She gave a BBJ for 5-10 mins and I felt like I was in heaven as I gropped those huge milk sacks and sucked on them like a little baby. After a brief 69, we DFK for 5 mins and couldn’t tahan for the FJ.

I reached for the cd and she capped me and we started the main course with cowgirl. The view of her going up and down, me gropping those boobs and DFK was such a surreal moment. We then changed positions to missionary and doggy, and let me tell you, pounding her was really really nice and I couldn’t stop it. I guess we were just high in each other’s lust and wanted to fuck each other’s brains out. Forgot to mention her pussy does have a little bit of hair but it’s clean so don’t worry.

We ended the session with my favorite missionary position, hands grabbing onto her boobs while DFK. With each thrust, she moaned so loud craving for that insatiable cock even more. In the end, I shot my soldiers in the cd and collapsed on the bed. Both of us sweating, wet at our private areas, continued to DFK for another 5 mins then we went to shower and get cleaned up. Before leaving, I paid her and did some more DFK. I was quite literally the happiest man on earth that Saturday as the morning was fulfilling and felt over the moon with the experience!

Name: Nini
Face: 7/10
Body: 9/10 (She’s THICC but not fat/obese, just my type)
Boobs: 10/10 (Boob lover’s, y’all must try)
Pussy: 9/10 (Short hair, no smell, nice to eat)
Massage: 9/10
Catbath: N/A (Didn’t try because we wanted to FJ immediately)
BBJ: 10/10
DFK: 10/10 (We violated each other’s mouth)
FJ: 10/10 (She’s just so damn fuck-able)
Moan: Yes she does and it’s really loud
GFE: Very talkative throughout the session and really treat her like a GF
Damage: RM 300 (With her service, I felt like I underpaid her, I should’ve given her liike 500 because her service deserved it) 

Location: Subang Jaya, USJ
Category: NL
Remark: She is 1Malaysia for all brothers

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12 Responses to “The Voluptuous Nini(pic)”

  1. Roy says:

    Bro can share/trade contact?

  2. roy says:

    hi bro, can share contact

  3. RaiKiRi says:

    Can I please have nini’s ctc and password, would love to try this girl out

  4. Bok says:

    Bro, can share her contact?

  5. Jun says:

    Please let me have password n ctc. Appreciate bro

  6. Fooe says:

    I live in subang so she would be perfect. Appreciate if you could share.

  7. Val says:

    Bro, would appreciate if you could share the golden key and contact. thanks!

  8. William minerva says:

    Can share contact and key please bro.thanks

  9. Hz says:

    Anyone interested can email me

  10. Meismyself0126 says:

    Interesting experience, would like to try her.
    Can share contact?

  11. jay7_85 says:

    can share golden key and contact ?
    Much appreicated

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