Master: Atan

Got the contact from Webmaster, sms to her on morning. At evening she reply my sms, as per other FR she is very careful.

She ask me where did i get her contact, what is his age. After all question and she very satisfied with my answer then she agree to make appointment with me.

Make arrangement at 2000hrs, as per FR she always can change a last minute arrangement, When i’m out to her place again i sms to her to inform I’m otw.

She reply ok. Arrive early at 1900hrs, i have a time to wash my car at near her house and have a glass Teh Tarik at Mamak Bistro overt here.

At 2010htrs she sms me is ready to come, once i enter to her house i call her and she open the door. Wow a women look untie wearing a pink short pants and a t shirt. She welcome me with glass off water and we have a chit chat about 30minute. After that she said are you ready? Yes I’m ready, proceed to her room, with sentimental music and very dark light. She undress me and we both together go to shower.

After that we start the mission, she start licking my ass from behind and kiss all over my back side. After that she ask me to turn, this is the time I’m waiting for, she start BBBJ. Wowwwwww… agree with other bro, she BJ is very perfectly. She lick all my ball, and the best part she lick my ass…Ahhhhh…banyak siok wooooo…she use her tongue to fuck my ass….Damm i’m moan like crazy..hahahah… I ask for for 69, she turn and put her pussy to my face.

The pussy is no smell at all and very watery.The mission take about 30 minute after that i CIM, she suck all over my sperm and clean my didi with wet tower.

She start massage me, yes i agree she had work at massage center before. The massage is very good, she know the point to touch.

She say sorry to me, she has no time for second round for FJ, as she already make appointment with other customer. So i said is ok, she promise to me i can claim the second when i free. Even  dont do a FJ with her, her blow job also if enough to me. At around 2150hrs i paid her and go back.

Name: Peggy
Age : 43
Nation : CKT
Looks: 6/10
Attitude : Very friendly( Non stop chit chat)
Body: 6/10
Breast: 6/10
Fingering : Yes
Pussy: 8/10 (no smell and very wet)
BJ: 9/10 ( her tongue has a bearing)
FJ: will claim next round
GFE :Yes, No rushing at all and very talkative.
Damage: rm150
Wir : yes for BBBJ

Location: Puchong
Category: CKTMILF
Remark: She is MILF, not pretty face and sexy body. only for those like skill. She serve 1Malaysia!

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  1. allan says:

    pls send me contact pls

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    Bro.. can pm peggy contact to me ? thanks

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  6. reemy says:

    Pm peggy contact pls

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    Bro, could you pls pm me peggy’s contact to me? My number 0182201669. Thank you

  8. shan says:

    Guys pls PM me Peggy’s number. Urgent!

  9. shan says:

    Guys pls PM me Peggy’s number. Urgent!

  10. shan says:

    Guys pls PM me Peggy’s number.

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  13. Sky says:

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    can u provided me peggy contact number pls, billion thanks

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    pls share Ctc no. I am staying near Puchong to. Want to expirence this As well.

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    Can i have peggy no. ?

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