The Great Sex With Bai Mu Dan(pic)

The Great Sex With Bai Mu Dan(pic)

Master: Nics

This is my FR with lovely Bai Mu Dan, i was just having a great sex with her.

Just had a date with her about last week, got her number from webmaster, after saved her number then her WeChat pic appeal in my phone. Wow! she looks pretty in pic, text her by WeChat, and so fast she replied, booked her around 2 pm and asked her adress as well. There is somewhere at Cheras Maluri.

After reached the apartment name she given, she text me asked am i reached? She so rush to see me meh? so i replied her said i’m parking my car. After done parking directly call her and asked her unit number. Her voice sounds like horny, made me wanna rush rush go up and huge her.

After reached her door step, and she already waiting and welcome me to go inside, her body shape really nice, boobs huge, ass big and have a long legs, and her face looks better than the pic, her apartment really smell good and romance, after sit down she severed me a cup water and chit chat together.

When chit chat time her hand keep roaming my cock, and i kiss her neck till the boobs and  my hands pull down her sexy black dress and suck those nice nipples, after few minutes she ask me to her room and take it off clothes, we proceed to bathroom and the water bed is in the bathroom, she ask me lay face down. She get up the bed and use boobs to soap me at the back, u can feel the boobs rolling up and down with her hard breathing beside my ear. After boobs soaping and she use her big ass and pussy lips soaping my back rolling up and down. After clean my back and she asked me turn around, my cock already hard, she hold my cock and soap it with boobs and soap my whole body, when soaping her thigh keep playing my cock and use ass as well. she clean my cock and do a BJ, her BJ really skill, she will make u scream, after few minutes she BJ, i request for CIM, because i love to watch girls CIM.

Like this my first load already in her mouth, after cleaning she gimme a towel and wipe it and asked he lay on her bed, when i was on bed i was enjoying watching she taking bath. Her bed beside wall got mirror, like i was in firming. After she done wipe she like a cat climb on bed and her horny eyes staring at me and asked me is my cock ready for her or not, she said she want my cock badly, i told her if she can making my cock hard again, she smile and said of cause can. So she doing catbath and hand keep playing my cock. BJ and 69, her pussy really tight and no smell i eat her pussy till her moan, my cock being hard again because her BJ really good. put the cap on then do a cow girl i kiss her neck and grab the huge boobs and her moan so nice, after that do a doggies, her ass really nice like i wanted to anal. my finger keep friction her ass hole and she moan so loud, after that she down i up and i keep kissing her neck grabbing her big boobs, after i feel i wanted to cum i pump 10 times in the sec and my second load in the cap.

After cleaning i dressed up, after paid i rush to back office got work to continue already spent 2 hours in her house. In fact she really amazing, really wanted to having sex with her again.

Name: Bai Mu Dan
Nationality: China Mogolian
Age: 30
Body: 9/10
Face: 8/10
Skin: White
BBBJ: 10/10
FJ: 8/10
CIM : Yes
Rush: Not at all
GFE : 10/10
WIR: Yes
Damage : 150

Location: Cheras
Category: PRC
Remark: She only serve Chinese

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