Tall and very beautiful South American – Ania

Tall and very beautiful South American – Ania

Master: John

Got the intro from Master and straight away message her. She reply immediately and fix time in 1.5 hours at her hotel. She stay in a very nice place.

When i reach the door and knock, she opened the door with a big smile. Wearing very nice clothes and high heels.

She is tall and very beautiful to look. She has a South American accent.

She chit chat for a few minutes. Asked me to shower and wait. Then she come and take off her clothes.

Very sexy figure, no baby fat. Well maintain body. I ask her if she allow painting and she said NO. But allow me to play around for a good 10 minutes. She was really really wet. She moan very very loudly. Her private area, very clean and no smell. Can feel that she was turn on when i play with her.

Then she do very powerful BJ on me. Suction very good and really tease me until cannot tahan.

Ask me to fxck her doggy. Her bontot very round and good view from the back. So i was turn on.

Pump hard for a few minute, then ask to change position. But she BJ me hard once again.

Really tease me badly second time.

Then I ask her to lie down and then do cowboy. She was very wet and can hear the noise. Good view to see her boob go up and down when pump.

She then ask to stand down and she come to the end of the bed. Pump like that until she cannot take it. She come and was very very wet.

Then ask me if i was ok to come. I said ok so shoot.

It was a nice experience with a South American for the first time. Really enjoyed that and all friends must try.

Name: Ania
face 8/10
Body – 9/10

Location: Kuala Lumpur
Category: Bolivian

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  9. joe says:

    bro please share contact..will be at KL the whole entire week


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