Tall 5’10” and pretty girl – Yung, Kuala Lumpur, Pudu, Sap Chuen Foodcourt, Yung

Tall 5’10” and pretty girl – Yung

Maseter: John

I’ve been cheonging only mayb past 6 months.am pretty new to the whole scene. but once i started never stop haha.

anyways, heard a lot about this legendary place, this food court with all the PRCs. and boy was it hard to locate.

and when i did i tot i got the wrong place. firstly cus the food court signboard doesnt say one stop. and perhaps me being a banana cant read the chinese characters.

so i first parked my car and waited.place looks darn shaddy haha. freaked me out a lil when i reached. tot i got some wrong place. btu after a while saw some gals walking around some literally throwing themselves at men, thats when i was confident i got the gold mine.

so iwaited for like 15 minutes, studied the scene and all. then this gal came to my car window..smiled…as she came closer i tot i made a mistake by signalling to her…..she was wearing a yellow spagetthi and short hot pants. no make up just simple lip gloss. she walked over..heart pumping fast.but when she got closer..not bad…pretty….best part..looks like my frens gf…haha..wow….wild dream come true man…..

then she asked me..in mandarin….u like? pointing to her goods….nego the price. checked her out..lanky gal…thats something i havent tried….butsy not bad…smooth skin..heck why not. its anytiome cheaper than going to MPs and pverpaying for some short action. So then we agreed. And then she said to heard back to her flat…just opposite….

looks eerie the flat…like someone will jump on you adn rob you haha.

so hand in hand and hands wrapping her waist we went up. boy shes tall. so u guys leggy gals..should get her.

so went in….didnt shower….we undressed..she layed down….

tried kissing…mild kisses only la..no FK..

but when she showed me her boobies..wow..not bad for a gal with small frame..so tot it was fake boobies..but sruprisingly it wasnt…nipples were long….the arera hemisphere was large..and it was soft..like actual tissue fats..awesome…spen 5 ins carressing and sucking her….

sadly..she didnt aloow fingering…..but played her clit….so me being the gentleman..i tot i would make my move……

we capped me….then we went into missionary initially…hmm…believe it or not..feels good to have a hot pussy wrapping your penis…so slow pumps intially..then fast pumps….she was normal wet not super…hmmm…then pumped and pumped…

we then moved on to doggie style……same thrust slow then fast…but the weird part was that..i could hear next room BJ’ing haha. shy la…and here shewas moaning…damn….cupped her boobs and teased her nipple while i pumped her good for another 6-7 minutes…..then got her to stand doggy fuck her…hmm,,,that was nice and interesting..cus shes tall..i’m also bout 5″11 . usually the gals i have are short..but this was like nice..perfect to stacd fuck…push her against the wall…pull one leg back…kiss the neck and pump her…..that was good for 5 ins till i felt itwas about time to cum…..so..i got her to kneel in front of me….whike she sucked didi….gently and wildly…..till i cummed on her tounge……..damn that was a good sight….

so we cleaned and paid..

anyways, whole session lasted 45 mins, but wished she haddone a catbath.

so guys who love tal gals…ms yung is the one.

Btw shes form shenzen.

good stuff gals from there haha..

mind you am a Banana..so was finding hard trying to converse with her haha..

Name: Yung something.

Face 7.5/10 (sharp features. Tall, long legs. height about 5″10) I had a good time wrapping her to my waist
Age: 27
Race : PRC
Boobs : Not bad for a slim frame. 34-36C.soft adn meaty. tot was fake, but it was nicely soft. so couldnt be la..
Skin : smooth white
Body : tall and lanky and busty
HJ: –
BJ : only at the end
FJ : yea.
WIR: Yea, to the place but may try other gals.
Damage: RM100 + RM10 (Tips). .

Location Sap Chuen Food court (One stop).

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