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Tag team 3p with Celine and skinny nasi lemak

Tag team 3p with Celine and skinny nasi lemak Master: Wong Hand ichy ichy try contact celine see she got nice 3p partner or not. she said got 1 young nasi lemak girl work at sogo can do 3p. i ask celine really can 3p with nasi lemak girl ar. she said can no problem. […]

Great momemnt with petite Celine

Great momemnt with petite Celine Master: zack Got Celine contact from webmaster, straight away call her to make appointment. Went to hotel at Cheras area, booked and waiting for her to come. She knocked the door and my first impression was a little bit down as I wasn’t expecting such a petite lady.  Chit chat […]

FR Report with MILF-Celine (CKT) Session

FR Report with MILF-Celine (CKT) Session Master: Notti Got Celine contact from webmaster quick sometime and text her last Saturday and make appointment with her to meet up at 12.30pm at hotel near Pudu area. So, quickly go to the hotel that she gave me earlier and make room reservation for us and text her […]

Wonderful moment with Celine

Wonderful moment with Celine Master: Sharul Just got contact from web. Straight away text her for booking either available or not. A few minutes she replied the text said she’s okay to having nice session with me. Lol Straight away go to pudu took almost 1 hour from my home. It’s okay for me & […]

OLD is GOLD – Celine CKT

OLD is GOLD – Celine CKT Master: BABA Celine, a mother, Wife, typical working-home maker her mid 40’s, nice long hair, big ass and tits, a little weight on her but all in the right places. Years go by as I always fantasized about having sex with Aunties. It got more and more intense […]

First time try MILF – Celine

First time try MILF – Celine Master: Mike After getting reply from webmaster of Celine’s number message her for service. She called and we schedule same day. Left office and meet her at hotel in Pudu. Once arrived there pay hotel and go directly in the room. She is very chatty and keep touching me […]

Celine & Jojo 3P

Celine & Jojo 3P Master: Bobby Got contact from webmaster about Celine. Called her and asked her for appointment. She mentioned want to take 3P or not. Since there’s such a nice offer, of course I took it. She recommended Jojo and I agreed. Went to meet her in Cheras at the hotel she mentioned. […]

Reunion three some with Celine and Jojo CKT MILF

Reunion three some with Celine and Jojo CKT MILF Master: Ray Hi webmaster! Made an appointment with Celine yesterday. She asked why I long time no come see her. Busy busy I text her a reply. Started she had a new friend for me to try out, 30+ and pretty body. I being horny replied […]

3P with Celine & Jojo

Chatty Big Boobies Celine Master: Innocent Boy Finished work early and feel itchy here and there so decide to go try an older milf. So thought of Celine and got her contact from webmaster and SMS her to meet up and she replied immediately seconds after! She gave 3 choices of hotels and finally pick […]

3P with Celine & Jojo

3P with Celine & Jojo Master: Wai Have to thank webmaster for sharing her contact. Call her to make appointment and she mention 3 some. Of course want to try lo. When the time for our appointment, she gave me a call and told me the room no. Straight went over and when enter the […]

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