Tag team 3p with Celine and skinny nasi lemak

Tag team 3p with Celine and skinny nasi lemak

Master: Wong

Hand ichy ichy try contact celine see she got nice 3p partner or not. she said got 1 young nasi lemak girl work at sogo can do 3p. i ask celine really can 3p with nasi lemak girl ar. she said can no problem.

ok lah fast fast set appointment with celine. bcos never try chinese girl & nasi lemak girl at the same time.

then we meet at pudu hotel at 12 noon. like usual celine give rooom number then go up. after enter room really got 1 young skinny nasi lemak girl there wor. syiok. then dont waste time fast fast go to nasi lemak and french kiss with her. she enjoy french kiss.

of course my hand always busy raba raba her 32a aeroplane boob & nipple. and celine hold me from behind and touch my didi and slowly help me to take off my shirt n jeans. after celine naked me 3 of us go bathroom take bath. after that, i wait at bed for their service. then ask them lick my nipple. at this moment my hand attack thier pussy. oh shit, nasi lemak oredi wet celine still dry, but never mind later she will get wet too. use middle finger to rub their pussy clit & pussy lip, after few minute celine get wet too. but still nasi lemak more wet. then i ask nasi lemak to lie down n spread her leg bcos i want to daty her. i eat her abalone, no smell, shave. taste good.

at the same time celine blow my didi. fantastic. then ask nasi lemak cap me i want fuck her wet wet wet pussy. then she cowgirl me, her skill not bad. she pump me in fast n hard. almost make me cum. i stop her and change to doggie style. and celine rub my testis from behimd while i fucking nasi lemak. syiok man. i pumb her real fast n hard. till can hear “park park park piak piak piak” she moan like hell. then change to missionary. we kiss like no tomoro. she very enjoy i fuck her while kiss her. cannot tahan anymore i shot inside her. fantastic. then go toilet clean up and take rest. after half hour ask celine massage me and ask nasi lemak blow my didi. her skill real good, then finger both of them see got water or not.

after few minute both of them get wet. this time i put my middle finger inside their vagina. nasi lemak more wet than celine. then ask celine cap me  n fuck me in cow girl so that i can continue to finger nasi lemak. then i pull out from celine, then i straight away fuck nasi lemak in missionary again. she get shock, but she enjoy it. then fuck her real hard n fast,n we french kiss to each other, she moan a lot. then cannot tahan, i shot inside nasi lemak again. syiok. then go toilet clean up.

damage rm300 ( include hotel & cd )

nasi lemak (  dont want mention her name here bcos she curi makan to earn some pocket money)

married oredi

age below 30

boob 32a very small  n aeroplane

pussy wet n clean

bbbj skill 9/10 like girlfriend

Location: Cheras
Category: CKT

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39 Responses to “Tag team 3p with Celine and skinny nasi lemak”

  1. YY says:

    Contact bro

  2. Sudha says:

    can get celine contact, really want to try 3some

  3. zack says:

    Bro.. contact no please

  4. Dude says:

    Bro, can share Celine number by email

  5. dante says:

    where can i find her??? mind sharing the info???

  6. Allan says:

    Hi.. can i have celine contact no.

  7. Allan says:

    Please tell me celine contact no. Allanzin914@yahoo..com

  8. J says:

    Mind to share her contact?

  9. Tomdedoggz says:

    Wow that great man …. mind to share the NL contact … like those curi makan type gal.

  10. Mayer says:

    Brother wong, care to share her contact. She sounds goods from your FR. 83579995@fsv.cuni.cz

  11. zack says:

    Please send he cobtact no at zacque2018@yahoo com

  12. muhammad awis says:

    where can i get nasi lemak girl servis?

  13. buklk says:

    please share contact

  14. Tomas says:

    Bro cn share contact a!?
    Wechat: tomas0708

  15. Hans says:

    Bro, mind sharing her number ? izzh997@gmail.com

  16. bulm says:

    Please share contact

  17. toms says:

    please share contct bro

  18. marian jola says:

    hi can send me the contact number? oqleon04@gmail.com

  19. James says:


    I need to meet Celine and skinny for 3p.
    Please send me whattsapp or WeChat id

  20. James says:


    I need to meet Celine and nasi for 3p.
    Please send me whattsapp or WeChat id

  21. Domitius28 says:

    Great field report bro, would really like Celine number. Could ya share it with me via email, domitius28@gmail.com. Cheers and have a blast bro 🙂

  22. Tan says:

    Can pls pm bro

  23. Levi Chong says:

    How to write fr?

  24. Seven says:

    How to find that nasi lemak? Please help

  25. nio says:

    hi bro

    could you share the contact

  26. Lim says:

    Drop contact pls
    Email : limtc1992@gmail.com

  27. sari says:

    May i get Celine’s contact please. me and my bf looking for a threesome. Thank you 🙂

  28. ken says:

    Hi can give me contact number? My wechat id BMW_747

  29. max says:

    Hello bro,
    Can share me the contact number?

  30. Brian says:

    Hi sir, can share her contact?

  31. John says:

    U should share the nasi lemak name.

    Hard to deal with celine to try that nasi lemak

  32. David says:

    Contact details bro

  33. Kay says:

    Bro, can pls share their contact ? Thanks

  34. Donnie says:

    Contact no bro

  35. Joe says:

    Bro contact pls

  36. Mann says:

    Contact number Celina

  37. Mann says:

    Contact number pls

  38. G844 says:

    Contact please

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