Sweet Mira in A raining Night

Sweet Mira in A raining Night

Master: Ahmad

After reading the other field report bout Mira makes me wonder how she is rite now.

Send A whatsapp askin for a dinner and to Wangsamaju ive drove with a smile face. Have a dinner at the orange which is a famous dining place at Wangsamaju.

Sharing hari raya story n she keep saying “im getting fat dear”. Im just being a good listener n aak her to have a time for exercising.

Straight to her place and have a quick bath coz it so cold outside due to a rain. A nice BJ for a start n continue the rest at the war room.

A simple nive warmup massage make thing turn great. Kissing n hugging here n there untill she said… ” u… lick mine please”…..

Not even 5 minutes sheve turn imto a silent mode. After a while she whispered “ive cum” ….

She then lead the war …. cowgirl for a while n she asked for Missionary.  During the war still cud cound her moles around her puffy pussy. And i said to her that she’ll have kids  enough to make a football team and she laugh…..
Play hard with her clit n she cum again …..

A fine doggy for a while and ler her BJ my bro in 69 way  until im ready to cummm…..

Clean up each other pay and went back to my place …. such a nearly 3 hour happy ending date with mira…

FACE : 7 
FJ: 7
GFE: 7

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18 Responses to “Sweet Mira in A raining Night”

  1. niki says:

    hello bro can u share her contact no..tq

  2. Ben says:

    Thai girl 012-6211484

  3. khairul says:

    Lin stats look interesting….share contact pls

  4. khairul says:

    Lin stats look interesting…. contact pls

  5. andrewtcw says:

    bro may u pls pass me the contact of mira let me to having this moments pls…tqvm

  6. wie says:

    would u mind share contact

  7. Fariz says:

    Contact pls

  8. jimmy says:

    contact please

  9. ricky says:

    Kindly email ( vicky_artistry@yahoo.com ) the contact number please

  10. fendi says:

    Contact please..

  11. ayam says:

    contact pls

  12. Dan says:

    Contact number pls

  13. Admin says:

    Call this number, the guy will provide u the NL details 014368 2377. Good luck guys and have fun.

  14. win says:

    can i have contact no for this one please?

  15. tarak says:

    Bro..tue no sp..bg no Mira la?

  16. Zikry says:

    Email me her contact number plzz

  17. Afiq says:

    If this girl still available…pls share her hp#..thnks bro.

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