Sweet LIN: Massage with a slight twist

Sweet LIN: Massage with a slight twist

Master: BD

Lin a.k.a Bakso Lin is very known for her excellent skills in massage, FJ and BJ, and etc. However to my fellow cheong brothers, Lin has stopped FJ since early 2019 and only does massage and everything else except for FJ (that includes anal).

Anyway, thanks to admin for the number, I contacted Lin and went to her place at Batu Caves. She was very accommodating and she assured my comfort. She told me she does not do FJ anymore but she would love to give me a BJ if I like. I said not this round as I was really in need for a massage. Her massage was amazing and i didn’t feel the 2 hours went by.

When it came to my batin massage, she had a very kinky smile. She said she loved my cock n she stripped immediately. She literally got thirsty and walked out of the room to drink water. Came back and she hoped onto the bed grabbing my didi and licking my nipple. *However, she does not do French kiss as she is shy of her mouth smell. However, she does not how to get u excited with her body and overall, I was really satisfied. Even played with her abalone and allowed me to finger her. For her age, her body is good and damn, her abalone is tight.

Her service has a personal touch which is tailored to your comfort and I do recommend you to be polite to her as she knows what she is doing. Overall experience, I loved it and I will definitely go again, that is just for her massage.

*massage lasted more thn 2 hours and she was not rushing it at all

Name: Lin
Age: 36+
Race: Bakso MILF
Height: 5 ft 3
Figure: 8/10
Boobs: Just the right size of big 
Pussy: Shaven
Damage: RM200 urut with manja2
WIR: Yes, cause her massage was really good plus good care for customer

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

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16 Responses to “Sweet LIN: Massage with a slight twist”

  1. wc says:

    anyone can share Lin contact, really need a massage….tq

  2. Thomasbam says:

    Can share contact? Thanks

  3. Cran says:

    Can share contact

  4. ang kingsley says:

    pm pls

  5. Mat says:

    Can i get her phone number

  6. Jefry says:

    Can i get this Lin contact number? Thanks!

  7. Fam says:

    Do u have her contact info?

  8. husain says:

    Lost my phone…with that lost all the contact number including the jewel lin number….please be an angel and share Lin number. i really miss her awesome service

  9. Kuvava says:

    Can share contact of Lin?

  10. Fiq says:

    Share me contact

  11. lovcheonging says:


  12. hz says:

    anyone interested can email me estefan9763@gmail.com

  13. Crimemazta says:

    Hi bro.. if u dont mind can u share her contact number with me. So I can give you some new fr from my collection.. prince3475@gmail.com

  14. Zak says:

    Hi, can u share her contact number?

  15. Lee says:

    can share contact?

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