Super combo 4 hands Batin with Zara and Mira

Super combo 4 hands Batin with Zara and Mira

Master: Amur

Back was feeling sore and needed some assistance to help with the pain. Anyways I  received contact from admin thank you as always.  I was horny the night before but she messaged back saying that she isn’t feee tonight and was her day off. She said to try again tomorrow. So I messaged in the morning and she sent me the location and asked me to come now. 

Feeling rather excited I drove down to her place it’s above some shop lots. To my surprise when she opened the door was a super cute lady. She had pretty good figure and with nice features. Her breast looked pretty round too. 

She asked to go into the room and get undressed. She also asked if I wanted to try a “combo”. I asked what was that. She said she will get her friend to massage at the same time. I never tried before so I definitely had to try. 

Mira came in also quite cute. She is local and can talk quite a lot. She is also quite naughty. Her body is a little thinner than Zara but had good bust as well. They both undressed and massaged me. The sensation of having 4 hands on your back is amazing. Their massage is very sensual caressing your buttocks and your thighs. They made me very aroused and I was getting very hard. is very professional with her massage. She massage every part of my back more Indonesian style. Then she uses her hands to massage to tease my body from back and bottom. My didi very slowly getting excited. 

They asked to turned around so they could massage my front. My didi was very hard seeing both ladies naked massage me in the front. Their breasts jiggled while they massaged me. It was an amazing sight to be hold. They let me touch their bodies while they massaged. I couldn’t concentrate where to look and where to touch since there was so much breasts and body and only my two hands. 

They don’t full service and only do Batin. This is the best Batin service I ever had. I had Zara on my right side. She licked my nipples and played with balls. While Mira is on my left using to hand to massage and stroke my didi slowly and gently. It was amazing. They really took their time and never rushed. I was completely in a trance. Finally I let go.

Name: Zara and Mira
Age: 27- 30
Race: Bakso and Nasi Lemak
Figure: curvy 
Boobs: 7/10
Damage: 360
Location: Sri Manja Flat
* She is 1Malaysia, accept all brothers 

Location: Petaling Jaya , Old Klang Road
Category: NL

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4 Responses to “Super combo 4 hands Batin with Zara and Mira”

  1. Cheeky Goat says:

    brother, would be great if u could share me the contact,

  2. Mohd Fadli says:

    PM Contact No Zara and Mira

  3. Hamdan says:

    Hi boss blh i dptkn no zara n mira

  4. Akmal says:

    Share her contact
    Wasap 0176561812

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