Make u really “geram” – Snow White Lisa(pic)

Make u really “geram” – Snow White Lisa(pic)

Master: Farhan

*** Lisa photo(2 pcs), please click here![Golden Key] ***

I wanna share my experience with Lisa aka Snow White. After got contact from webmaster, directly whatapps her. After a while, she reply and agree to meet somewhere summit subang. He ask me to bring a condom…then I said ok. By looking at her whatapps profile, turn me on ready, sexy face and white skin.
One reached there, I text her and she gave me hotel name and room number. After reached at the door, knock the door 3 times then she open the door….1st time looking at her face, my heart “berdebar macam kuda”. She sooo beautiful. she wearing tight pink shirt and jeans. Looking at her ass..make u really “geram”
Have a short chit chat..while im laying on the bed while watching tv…she come next to me and hug me…she said “I like u”….demm she make me horny. She pull my hand for shower…take her clothes off…looking at her white and fair skin…make me really2 horny.
After shower, laying her on the bed, I start kissing all her white body….sucking nipple…and her clean shaved pussy. 
The she cap me…and start with missionary. ..long bout 15 mins then she push me….sitting on me and start her job bout 10min…..then cannot tahan anymore…shoot inside condom.
Rest about 10 min…shower with her again…then go back. She gave me a gudbye kiss.

Name: Lisa aka Snow White
Type: NL
Face : 9/10….love her face
Boobs: 6/10….not big but I love it
Skin : smooth and very fair.
Pussy : clean n shaved .. no smell
Bbbj : 7/10…so so only
Daty : Absolutely yes
Fj : 7/10
Moan : a bit
Rush : no

Damage : 200 + room

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Snow white Lisa NL(pic)

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45 Responses to “Make u really “geram” – Snow White Lisa(pic)”

  1. manshah says:

    plz pm back need no lisa for deal…..

  2. William says:

    Love the report. Never tried a NL before. Care to share the golden key?

  3. strider says:

    Dear mighty webmaster brotha…pls share this girls contact…thx!

  4. shivaram says:

    Please provide her contact no

  5. Danon says:

    hi bro…how do i view her pic…its requesting for Golden Key. I am keen, how do i contact her.

  6. Isa Kamaluddin says:

    Please share

  7. terbul says:

    nice one..can view first??

  8. sammy says:

    pls give her hp no.

  9. Joberg says:

    Can u pls share contact no. Tq

  10. qori says:

    contact so i can deal and have what i missed..golden key master

  11. sanchez says:

    share contact pleasee

  12. norman says:

    Phone number and golden key please

  13. sbc says:

    PM Contact pls

  14. sbc says:

    share contact to pls thanks

  15. Dean says:

    hai bro,bro…how do i view her pic…its requesting for Golden Key. I am dean, how do i contact her.

  16. Shen says:

    Hi all, new here. Was recommended by a friend. How do I get this girls contact?


  17. orangsel says:

    pls share contact


  18. Kevin says:

    interested with her. phone no please. How to view the pic? got golden key lo?

  19. joe says:

    Bos can give her cntct no amd golden key no? Tqvm

    Email to:

  20. azman says:

    Pls share ctc

  21. Azz says:

    please share ctc

  22. allo says:

    pls share contact and key. Thanks.

  23. nazzry says:

    need info on her

  24. dave says:

    Bro…pls msg me snow white lisa’s no..

  25. nyttre says:

    Pl share FL contact tqvm..

  26. Gudboy says:

    Pls share contact and golden key. Tq

  27. jim says:

    pls share contact bro

  28. Pai says:

    Hye brother, hopefullyi can hav the golden key n contact number please

  29. Pai says:

    Hopefully can hav her golden key n number please

  30. Keith says:

    Hopefully can hav her golden key n number please… Send email to

  31. richie says:

    I wNt Lisa.haha can I have the contact n keus

  32. richie says:

    I wNt Lisa.haha can I have the contact n keys.I will provide free aswell

  33. limitless says:

    Can I have the contact number and photo?

  34. Afiq says:

    Bro…contact number please. Thanks

  35. Johnnyboy says:

    Bro, can i have her contact details ?

  36. username1957 says:

    cn i haf d contact n key please

  37. Sam says:

    Contact no n golden key pls

  38. Sam says:

    Dude! This is great!

  39. ridz..89 says:

    hye sam..can give me her contact..we exchange..

  40. frankie says:

    pls master~ i need her contact

  41. bro says:

    Golden key ples

  42. Joe says:

    Contact & golden key pls :

  43. Apis says:

    Hi bro can share with me lisa pic and how to contact her. I would likento try

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