Master: Brandon

After a long 1 year hiatus from the cheonging scene, i had the urge to let loose again when I received a Hi! On whatsapp from the legendary Lin bakso BC. I quickly set an appointment, ponteng my next meeting and rushed to her place.

Seeing the sensual lips greet me at the door got me real hard and we started off with me sipping mineral water on her couch and her rubbing my didi over my pants while doing small talk. Business isnt as it was so please support her more! She stripped off her top in the hall and claimed she was shy. We washed up in the bathroom and she kept claiming that my didi was “besar macam tangan”. Bet she says that to all her customers to boost our ego hahahhahahahaha.

I wasnt in the mood for anything more than her BBBJ and that was what we got into for the next 45 odd minits. I dont cum easily with BJ but this MILF was totally out of the universe. She sucked and sucked in all diff positions possible. Still the best ever. And i dont even need to talk about her boobs as all of u who read her other FRs will already know.

Long story short, she sucked me in the room with mirrors, then her living room then back to the massage room when i quicken the process by thrusting into her mouth in the same rhythm as she sucked. Mindblown and cumblown she swallowed every drop! We washed up and small talk and i made a bow after paying.

Still the best this Lin!

Name: Lin
Country: BAKSO
Fcae: 6/10
Body: 6/10
Boobs: 8/10
BBBJ: 10/10 (best ever for me)
FJ: not in the mood for this today but previous experiences-9/10
Damage: 150
Wir: whenever im in town

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

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102 Responses to “STILL THE BEST BJ IN TOWN – Lin”

  1. David s says:

    Hah!! Got appointment with her today at 3pm. 2nd session with her. Cheers.

  2. Dave says:

    Share contact details please, thanks!

  3. Alan says:

    Pm contact pls

  4. Jay says:

    Pm contact nos please.

  5. Mad says:

    bro, can share the golden key n contact no?

  6. Yung says:

    Pls share the details thanks

  7. shasi says:

    bro plz share she contact number

  8. Jason says:

    Bro …pls share the contact

  9. Keith says:

    Bro, mind sharing contact please? Thank you so much. Email

  10. Kenny says:

    Can i have contact ?

  11. CHOO says:

    Can I have her contact plz. My email

  12. Cicap says:

    Please provide contact or key. Thank you

  13. Akmal says:

    Can you share the contact with me? Can contact me on my email :

  14. Nig says:

    Yo can you share the contact?
    And as well as the golden key, feel like trying!

  15. Eddie says:

    Hai, can you share the contact number

    and golden key?

  16. angor says:

    can share contact or golden key?

  17. steven says:

    bro.can share her contack for me…thx so much

  18. vincent234 says:

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  19. newbie1991 says:

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  20. Tempated says:

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  21. Haresh Kumar Kaliaperumal says:

    Bro.can share her contact Bro. my email is for me…thanks Bro.

  22. Ting says:

    Pls share contact and golden key, thank you very8 much.

  23. Ting says:

    Pls share to 0123698298

  24. Amad says:


    Please give me Lin hp number.. she was my regular massagers.. i want to repeat back… please boss…

  25. andy says:

    bro can u share her contact number pls a lot bro

  26. Ridzuan says:

    Can I have her number, pls send to 0176374629 or emel Thanks bro

  27. keriano says:

    Hi..can u pm Lin contact number..ty

  28. keriano says:

    Hi can u email me Lin contact

  29. PK says:

    Bro can her contact

  30. Joo says:

    Hi, Let me try, let me try… There contact pls…

  31. Dan says:

    Pm contact pls

  32. David s says:

    Met up with her again last sunday 20th may. 2 blowjobs then done deed.

  33. Kkk says:

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  34. Faizavy says:

    Share her contact email.. TQ

  35. Linsainity says:

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  36. Gembala says:

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  37. Shah says:

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  38. Danny says:

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  39. Mat says:

    Anyone interested can email me

  40. Awi sharif says:

    Pls share co no bro

  41. Onceatenyears says:

    Hi.. will going training in Batu caves soon… can share the contact and golden key.?.. Thx…

  42. angor chu says:

    can share contact pls..tq

  43. Pejal says:

    Please share contact with me 0183795002

  44. Ram says:

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  45. BH says:

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  46. Melvin says:

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  47. Fariz says:

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  48. amazingjack says:

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  49. Garfield says:

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  50. Sunny says:

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  51. Anand says:

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  52. Mat says:

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  53. Mat says:

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  54. Kumar says:

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  55. Kumar says:

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  56. blg912 says:

    Bro can you email me the contact? Thank you very much

  57. Jo says:

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  58. kyairul says:

    no phone please… 0123425839

  59. rie says:

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  60. Dylan says:

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  61. Richard says:

    Pls forward her tel details pls

  62. haris says:

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  63. Lloris says:

    Please sent her contact number please

  64. Mat says:

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  65. David s says:

    Just had another 2 hrs session with her….screw 3 positions….came….then urut….too penat for 2nd round.

  66. Max says:

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  72. Geram says:

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  80. Jacob says:

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  81. Jacob says:
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