Smoothest ride in every sense – NL Lisa(pic)

Smoothest ride in every sense – NL Lisa(pic)
Master: Snooker
Hi bro, thank you so much. Great, great contact. My FR below.
I gotta say, Lisa was the smoothest ride in every sense.
Got her number from webmaster and quickly made contact, within a few texts had booked her for Saturday afternoon, at Sunway Mentari. It’s a good time and good place. The hotel is in a quiet, quiet corner of a busy town. I got there early and ate and lepak nearby. On time, she SMS me the place, then the number.
She’s in a simple top and boxer shorts. Cute nose and dear eyes. Gorgeous, yet girl-next-door. Not too young, not too old. I pop into the shower and come out, and she’s naked under the blanket. We start with some catbath and she teases my lil bro. Not a fan of BJ myself, but she said try with the condom on? So ok, it’s on. I lie back and she takes care to lick my balls in litle circles. Pretty good. Sat up to fondle her boobs, with her smooth smooth skin, and I roam around, and she’s got amazing smooth smooth skin all over.
Started with missionary, damn syiok. But one thing she’s petite, and I’m tall, so gotta hunch myself over to get to her boobs. Her pussy is inviting, and like i said, the smoothest ride in every sense. I give her slow strokes. She give me soft moans.
Switched to doggy. Now I’ve got everything within reach. Her boobs, hips, and all the other curves in all the right places. Like however you ride, hanging on to her butt, waist, thighs, arms, legs, boobs, you’re riding a well-rounded ball of nubile flesh. With the amazing smooth smooth skin. I give her harder, longer strokes. She gives me louder gasps and sighs.
I couldn’t last long, it had been a while so I unloaded pretty soon. All in all 30 minutes. It’s like I enter room, wash, fxck, wash, exit room. But it wasn’t hurried or rushed, wasn’t dragged out long. Paid her and left. All smooth, baybeh. She has really good looks, friendly but not too talkative, anything-goes, and just, smooth.
Name: Lisa NL
Face: 8/10
Body: 7/10
BJ: 7/10 with condom
FJ: 7/10
GFE: not really, more a booty call experience
WIR: Yup definitely oh my god that smooth skin
Damage: RM200
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30 Responses to “Smoothest ride in every sense – NL Lisa(pic)”

  1. ikumaru says:

    Need the contct… 🙂

  2. Ryan says:

    Can give her contacts bro..

  3. Lee says:

    Pls share the contact..pls…

  4. niki says:

    can u give her ctc bro..tq

  5. niki says:

    can u give me a golden key bro

  6. KC says:

    Can I have her contact?

  7. KC says:

    Can I have her contact number?

  8. KC says:

    Bro. Can I have her contact number

  9. KC says:

    Bro. I like to have a go. Contact number?

  10. KC says:

    Bro. I like to have a go. Can I have her hand phone number?

  11. kcgn says:

    Bro. I like to have a go. hand phone number please

  12. Mark says:

    Her contact no pls ..

  13. sanchez says:

    share contact please

  14. tanker says:

    Really, really interested to meet her. PM me her contact plz. Will definitely leave FR afterwards

  15. Admin says:

    Call me now, 014-3682377 if you want the details.

  16. kaldon says:

    Share the password pls to

  17. wan says:

    Hello bro, mind to share golden key and her contact?? Thanks bro

  18. A.Bom says:

    Contact bro?

  19. Jim says:

    Can give her contact bro? Tq

  20. chan chee seng says:

    Please share the contact with me and email to you

  21. nighthunt says:

    Pls share contact n goleden key. Thks bro

  22. Dan says:

    can i have her contact num??

  23. joelabu says:

    need contact no

  24. addy says:

    Bro can share contact n golden key?

  25. Ryan says:

    bro…do share Lisa contact details pls…

  26. Andy says:

    Would really appreciate if you could email me her number and golden key. Thanks a lot bro!

  27. ronaldo says:

    pm me her no. and golden key

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