Smells seductive, big boobs hungry Emily, Kuala Lumpur, Local Girl – Emily

Smells seductive, big boobs hungry Emily

Master: Edwin

Hi cheongster,

After review a few recommendation, decided to get Emily’s contact.
Finally I got Emily’s number, but I didn’t contact Emily, she texted me instead.
She’s extremely careful, booked a time with her.(she serves only chinese customers)

However, on the spot that day, she texted me to reschedule for three times, which is quite a spoiler, but since her review is so great, I figure why not wait for the best.

Finally, I reached the hotel on time, waited for 15 minutes, got her room number, went to hotel room with my horny mood^^

Reached there, and found her standing outside the room.

First sight review
Huge boobs, I meant amazingly marvellous!!!(she got a boobs job)
Saw her with light make up, she got this horny+sexy looks which my body have a erectile response right away.
She’s definitely a cougar, MILF!!!
My favourite.
She’s short though, 155cm I assume.

She invited me into the room, and started to ice break with me.
Found out she came from JB, stayed in Kl for 4 years.

She started to strip, and take my clothes off.
She have a few tattoos on her.

Then, as usual, she brought me to toilet and get me clean.
After that, we went back to the mirror, she started to molest my dick, she asked me to grab her boobs and finger her pussy.
I was shocked, her boobs are so huge that I can’t hold them with my hands, her pussy is so freaking wet!!

she started to use my dick to play around her pussy, which is a huge seduction for guys, the feeling of almost getting there really turns me on!!
We started to kiss and I get to licked her pussy, taste fine.

As usual, we go through the basic stuffs, hand job, blow job, and boobs job.
Then I put on my golden helmet and started to do what I expect to enjoy for quite some time.

Intimate review
First thing first, even she smells seductive, she do have nice taste on perfume.
First we started with missionary position, then, she ride on top of me like a cowboy.

During sex, she called me “baby, and want me to grab his tits and kiss.
She started to enjoy herself and “command” me to control myself and don’t come before her.

And then…..she came… shouted “baby…fuck me!!!”
PS: Emily forbids us to touch her hair, face and back.

The point here is, I haven’t come yet…..she’s said she’s tired and need a time off.

Then we cleaned ourself, started to chit chat and watched tv for a while.
She asked me whether I have porns in my cell phone.

I stared at her, wanna have a better look at her.
I asked and she said, she got a nose job before, so be careful, don’t break her nose!!

After that, we started the second round.
I think I’m nervous, my dick just don’t “perform”.
she started to Blowjob me.
I wanted to fuck her hard deep inside my heart, but my dick just won’t give me a chances.

She started to play around with it like first round.
However bad news is, I still haven’t come……but the good news is, I do enjoyed this two hours with Emily.

After that, she even asked me to watch “the hunger games” with her.
Deep inside her, she is a lonely and wish someone to hangout with her.

At the end, we left the hotel together.

FR report
Name: Emily
Age: 32(she told me)
Nationality: Local Chinese
Looks: 7/10 (horny, Milf looks – nose job)
Skin: 7/10
Body figure: Skinny
Tits: Huge boobs (D cup – Boobs job)
Jobs: Handjob, Blowjob, boobsjob (8/10)
Pussy: Tight, taste fine.
FJ: SEDUCTIVE!!!(Aggressive)
GFE: 9/10 (friendly)
Damage: RM300 (2 hours + 2 shot + room)
RTF: I told her, I’m your regular!!!!(Will definitely meet her again, she rocks!!!)
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  1. andrew says:

    Contact number please. PRC or Local? CKT?

  2. Tim says:

    Hi bro do you mind to share the contact please. Thank you.

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