Slowly made you indulge Batin – Ira

Slowly made you indulge Batin – Ira

Master: Ahmad

It happened last march before PKP2.0. I had a job to do at KL. Actually i wanna have B2B massage at a parlour near seri kembangan but the shop has been closed (i think). As i got her contact for webmaster and quickly set the appointment with her.

The response was quick and actually the responder is not her. her friends @ operator. Set the appointment and went to her house. easy to locate. as i arrived, she told me her level and unit. Go to her unit, and she let me in. Straight to the massage room. very dimmed like no light at all. I undress and wait for he to massage.

Overall massage is okay. She pressed on the point. As she massaged, she also teased your didi. She not afraid to teased him. After back massaged, she asked me to flip to the front and my didi already  standing. What i like about her is there is no rushing at all, even for batin. she just play with your didi slowly and  chat with you. i did ask if there are any extra, not more than HJ. u can touch her body but there extra charges. But i dont have the mood during that time.

Then i load my soldier, paid and went back home.

Name: Ira (Vera)
Origin: NL
Language: Malay
Age: 20++
Face: 5/10 – can see the face
Body: 6.5/10 – quite busty and the butt is well fleshed
Massage: 8/10
Batin: 9/10 – i give 9 because she didnt rush. she took her time and slowly made us indulge in the feeling
Damage: 148 include batin for 60 mins. extra if want to add on touching boobs

Location: KajangSemenyih
Category: NL

* She is 1Malaysia, will serve all brothers

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