Slim petite NL Azura(pic)

Slim petite NL Azura(pic)

Master: Khu

Got her number from a webmaster.. 
I straight away contact her via wechat as advised by my friend.. 
N hours later only got reply.. 
Ask her what kind of package does she offer and i took the full package which includes Body Massage, AR n BJ.. 

So we set the time to meet at her place the next day.. 
Next day, i text her again to confirm the time and she agrees and texted me the direction to her place.. 
So i drove there as her place is quite far.. 

And reached a bit late as the road was jam.. 
She texted me couple of times asking where am i and wanted to cancel the meeting but i asked her to wait a while as i have already reached her place.. 
Park my car and just let her know that ive arrived and soon after she came down to fetch me.. 
First look, slim not to tall and maybe in her early 40’s..

Just my type.. 
So we went to her unit and she offered drinks n some snacks..
Chit chat a little n she asked me to clean myslef while she changes to her black sexy lingerie… 
She starts her massage from the back n it was good.. 
She knows where to apply pressure and where to tease.. 
I was already turn on at this point.. 

Soon after, she asked me to turn around n starts massaging the front part of my body.. 
Then she starts with massaging my didi and ask how do i like to end the session with.. 
Told her i would like to cum in her mouth.. 
She BJ and this is where the fun begins.. 

AR was awesome i tell you all.. 
A few minutes later kenot tahan d liow.. 
I put my dd into her mouth n loads all my soldiers in as she will suck clean every drop of ur cum n swallow it.

She ends her session with a head massage n it is a really good one too. After that I clean myself up we chit chat while waited for next customer to arrive. 

Name : Azura (NL)
Age : Early 40’s i guess
Face : 7/10
Body : 7/10
Tits : Just nice to squeeze 
BBBJ : 8/10
Cumswallow : Yes
Massage : 8/10
Damage : RM170
WIR : Hell yeah!.. 

Location: Cyberjaya
Category: NL
Remark: Sorry, she only serve Malay and Chinese!!

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7 Responses to “Slim petite NL Azura(pic)”

  1. fa says:

    bro can i get more in detail pls

  2. piyanko says:

    bos.. minf to share contact? tq

  3. Shaz says:

    how to get golden key?

  4. Ra says:

    Can I get her contact too please

  5. William minerva says:

    Can share contact and key bro.thanks

  6. William minerva says:

    Hi Can share contact and key bro.thanks please

  7. Fitz says:

    Bro, mind sharing her contact please? TQ sir

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