Skin smooth like young girl – CKT Christy(pic)

Skin smooth like young girl – CKT Christy(pic)
Master: midowong 

After wechat her making appointment, pick her at one of LRT station.

First impression, slim and small size, normal look like your girl next door. Good girlfriend feel, can talk anything, no need ice breaking.
On the bed, start touching her body, then kissing, her kissing skill is good. Not big boobs type, but her skin very very smooth and soft, just like a young girl. Kissing while touching down to her bottom, it is wet. start pumping, her moaning voice is so sexy, while hugging me so tight…
Change few style, but i still prefer man up girl down, eventually unload all my little brothers…
Name: Christy
Age: 28(look younger)
Location: Sri Petaling/Bukit Jalil
Nationality: KL CKT Local Chinese
Body: 8/10(small size, cute, smooth skin, she said she was a model before)
Boobs: 7/10 (B cup, very soft, nice to hold, like you licking)
Pussy: 7/10(OK, watery)
BJ: 4/10(not so pro)
FK: 10/10(Good kissing skill, make me can’t stop)
GFE: 7/10(just like your girlfriend, good)
Rush: Not at all(more than 1 hour)
Damage: RM 200 (one shoot) Not include room
RTN: Yes, if got chance, will try her again
* Christy is 1Malaysia, serve all races
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  1. Izzat says:

    Bro can u give her number??

  2. hesher87 says:

    Bro.. Can u send christy contact number to my email

  3. arvind says:

    Master midowong. Can I get Christy’s phone number please. My email

  4. Sh king says:

    Can I get golden key ?
    Email me

  5. Sh king says:

    Can I get golden key ?
    Email me ASAP

  6. hoong says:

    Bro, may I have her contact from you?

  7. javienhoong says:

    Bro, may I have her number pls?

  8. James wong says:

    Bro. Where and how to get her? Any contact number?

  9. Edison says:

    Hello there, i am not a MIB. i would be grateful if you could share Christy contacts with me. I am a member of sucknehneh’s FL list and i hope that sharing with her contact would be appreciated. If there is anything i can assist you please do not hesitate to ask.

    Thank you.

  10. vk says:

    may send me a golden key and contact?
    thanks you.

  11. Prop Wealth says:

    Pls SMS contact number

  12. Prop Wealth says:

    Share contact number via email. Thanks

  13. Nic says:

    Contact and golden key. Thanks

  14. niki says:

    hello bro can i get a golden key and her ctc..tq bro

  15. John says:

    Sms me 0129353973

  16. Coolie How says:

    Please share the contact no. and golden key.


  17. Alex says:

    CAn I get her contact number please?

  18. Sham says:

    Bro.can i have her contact?

  19. KJ45 says:

    Her contact number please.
    Many thanks

  20. Albert says:

    Bro, can share contact and golden key? Tnz.

  21. siv says:

    bro , can you share contact and golden key? send to this email

  22. pro says:

    Bro, mind share golden key and her contact?? thankyou!!

  23. Jack says:

    Golden Key please.

  24. Sam says:

    Give me her contacts if you may :). I will pay more to her even

  25. kelvin says:

    golden key and contact number pls

  26. calvin says:

    mind to share contact and golden key?

  27. Wong says:

    Bro, can have contact and golden key pls?

    Thank you.

  28. justblur says:

    Master Midowong,
    Can email me contact? Thank you so very much

  29. ray says:

    Share pls golden key n contact

  30. Joe says:

    Sms me 0133515432..mind to share golden key and contact

  31. razak says:

    With full of respect, can i get the phone number pliz?

  32. david says:

    Pls.give her no whatapps 0109519930

  33. Kok says:

    Hi bro

    May I know the contact number ? Tq

  34. edvin says:

    pls giv me her number me..

  35. Sam says:

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  36. Alex says:

    Golden key n contact pls. Many thanks.

  37. Jeremy Loy says:

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  38. jonny says:

    Pls share contact bro. Thank you.

  39. Lim says:

    Can give me her number, or wechat and golden key please

  40. Jerry says:

    Please give her number 0166939546.whatapss me

  41. desmond says:

    Need contact and golden key please.. will contact immediately

  42. Blueeye76 says:

    Guy, please email me her number… I need it ?

  43. Blueeye76 says:

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  44. sam says:

    I want to make love with her. Please send me her contact and golden key.

  45. King says:

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  46. Lex says:

    Bro golden key plz and number

  47. Shafiq says:

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  48. p.louis says:

    Please share contact. Thank you

  49. ziff says:

    Nice story Master. Let me have the golden key bro. Thanks. my email is

  50. jack says:

    golden key and number TQ

  51. brown&cuddley says:

    Contact and golden key please

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