Sexy Tudung Mama – Azie(pic)

(Azie Retired!!) Sexy Tudung Mama – Azie(pic)

Master: Edwin

Azie retired already!!! pls don’t request her contact

If you’ve read previous FRs from other brothers, you can imagine what it’s gonna be like before meeting Mama Azie.

This is my 2nd time trying Mama Azie and I am not disappointed.

It’s hard to get Mama sometimes because she had her day job and depends when she wants to do this. I contacted her and since she remembers me,she agreed for a session that night.

Reach the hotel in Kepong….and she gave me the room number. Knocked on the room door and this beautiful mum wad behind the door with her high heels, her damn sexy see through lingerie and panty hose and high heels. I had a hard on looking at that. Went in and as soon as she closed the door, I French kissed her,and while kissing we moved to the mirror, I turned her around and started fondling her in front of the mirror while she watched. She then was rubbing her ass all over my crotch. I removed her lingerie and started twisting her nipples gently and she loved it.

She then turn around,continued to French kiss me while undress me, and she pushed me to bed. She went on her knees at the edge of the bed,licked my nipples and then giving me the sensual blowjob. While moaning and sucking me,I nearly came but I stopped her. I carried her and put her in doggystyle position and teased her pussy with my fingers. She was moaning. Slowly licked her pussy. No hair and no smell. She loved it.

She was horny and ready to fuck now. She capped me and I asked her to sit on me. She rode me gently while I such her nipples and then she rode faster. She was about to cum but she stopped. She wanted to cum while in her favourite position. We went back to the mirror. She wants me to fuck her while in front of the mirror. We fucked in front of the mirror for about 15 minutes till she came. Then it was my turn to cum. She sat on the table while I fucked her. As I was about to cum, she asked me to pull out, she quickly removed the condom and jerked me off so fast that I shot it all the way to her chin. She just smiled.

We then lay in bed and catch our breath. She held me and just play with my dick for a while.

Then I shower and left.

Name: Mama Azie (Milf)
Race: NL
Face: 7/10
Body: 7/10 
Boobs: I Love it…not saggy
BBBJ: 10/10
FJ: 9/10 Like 5 star
DATY: Allow.
CIM: never try
Overall: 8/10
Damage: RM300.00 but she doesn’t rush you. Spent slightly more than 1 hour with her.

Location: Kepong , Sri Damansara
Category: NLMILF
Remark: She only serve Chinese and Malay

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  1. Khaizam says:

    Can i get contact number

  2. Peter says:

    whoever needs contacts of Azie, Devi and the famous Hani, can contact me at 0 one two – 3 nine 8 lima eight 9 enam

  3. harvey says:


  4. tokei says:

    can share the contact bro thanks

  5. Stefano says:

    Bro, how do i get contact number?

  6. tokei says:

    can share the contact bro thanks. been looking for her long time

  7. kaelwyn says:

    Bro, please share me the golden key. TQ!

  8. WinterSoldier says:

    Can Share Contact

  9. Adam says:

    Share golden key

  10. Adam says:

    Share golden key Pls

  11. Kay says:

    Hi bro. Do you mind share her contacts ?

  12. Joe says:

    Can share the contact number?

  13. John says:

    I need a contact

  14. James says:

    Can share contact please.

  15. Ray Cheongster says:

    I think Azie still cuti. I tried but number is not in service…bro unless she’s changed her mobile?

  16. mirulez says:

    Please share the golden key and her contact number please

  17. AY says:

    Could you share her contact

  18. Wing says:

    Hi , Can share contact please .

  19. Bern says:

    Bro, please share the golden key and the contact, I am interested in the service.

  20. RICHARD says:

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  21. Khair says:

    Hi, Can I get the Contact Num for her? Serious here.

  22. Dennis says:

    Hi bro, can share golden key?

  23. Maverick says:

    Hi bro can share golden key and contact?

  24. Joe says:

    Can I have the contact plsssss…TQ

  25. g says:

    g, can share golden key and contact?

  26. Harry Langford says:

    Hi there,pls share contact as well as the golden key.Apprciate your help very much.Tq

  27. Harry Langford says:

    My email is send me her contact as well as golden key for pic.

  28. Hiboy says:

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  30. Kk says:

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  31. Sean says:

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  42. Roy says:

    Kindly provide me with the golden key and Mama Azie’s contact number. Thanks in advance.

  43. Hariz says:

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  44. Chris says:

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    0123091360, Brian

  47. JR says:

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  49. Nora says:

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  55. at says:

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  56. gareth says:

    bro, can share contact with me? i’ll trade Liza’s contact with you.

  57. gareth says:

    sorry, forgot my email.

  58. michael ong says:

    can please share contract.

    thank you.

  59. masceyus says:

    would the master share her contact to
    i am very much interested
    thank you so much

  60. Johnny says:

    Bro can share contact pls

  61. Johnny says:

    Boss can share golden key and contact?

  62. bewak says:

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  81. Edy says:

    Morning bro… can u share azie tel no
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  82. Ali says:

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  83. Ali says:

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    To my no. +61426671296

  84. Shahrul says:

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