Sexy and Pretty NL – Wawa

Sexy and Pretty NL – Wawa

Master: Jefry

One late evening, I feel something that urge me to the website. I randomly select link and found 1 FR pretty call the Kajang Gem. Then I contacted the moderator and had a number with me. I managed to sms her but I was stunned the replied  so harsh and very scary I tell you. If you seen her text sms, sure you wont come meet her. But luckly I stick to my instict and I dare to fail of any possibility of the meeting including my investment. 

She is very and wild that send sms mean to scare me. But if you manage the fear, then reward is in your hand. The most weird part is she never call you on the phone neither she never pick up the phone at all. If we call her many times, then be prepare for her insulting you by sms that can make your heart blown.
Then she asking where I park and my car plate number, and suddenly she enter the car without greeting and there you are.. Ms Wawa the legend was sitting beside me with her face like nothing happen. I see her face clearly and I know she is having a problem. Its like she has no intention to coming here.
Then we go straight to Hotel that she indicate me and asked me to go to the room first. She is very experience before and I noticed her and follow her instruction very carefully. She is very serious woman this time. But I felt something is not right about her. I dont know how to say.
After all, we inside the room and I start to kiss and hug her softly and she responded very well. I kiss her neck and cheek and she smile a little like nothing happen. We took off clothes together and her skin is very snow white and I stunned on the spot I see her wearing colourful bra. I managed to grab her boobs and fk her deeply. 

After shower, I lie on the bed and she start SOP bite and kiss my nipple. Then suck my dick but not willingly. Looking to beauty of her, I cant stand anymore, then I lick a bit her pussy then I straight fxxk her like the end of the world. She moaned very lust sound. In 10 mins time, my sperm then we take a rest together. I am very tired that day, then I didnt take 2nd round. I want to spent my time the balance time to get to know her. Later I drop her to the place I fetch her and she says thank you and jumpa lagi.
Name: Wawa
Type : NL
Age : 23
Face : 9/10 (like eurasian)
Skin : 8/10 White
Body : 8/10 IMO
Boobs : 9.5/10 Nice to hold
CIM : No
Daty : CaN
Damage : $300 + $50 Hotel(own)
FJ : 4/10
FK : 5/10
GFE : 05/10
WIR : Yes and definite perhaps next week.

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  1. Rye says:

    Bro, mind sharing her contact no?

  2. Pooi says:

    Bro…can give her contact no please?

  3. Pooi says:

    Bro can give her contact no please?
    shmily6113@gmail .com

  4. Merong says:

    Bro…share contact

  5. Raymond says:

    Bro pls share contact no ??

  6. Raymond says:

    Bro can u pls share her contact no ??

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