Sexily Moaning – Xiao Hong(pic), Kuala Lumpur, Klang, Xiao Hong

Sexily Moaning – Xiao Hong(pic)
she keep on moan “ darling.. darling.. and darling… quicker and harder”

Master: Cold


Just get salary and I feel my body is very heaty. I think I need something to cool me down. So I get recommended number from my regular cheong fren. I call gal and book the time.

When I arrived at hotel room, I felt that the gal is not so friendly… but after chatting for a while, I told her that I was very tired and she help me to massage my neck and shoulder.. Then I feel more comfortable… Good Feeling is coming… so I ask her to start working…..

First I help her to take off her clothes, bra and underwear.. I like to do this, it is a boy friend’s job.. In bathroom… she wash my body and dick and start BJ wor, of course, I also counter-attact to her boob , pussy and buttock as well. After that, we go to bed, I lie on the bed , she catbath me nicely. Then, she licks and sucks my dick. She suck deep deeply. Really beh tahan…

Then I ask her to lie down and I start to lick and play her boob and pussy.. Haha this time I play her pussy until she beh tahan, she moan sexily & moan for fucking and ask for cap on.. So I let her capped me on and start with cow gal and then missionary style.. she keep on moan “ darling.. darling.. and darling… quicker and harder”… I fuck her quick and harder and she also keep on shaking her buttock and hung me closely.. Finally, we both reach orgasm together.

Then, she praises me for my hard work. Then we clean-up and pay and bye-bye.

Name : Xiao Hong
Age: 20
Country: PRC
Face: 7/10
Boob: B
Skin: Smooth
Pussy: 7/10
BBBJ: 9/10
HJ: 6/10

Location: Klang

ML: Suit your need
Fingering: 8/10
Moan: Loud & Clear
Damage: RM140

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