Sex Addiction Kimmy

Sex Addiction Kimmy

Master: Damien

Contacted Kimmy last week and appointment on Thursday afternoon at 1pm. She requested me to book a room at 1 of hotel in Cheras and SMS the room number.

As written by other brothers, she really talk a lot. Very good on this to ease both of us and she jus get naked without hesitating. Both get naked n proceed shower. Normal cleaning procedures and Bec to bed. First with cat bath. Touching here n there. Den front part. No doubt her BJ is great! Good suction on shaft n licking on balls with soft moans. Very smooth skin and nice rack of boobies. Not saggy but solid real boobs.

I dun think is fake. Wait no more n wear some dom. F her missionary, pull her to edge of bed and keep banging her while holding her breast. Really soft n nice. Good moan n she got wet easily. Bang a while more n unload inside. Short session due to long time no sex. Clean up n chit chat a bit. She said too fast so ask wanna go for 2 round. Why not since I not enuf. Proceed with good blow to start for quite some time. Little brother oso naik n Dom dom on. 2nd round start with her cowboy a while den missionary.

2nd round oso short period. Hahaha… too horny I guess and unload inside.. clean up again n pay her.. overall, nice experience n highly recommended for CKT lover..

Name: Kimmy (CKT)
Face: 7/10.
Body: 7/10.
Boob: 8/10.
Moan: real.
Pussy: good n wet fast.
Gfe: highly.
Cat bath: so so.
Ass: nice to hold.
CIM: yes but did not try… yet….
Damage: 250 per round + 40 room.

Location: Cheras
Category: CKT
Remark: She only serve Chinese and Malay 🙂

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  1. Tan says:

    may i know her contact? thanks

  2. Jojo says:

    Hi, I can trade/sell Kimmy contact

  3. rudy says:

    Share contact….

  4. Kim says:

    Share contact please

  5. Hang T says:

    share contact

  6. Red Devil says:

    Hey bro mind sharing the contact with me??? Kimmy sound delicious!!!

  7. Ken lee says:

    Contact pls

  8. Ah siang says:….
    share contact please

  9. J Ong says:

    Don’t mind share contact.

  10. Cptaizen says:

    Can share contact bro?

  11. Steven says:

    mind to share golden key and contact? thanks ya

  12. DD says:

    Share contact

  13. deadeye says:

    hi bro

    can i have this CKT (Kimmy contact)..very keen on local chinese lady

    very appreciate if bro can share


  14. Jj says:

    Pls share contact pls

  15. kroller says:

    hi bro

    can i have this CKT (Kimmy contact)

    very appreciate if bro can share

  16. Jojo says:

    Wan to try her. Mind to share ctc

  17. george says:

    share the contact no please

  18. Sean says:

    please share contact…… newbie here

  19. Tommy says:

    Please share contact and key. Thanks,

  20. MassimoReddy says:

    Hi bro… please share contact

  21. James says:

    Pls send me contact.

  22. Daniel Lee says:

    Share contact please .

  23. kim says:

    contact pls

  24. Bryan222 says:

    Hi can I have her contact? Thanks

  25. dabaixiong says:

    Bro, Please share CTC and Key. Thanks

  26. isaac says:

    Hi bro, can share contact please. thanks

  27. Sin says:

    Bro, pls pls pls share with me her contact, Tqvm bro!

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