Sentul Tina Chapati(pic)

Sentul Tina Chapati(pic)

Master: Vul     

Name : Tina
Age : 30plus
Height : 5ft 5
Weight : 68KG 
Place Name : Kuala Lumpur
Category : CAPATI
Package Offered : PS
Package Damage :
1) PS – RM150/1 hour / 1 shot included hotel

Condom : provided
Deposit : N
Open To : 1M

Body Type : Fleshy/Curvy
Boobs Size : 38D
Ass Shape : Curved
Pussy : Trimmed
Smoking : N

FJ : Y

Location: Sentul
Category: IndianOKT Agent

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68 Responses to “Sentul Tina Chapati(pic)”

  1. scattle says:

    Contact pls

  2. Sam says:

    hi sir..kindly share golden key n contact

  3. Thava says:

    Pls share golden key and contact

  4. Alex says:

    Contact pls

  5. Amin says:


  6. Hareez says:

    I never get the contact disappointed..

  7. Hareez says:

    Need contact num..

  8. Steven George says:

    Please send her contact to me

  9. Alan says:

    Pls call or email

  10. Alan says:

    Please send her contact n golden key thank you

  11. Hari says:

    Contact pls

  12. Dev says:

    Can contactbplease 0123172056

  13. x-24 says:

    Please PM bro

  14. Viknesh says:

    Contact pls

  15. Mark says:

    Bro plz send me the contact interested

  16. Mark says:
    Plz send the contact details interested

  17. Brian says:

    PM me for golden key. Will share with u guys 😬👍🏻

    0123091360, Brian

  18. Ellan says:

    I’m a new bie and require golden key please.

    I want to try her

    Thank you

  19. JR says:

    Send me the golden key please..

  20. Shah says:

    How to get the golden keys

  21. Siva says:

    Hi, how i can get the contact? Tq.

  22. hrc says:

    Golden Key please

  23. JV12 says:

    pls share contact bro – mastervjatyahoodotcom

  24. John says:

    Contact please

  25. Gecho Kong says:

    Seeking for golden key and contact number please . Thank you

  26. John Emanual says:

    How do I contact this girl

  27. thehulkman26 says:

    Can I get her number or other contact details?

  28. Shah says:

    Hello there bro, it is possible to get her number, if so here’s my email,

  29. KC says:

    Bro please pm me contact & golden key many thanks.

  30. RAJ says:

    Pls share the ctc and the goldenkey.

  31. kamarul says:

    Pls share golden key and contactpls. many thanks!

  32. Owen says:

    Pls share contact. Tq

  33. danishadam says:

    Pls share golden key and contact pls. many thanks!

  34. Morpheus says:

    Pls share me the contact and goldenkey

  35. AJ Poh says:

    Please share Tina contact. Thank you

  36. Hai Yang says:

    Bro Vul, may I have her contact and the golden key?

  37. DC says:

    Bro share golden key and contact

  38. mugi says:

    We can exchange contact !!!!

  39. John says:

    Contact please bro

  40. Aron says:

    Contact info and golden key please

  41. Archer says:

    Can share Goldenkey and contact plz…?

  42. Frozen says:

    Please email for the contact

  43. Sam says:

    Please send me the contact number and golden key. Thanks

  44. rhinoo says:

    Bro contact and golden key. thanks

  45. Ironm says:

    Please provide the key and the contact. Thanks

  46. Sam says:

    please give golden key and her ctc number please ,

  47. Nesh says:

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  48. John says:

    Bro please share her golden key number and contact

  49. elan says:

    hi, May I have her contact bro? Thanks!

  50. Kv says:

    Hi sir,please advise the contact.thank you

  51. Linggeys says:

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  52. Salman says:

    Please share the contact details and pic

  53. Prem says:

    Contact and golden key pls

  54. John says:

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  55. sepon says:

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  56. Jay says:

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  57. bj says:

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  58. Manhood says:

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  59. Siva says:

    Bro, i KL. Can help share the contact

  60. Raj says:

    Kindly send me the details please

  61. Xmate says:

    Bro, kindly share Tina Capati contact and golden key.

    Thanks in advance

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