Satisfying my Indian fetish with Joyce

Satisfying my Indian fetish with Joyce

Master: Jap

Went to this MP in Puchong, specialty is all is Indian girls. My favorite is Joyce.

Straight ask for B2B, she said ok & strip. Quite big boobs (sorry, I dunno how to read boob size) but what attracts me is her stomach. She has a big round belly & my fetish is Indian women with fat navel & belly area!

Anyway she ask to turn around & she sensually ran her fingers & nails around my body. When her fingers reach my anus, I ask her to use oil. After applying oil, she concentrate on that area itself. Her fingers running over my asshole she keep pouring the cold oil on the area; damn syok!

I tak tahan & go onto my hands & knees. She never say anything & keep massaging my anus area but now also my balls & cock as well. But suddenly she use one finger to keep poking my anus, adding to to erotic & sensual feeling. Next time I’m going to ask her to stick her finger really inside & finger fuck my asshole!

The best part about Joyce is she never rush you. She will only stop only when u ask her to stop. After she played with my cock, balls & asshole, I think enough & I turn around. I ask her to lay on the bed & I kiss & suck her all over her body, boobs & also of course her belly. She gives a low moan & really makes me horny.

Again she let me take how long I want. After I’m satisfied with tasting her body, I tell her to get up & give me a final handjob. I layback on the bed & she starts stroking. While she stroking, I pull her body close to me & my hands run all over her boobs & ass, but I use my mouth to kiss & suck her enormous belly (haha, told you it was my fetish!). After few minutes, I blow my load.

Name: Joyce
Race: Indian
Face: 6/10
Body: Nice Figure but plump belly region
Boobs: 8/10
Overall: 10/10
WIR: 100% Yes
Damage: RM150

Location: Puchong
Category: Indian

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