Satisfying experience with PRC – Lan Xing(pic)

Satisfying experience with PRC – Lan Xing(pic)
Master: Gene



Been provided her contact for a few weeks but have not had the chance to meet her yet due to unplanned travel. 
When I came back, I decided to send her a message and make an appointment in the evening. It was raining on that day but fortunately the traffic is not that bad. 
Reached her place and gave her a call. She asked to wait for a while and later instructed me to proceed to her room. The door opened and there stood a lady dressed in white attire welcoming me in. 
Luckily I didnt have high expectations before i come otherwise i would be disappointed. You know what i mean. She served me a glass of water and we chatted for like 10 minutes. I then go and bath as i insisted doing it alone. 
Climbed the bed after that and she approached and started touching my arm. It was geli but i just let it be. The main action started immediately and she climbed on top for like 10 mins. She asked if i am ready to switch other positions but i say its ok nvrmind. 
She seems little bit tired but continued on top for a few more minutes pushing up and down more slowly. Not sure what happened to me that day but i just unloaded just like that. She looked relief as well. This only 30 mins since i came in the room and i then go and bath alone again. 
We continue to chat about work and other small talks for a short while before i paid the money and left. Am i satisfied? Yes but it could have been better i guess. Not sure coz not experienced in this kinda thing. It was just half of what i hoped though.
Name: Lan Xing
Face: 6
Body: 7
BJ: not try
GFE: 5
WIR: probably no
Damage: 200 including tip
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    How to take golden key to open picture

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    how to get the golden key bro?

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