Russian Girl – Yulia, Kuala Lumpur, Russian Girl – Yulia

Russian Girl – Yulia
Wow, she moan like crazy when I bang her from behind

Master: Kenny

Finally got the contact of this russian girl that used to work in BTS last year.

Her name is Yulia.

It’s all start at the lonely night when I called up her at 10pm.
After turning around near to KLCC area , finally found this service apartment.
not too crowded, actually can say quiet as it’s approaching 1130pm.
Parked my car, then proceed to 3rd floor n wait for the girl.

After few min, this girl appeared. wow,,, not too bad, short curly hair, with nice cute face like those KAWAII look of Japanese AV.

wearing lingerie down to lead me up.I’m quite shy man. need act like dunno her in the life as there is another guy in the lift.

After reaching her apt, she told me she had another fren working now, named Katrina.

But after seeing her fren’s face, ooh my god, u will choose Yulia. because although Katrina booob is bigger, but the face er…not my type. FACE: <5 /10.
Yulia is cuter, n she is nice to talk with too.

her apt is quite spacious, although it’s only a normal studio unit.
Before our foreplay, We bathe together. She has a size B boob, can b said slim, and pretty fair too. She told me she’s around 25 year old, but she is abit short, around 155cm I think.

okie,, action start. she start suck my dick,very gently and kiss my legs and sucks the balls. She can really suck the dick and balls very hard…until the level u might get orgasm.However, she disallow fingering.

Action start shortly after the blowjob. She ride me first. She start to moan and I can said she is quite real in moaning. After that, we did it doggystyle in front of the dressing table, toilet, and also in front of a big mirror beside toilet. Wow, she moan like crazy when I bang her from behind in front of the mirror. It’s really like in the AV movie and I’m damn enjoy it.

After 15 min of action, finally I surrender. she help me remove my condom and bathe my dick. Although she is russian, but her english is very good and we can communicate well. Before I go, I quickly ask her when she will back to Russia.

She will only depart end of Apr and I believe they will be another batch of girls coming to replace them in May.

Overall, It’s a good action and the GFE is quite good. Most importantly, the privacy is good as the service apartment seldom have any ppl walk around. For every bro info here, the girl start work from 4pm till midnite 4am..

Enjoy ya….

Name: Yulia

Age: 25
Look: 7/10 (cute n kawaii face)
Boobs:B +
Damage: $200 (worth it, believe me !!)
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  1. GREGORY says:

    How much

  2. John says:

    Bro, please share contact and golden key. Tx.

  3. AJ says:

    Bro share the contact and golden key

  4. JOHAN says:

    share me her contact bro

  5. Ben says:

    Would you mind sharing the phone number or location please 🙂 hehehe

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