Relieving Massage & Batin – Angel

Relieving Massage & Batin – Angel

Master: Kai

Feeling needed for a massage that day, so I ran my fingers searching for a nearby female masseuse that can satisfy my needs. Got Angel’s contact, Whatsapp her and made an appointment.

Arrive early and park at the outside of her apartment area, and get ample parking space. Then she guided me to go to her unit. Upon entering, she scans my temperature as SOP and then asks me nicely to sit on the sofa. 

Then, she starts with soaking your foot with hot detox water plus a soothing environment (maybe from essential oil diffuser in that area). Then, I was offered a cup of tea, as she said it’s as detox tea for buang angin. She will ask for the money first as her precaution. Paid her RM100 upfront for 1 hour massage including batin. She then asks to enter one of the rooms.

Strip down and lie facing down where as standard begins with foot massage. Then she started to move to my back, shoulder and head. Then she will jump on your back and use her strong knee to massage. It’s quite a hard massage but really relieving.

Then she asked me to turn around and start massaging my thigh. My didi arose as her hand touched & rubbed my inner thigh. Then her hand moved to my didi and made a few strokes as analysing it’s condition and told me that my didi “ada angin”. She strokes as follows the rhythm and after a few minutes she asks either want to unload or not. I replied unload here and she started stroking faster until I unload all my warriors to the sky gracefully.

She wipes my didi and advises me to come over every month (if to maintain my didi’s health). Cleaned myself up and left the unit.

Name : Angel (Baby)
Race : Sabahan Malay
Age : 40’s
Face : 6/10
Boobs : 7/10 (huge)
FK : –
Pussy : –
GFE : 7/10
WIR : Authentic massage. YES
Damage : RM100. Got other services also. Not opt for that

Location: Sunway 
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

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