Queen of BJ (Devi)

Queen of BJ (Devi)

Master: Sha

I got her contact from webmaster & message her for booking. Unlucky for me need to wait her almost for a week to replied. After that make appoinment after finish my work, straight away drive to her place in klang lama.

Reach her place arround 9pm and sms tell her i already arrived. She gave me her floor unit and ask me to go up. For info her enviroment she lived quite dirty & pack. Saw 1 unit door opened up for me. Lucky her place very nice to make love hahaha

She greet me with legendary black kimono, i start to look very big & ranum watermelon inside kimono. She intro herself & appologize to me why she replied late. She serve me with ‘bandret’ drinks. It taste very nice and she said it could relief the pain & make our adik stronger. Hahaha

She start grabbing my cock with horny face. Undress me & start her work, star her blowjob which the best i’ve ever had. She seem know her work and customer satisfaction, I grab her boob while she still giving a blowjob and i also try boobsjob. It make feels like in heaven.

She lead me to her room to start the war. I start with kissing her neck, suck her boobs and lastly lick her clitoris makes her moan loudly. Damn! Her pussy very nice & not smelly. She grab my cock & led to her pussy. Do some missionary & doggy style after 10 minutes i unload inside her pussy. Damn very shiok!

She asked me either ready for second or not. I very rush to play badminton said to her next meeting will the best meeting ever.I clean up, pay her & go for next activity.

Name: Devi
Age: Milf
Damage: $ 150
Face: 5/10
Body: 6/10
Boob: 11/10 (very big)
Ass: 7/10 (damn nice when you hit it)
Pussy: 6/10
BJ: 110/10 (you cannot tahan!)
Overall: 7/10

Location: Old Klang Road
Category: IndianMILF
Remark: She is MILF, not pretty face and sexy body. only for those like skill. She is 1Malaysia.

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