Q & A, please read it!

Q: Who build this website?
A: By a group of Cheongster brothers, put their own experience in a FR report and sharing with us.

Q: What is the objective of this website?
A: The main objective is through this FR report sharing, so brothers can get more info before go trying. We will not responsible anything outside this website! 🙂

Q: Are you the OKT/Agent of those girls?
A: NO! We do not earn a single cent from those girls, therefore our FR report here is neutral and original, whereas those OKT/Agent exaggerate their own girls photo and FR report, because they want to make business earn money!

Q: Do we need to pay to read all FR report in this website?
A: No member fees, No annual fees, No additional fees….no no no. You can explore in the website, read all FR report without any charges, it is total FREE! 🙂

Q: The FR report here, is it reliable?
A: The FR report here are posted from cheongster brother, just hope to sharing with other brothers. Reliable or not is depend on your own judgement, better you go try yourself, our website will not response to the reliability of FR report here.

Q: There is many special term/abbreviations inside the FR report eg. PRC, Tom Yam, NL…., can you explain it?
A: Please refer to “Slang and Abbreviations”

Q: Why there is no contact in the FR report?
A: First, the main objective of this website just sharing FR report; Second, there are many nuisance people, posting contact in website is too dangerous! Third, unless you can provide your sincerity, then we can accept you as our Verified brother. If you want contact please email to: shop88shop@gmail.com

Q: Why the photos need password?
A: Because there are so many nuisance people simply distribute the photo in net, make our website receive many complaints. For protecting girls and our website, only certain Verified brothers can view the photo, more info please email to: shop88shop@gmail.com

Q: Can I tell those girls regarding this website?
A: Please DON’T! Because this will make them worry and nervous, they might just change their contact number, then we will lost them. Of course their photo also can’t tell them! Thank you for your cooperation.!

Q: If those girls asking for deposit, should i pay first?
A: Most girls in our website, will not request for the deposit. If you meet those outside and asking for deposit, we will advise you that not to pay.

Q: If I can’t speak Chinese/Mandarin, can I take PRC?
A: You can’t, brother. Because most of our PRC is freelancer, you need to communicate with them directly, if you can’t speak their language, how to make appointment with them? I think they will just off your phone when they hear you speaking English/Melayu, haha 🙂

Q: For the beginner, should I take a foreigner(PRC, Tom Yam) freelancer, or Local(CKT/NL) freelancer?
A: For the beginner, we will recommend you to take foreigner FL first, because normally they are working as full time, you do not need to wait. Whereas, local FL are normally working as part-time, sometimes do not convenient to answer your phone and might reply you after few days, then you will feel upset. So, if you want fast food, go for foreigner; if you got patient then only take local.

Q: This website is so great! I want to support, how?
A: Thank you for your supporting, please email to: shop88shop@gmail.com will do. 🙂

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