Pro Batin Master – Ivy

Pro Batin Master – Ivy

Master: Bo

It had been a long week and I was looking forward to a good massage.

Got Ivy’s contact from the webmaster and later that night proceeded to make an appointment. She was busy so we rescheduled for the night after. We agreed on a time and she SMS-ed me her address.

That night, tired from a long day of work and after a light dinner, I made my way to her place. It wasn’t so easy to get to her place as I am not familiar with the area, but I managed to find it soon enough.

She was waiting at the front gate for me and she welcome me inside. As stated by earlier FRs, she is a great cat lover and there is a certain feline smell in her home. For those who are unable to tolerate it, then this will be an issue.

Anyway, I was there for her massage so she showed me to the room and I proceeded to undress.

She was professional throughout the massage and gave a lot of helpful hints and tips for body and general well-being and also great pointers for sex life. There was no hanky-panky and she certainly knows how to apply the pressure and massage your worries away. The way she handles your didi is certainly arousing and she handles it pretty well. Haha. Sadly for us, no happy endings or anything of that sort.

She was also pretty chatty and we had a great long chat the entire session.

Name : Ivy
Age : early 20s
Face : 7/10
Body : 7/10
GFE : 8/10
Skills : 8/10
Damage : 130 for 90 minutes
WIR : Yes 

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89 Responses to “Pro Batin Master – Ivy”

  1. Shank says:

    Bro can I get the contact no please. Please email me to
    Thank you

  2. Mike says:

    Bro can i have the ctc no pls

  3. Sean says:

    hi bro… just reached Penang. any chance of getting her contact? Thank you

  4. Alan says:

    Hi bro… Can share Ivy’s contact?
    SMS: 012-2456666

  5. Ash says:

    Kindly share the contact number at

  6. jack says:

    Can share me her number..

  7. Kin Ley says:

    Share to my contact 0126769069 please. -peace-

  8. Zackea says:

    Hi bro. Can share me the contact number please?

  9. IvanVaio says:

    The price was increase, Rm220 for 1.5hr

  10. Raj says:

    Pls share contact. Thanks

  11. Look says:

    Plz send me the contact or email me

  12. Semaj says:

    Pls share me the contact

  13. Salim says:


    I am in need of Ivy’s number.

  14. Mike Wiznick says:

    Hey thanks for sharing story. Can share ivy’s contact and location please. Thanks

  15. jiggyU says:

    I’m interested in visiting Dr.Ivy, possible to share her contact. Appreciate it bro! Thank u

  16. Anik says:

    i appreciate it if i have the means to contact Ivy….can email to

    Thank you.

  17. Kingston says:

    Appreciate to share the contact. Thx

  18. Azmi says:

    contact number please. tq

  19. Jimmy says:

    Hi. Can please share with me Magnificent Ivy’s contact? Please message me at . Thanks in advance. Really appreciate your help.

  20. abg beres says:

    pm contact no

  21. jake says:

    hi, please share contact. thanks

  22. Lee Heng says:

    220 for massage only! Definitely not worth it. Also, she was very rude. Regretted trying it

  23. Zaidy says:

    Face on wechat look like shemale. Real person look even worse. Sorry that’s just my opinion. You can try to find out. Better and cheaper massage elsewhere

  24. Faster says:

    Bro gift me cncnt dr ivy

  25. TF says:

    contact please . really need this.

  26. bond says:

    Can pls share her contact?

  27. Sid says:

    Ivy contact number

  28. Johan says:

    Ivy contact no.. tq

  29. Chem says:

    Hi, appreciate her contact at

  30. Kent says:

    Hi bro, can I get her contact? Pls email me… ty

  31. Kent says:

    Hi bro, can I get her contact… ty

  32. Cheong says:

    Can anyone pls share ivy contact?

  33. Mike says:

    Pls share ctc no. My email address

  34. Cool man says:

    Ivy contact number please

  35. Aiden says:

    Bro , can you share ivy contact number for me. I need batin session . Thx

  36. Aiden says:

    Bro , can you share ivy contact number for me. I need batin session . Thx
    Email :

  37. awwie says:

    share contact please

  38. Hpfreak says:

    hi master..could you please share with me all the info? i Wish i could feel the same way u do too..

  39. Cuty says:

    is difficult to get a god batin, can share contact of her…TQ

  40. Amirbek says:

    Hi Master! Can you please share Ivy’s contact? tq

    My email:

  41. Permit says:

    Share her contact.

  42. Bkk says:

    Please share Ivy’s number

  43. Saint says:


    Pls.share with me her contact no

    I need good massage desperately..

    Many thanks..

  44. Amus says:

    Mind to share her contact 0138306238

  45. wong says:

    Can you share the contact with me?
    Or wechat id or any ids 🙂

  46. Monkey says:

    Bro can I get her contact number, wechat or anything? interested to try out her batin massage… email me at: thanks in advance.

  47. ronaldo says:

    pm me her no. and golden key

  48. Pukibutomak says:

    I have tried her treatment. And I’m happy with the results. I have fully recovered and my erection has bcome more harder and solid. Those want the Dr Ivy contact can pm me at (
    but there is a rules must be followed(set by Dr Ivy

  49. Pukibutomak says:

    The charges is different now.

  50. Pompom says:

    Hi brother. Can I have her contact?

  51. Johnny Tan says:


    Please share contact


  52. alex says:

    Pls share with me the good massage at kelana jaya Ms Ivy

  53. justakid says:

    Pls pm me the contact as well webmaster thanks

  54. seng says:

    plz pm me

  55. HK 79 says:

    Bro contact boleh … whatsapp 0122052887

  56. Jimmmmy says:

    Does anyone really got her number? Sometimes there r people who are really in need. Just asking. Can anyone confirm she exists at all?

  57. acer says:

    Please email me her contact number

  58. Arsen says:

    Please fwd me her number

  59. Sam says:


    Can i get her contact number? Drop her number in Thank you so much.

  60. acer says:

    Bro..share contact

  61. BrotherKit says:

    Hi bros,

    For anyone who is interested to see Dr Ivy for a batin session, just PM me at and I will help set up an appointment for you.


    • Sleven says:

      hi Brother Kit. Could you assist to set up an appointment with Dr Ivy. I lost her number a while ago and have no way t contact her. Do help. Thanks


  62. Alan says:

    Pls share her contact no. Tx

  63. Willy Ben Chen says:

    Kindly share contact

  64. Sleven says:

    Hi bro. Could you help out and please share Dr Ivy’s number pls. Thank you

  65. Johnny says:

    Pls. share her contact, is hard to get a good Batin now…Thanks

    my email –

  66. ronnie says:

    can i have her contact no

  67. Simon says:

    Can I have her contact?

  68. Rock says:

    Bro, pls share contact

  69. Fazz says:

    Can I have Ivy contact no.??email it to ..thanks!

  70. Lee says:

    please share contact. email


  71. James says:

    Can I have Ivy’s number? Thanks bro.

  72. Ravi says:

    Hi can I have Ivy’s no .. can pls email at… thanks

  73. kk says:

    pls share contact… bro needs to go on for service

  74. PL says:

    Please share contact bro.

  75. Wc says:

    Bro, can you please share boy’s contact?

  76. afee says:

    Please share contact. Thanks

  77. Kevin says:

    Can give her contact and location please

  78. Hiro says:

    Can share Ivy’s contact to


  79. Rey jay says:

    Please share her contact no. Tq

  80. andy says:

    please share her contact.
    thanks a million

  81. alan says:

    can share contact @ , thanks bro

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