PRC Yo Yo: Hidden Gem

PRC Yo Yo: Hidden Gem

Master: Ray

After encounter with Erma o was not satisfied..went to the Mp in DJ where Coco worked buts on vacation so ask OKT who available; seems  all girls gone back renew passport and only one girl holding the fort. I has seen her many times but never asked her service as Coco massage was very satisfying.

OKT then drop a bomb, this girl allow fj!

Since no release from Erna decided to try her out taking b2b package and if good go all the way.
Her name is Yo Yo PRC slim body height 160cm with b cup boobs. As usual start off massage; her skills are good! Only thing I cannot take is her constant chewing of gum for the whole session but not major issue with me. After doing body she light fingered around my butt sending tingling sensation to balls and anus area..good effort and making me think she may be worth the follow through later.

After that she took off her dress revealing her slim body and b cup boobs. I was smiling when she undress and she asked why…”dear I like what I see” and she smiled lol.  Then she starts b2b rubbing her body against my rear..good feel and start kissing randomly around my back. Next her hands lightly finger my butt area again and I turn around hug her. Started roaming  her body and boobs..soft with light brown areola looking tenting to suck which I did next…she moan a bit and I took my time just ducking them and tongue both tits.

I next put my hands down on her crotch area and she push it away but I was persistent and slowly touched her pussy area. Indicated I want her take off panty she shook her head but guess she was playing hard to get. She let me slide them off  to revealed a petite pussy with trim bush. I put my nose there and noted no smell.   Also her pussy by look still look tight and very virgin clean. Decided to daty her and she took it in stride allowing me to lick her clit and inner lips. She even arched her pelvis to allow me better access to the pussy; heavenly time doing her and she moan softly.

After 15 mins I cuddle her missionary style me on top..she play my dick and guide it to her hole in teasing manner like leaving you at the entrance and stroking my dick getting high. She allowed me to pretend penetrate her all the while playing along with my thrust and her hand massaging the dick. She spread her legs after a while and if I know better she wants to be fucked and offer me access to insert into it. I take it in stride but she never bring out cap and I don’t have one on hand so decided last minute don’t insert raw. By that time I was ready erect to go on. Roll my dick against the lips of her pussy and she moan and stretch her hand grabbing my tool to put it in. Just then my head went in past her pussy lips and she gasped. I pull out just than and my unloaded my cum outside her pubic area.

We clean up and she asked me to shower. What a great first time tryout with YoYo.

Name: YoYo
Age: mid to late 20s
Size: slim petite
Boobs: 32b estimate soft with large areola.
Pussy : trim bush and still tight no smell
Gfe: good no rush
Skin: fair
Daty: yes
Bj: unknown she rub baby oil on my dick but do casual hj.
Fk: no but light kiss to lips allowed and around ear lobes and neck.
Damage: RM 80 massage / hj
RM 120 b2b
RM 180 fj. Maybe got cap but byo in case brothers!
Wir :  yes
Contact okt for time being till I get her contact next round.

Location: Petaling Jaya
Category: PRC, OKT
Remark: She only serve Chinese

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12 Responses to “PRC Yo Yo: Hidden Gem”

  1. AA90 says:

    Bro may I know the massage center name and location? Thank you

  2. Bryan says:

    Bro,do you have Malay girl?

  3. Jason says:

    How to get contact and golden key?

  4. Tawnya says:

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  5. adam says:

    can share location pls??

  6. Ching says:

    Bro, may I know the MP name and location pls.

  7. Geniep says:

    Bro…i used to bang this chick too..she damm good la wei…i could tahan make out with her and alsO she do BJ so soft and lick my balls. Her pussy like u say still smell good like new. She also let me stroke around and finger her. But lik bit la.. Best part she Dry ride me..push her pussy lip ontop of my dick. Walao damm nice. Awesome exp. only downside was after i shower and kiss her passionately. Her next customer waiting ady. But i think she serve all kind of customer. The next guy look like lorry driver. 🙁 and look like a regular. Scared a lil since i make out with her kao kao and her pussy juice drip all over my dick.

  8. oilver says:

    bro can share location pls?

  9. adam says:

    This chick boobs saggy ady 🙁 but damm horny if u ask her to spit her chewing gum in ur mouth. Wild roam and caress..she the kind who likes to make love. The only thing is i think she got herpes. coz wen touch finger her pussy got like many pimples. She also no allow daty. But she got condom so we FJ quite hard and she easy to carry. as long as use condom i think wont get herpes from her.
    But what ever oso..very good girl!

  10. adam says:

    She bang indian and Malay oso..very nice one la..herpes maybe but i know many ML got herpes oso. 50% of world got herpes.

  11. John says:

    Lemme know how to contact

  12. James says:

    contact for yoyo Call selva 012 213 1996 chuah 019 3710048

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