Popiah B2B in Kota Damansara

Popiah B2B in Kota Damansara

Master: Ray

Hello bro,

Was heading to a chain massage center in kota damansara to get a rub after a hectic week but alas my regular lady Sa Sa was attending to another customer. Chanced upon this other outlet a block away which had a signage with a big reflexology neon footprint signage. The sign stated Pataya refexology. Took a walk up the flight of stairs and was met by a lady okt.

Asked what service and she mentioned only b2b type. Before I can reply she call the girls out to parade. Four of them on duty today. Three popiah and one bakso. I never tried popiah so picked the taller shapely girl.
She spoke some English so a plus for me. Her name was a-lan with demure smile. First she got me to undress than she she asked if I need shower but I decline since I had already did it before coming out. She excused herself to wash up. 
She politely ask me to lie on my front whereas she left the cubicle. She was back in a few minutes and she took off her towel and started with a basic massage naked! Woo first time getting preliminary rub by a named girl. Her skin terror smooth and her thighs rub against my legs in the massage. Asked her age and she responded 26, had a son aged 7 single mum.
After massage she asked if I wanted the bath b2b and yes I nodded. Led me to a shower cubicle with a air mattress. Similar to what ting ting of cheras offered but not so extravagant. Siaoed my body and used her body to glide up and down mind. Some minimal massaging if my didi in the process as well. Only thing I didn’t like was the semi darkened shower area. Some overhead light would had been good.
After cleaning up was led back to my cubicle where she allowed me to caress her body and touch her pussy. Alas no daty but can fj. Fondled her body kow  kow  to the extent she moaned when I licked her neckline. Within minutes mounted her after capping my didi. Pussy was tight and semi dry but she knew how to synchronize her pelvis with my thrust. Came within next few minutes ..heavenly feeling.
Cleaned up and was led to shower again to wash up. She washed my didi thoroughly and than washed her body and pussy as well.
Afterwards dressed up and paid okt.  Overall okt told me the girls rotated on monthly basis. She can SMS customers of new arrival if you leave your number behind.

Overall rating 6/10.

Name: A-lan 
Country Vietnam , ho chi Minh city.
Age 26
Boob 34b
Pussy trim bush
Daty not allowed
Gfe 7/10
Spoken mandarin and some broken English.
Wir  if new arrivals meet my criteria.
Damage MYR 148 for basic b2b of MYR 178 for shower b2b.
Note: save the miscellaneous cost and take basic b2b.


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    Hai dear I want book you when you free text me

  2. roy says:

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    Can I come today…..pls reply tq

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