Perfect BBBJ and CIM – PInoy ROSE

Perfect BBBJ and CIM – PInoy ROSE
Cheongster: Joe
Had an orgasm that friday night. Texted Rose and she replied. Went to that hotel in Pudu and to her room. She gladly invited me and chat for a while. Rose asked me to go for a shower and started some cold-water BBJ and ass sucking. her suction is damn powerful even with the warm water in her mouth. 
After the nice shower, went to the bed and started with a catbath at the back. Then licking my asshole while licking my balls at the same time. She was really good in those ass-licking and you will feel like you want to cum. 
Then started another BBJ with more suction power and twisting effect on my ‘Dong’ with all the watery saliva aroun it. Asked for a 69 and she gave. my turn to give some licking and sucking and inserting my tongue into her pussy and going forth and back and forth and back till she needs to stop sucking my ‘Dong” and mourn for pleasure. we did 69 for quite a while and told her to speed up her BBJ so I could cum in her mouth. And finally a loads of it into her mouth. She sucks every single drop of it.
Second round came with many positions. First was again BBJ for a short while then doggy style. It was hard-pounding sensation, then switch to missionary. Took a pillow and put it under her hips. This helps in making Rose more thrust and sensual. She was mourning and clinching her teeth. I could not stand her teeth clincing and asked her to changed to doggy style. She liked that style and was pounding it for long and I could hear the slapping of her soft smooth ass slamming toward my hips and I gave some slap on her ass to make her mourn for me. I was really on the move that night and withstood longer for my next cum. Then, changed into reverse cow-girl position and she was riding while sensually pressing her boobs. She told she could not last longer and wanted to stop as her was tired and had been quite long time not lasting so long. 
I told her to BBJ me till I cum and she did it with excitement. It was sensual and I cum for the last time. She took another massive loads into her mouth and sucking every single last drop of it. Went to shower and cleanse me. She gave some 100plus and some water to refresh. had a quick chat and took off.
Name: Rose
Race: Pinoy
Room: Included (Clean and safe)
Boobs: 5/10
BJ: 9/10
ASS: 9/10 
CIM: Yes
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  1. shiro says:

    can u pm me her location, thx, would like to try her out

  2. hamsapguy says:

    Hi dude,

    Pls share the contact.
    appreciate it a lot.

  3. banderas says:

    Share the contact pls

  4. shan says:

    bro, can you please share me rose contact?

  5. Zar says:

    Can you share Rose’s number please.

  6. Selangor guy says:

    Hi bro didi ithcy wanna try Rose pls email :

  7. zul says:

    Can you share Rose’s number please

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