Peggy – Next Door Hot Aunty

Peggy – Next Door Hot Aunty

Master: Stefen

Went to visit Peggy the Legendary MILF after seeing so many good reviews. Reached around 8pm, parked outside the apartment and walked in, pretty easy to find. When she opened the door, really look like those neighbour aunty that you see next door. We chatted quite abit over a cup of tea, she wasn’t very rushed.

After 15 minutes, she led me into the room, undressed and went to the toilet to wash up, the shower toilet had no doors, felt abit funny, but no worries as the place is completely private.

Back to the room and she started with cat bath + sucking all over my body, from the toes to the nipples, very sensual and arousing, my little brother was starting to get hard from this already. I was feeling her up, her skin is really smooth and soft, very surprising for someone of her age, and her ass was the bomb, dam tight like a young girl’s one. I complemented her on her cat bath skills, she mentioned that she trained a lot of Thai girls who works in MPs, back in the days when she was still active in the business, even Thai have to learn from her, no wonder her skills are second to none.

After roaming up and down my body with her kisses, she started on the main event and I can tell you that it is the best BBBJ that I’ve experienced in my whole life, no escort can even come near to her skills. She went from the head, slowly down the shaft to the balls, slurping all the way, she really knew how to stimulate the sensitive areas nicely. After few minutes cant tahan already and CIM. Then she went to wash up a bit and came back, continued with back massage.

Massage was quite ok, basic neck, shoulder and back, with some free roaming, i couldn’t stop grabbing her ass =p. Then after 10 minutes, she asked me to turn around, facing her while she massage my arms and hands. From there, somehow it went to 69 position, she asked whether want FJ or BBBJ, and I chose BBBJ again of course, was too good to pass.

Her pussy was clean shaven and was just like a young lady’s one, I wonder how she jaga her body so well. Licked and fingered her for a good 10 minutes while she moaned and worked on my little brother. Unloaded in her mouth after that, still in 69 position.

Washed up together after that, had another cup of tea and left. Overall very good experience, a MUST TRY!

Name: Peggy
Location: Puchong
Face: 6/10 if u like MILF
Body: 6/10 
Boobs: A
BBBJ: 9/10 
CIM: Yes
FJ: never try
Overall rating: 8/10
Damage: RM150
WIR: Yes, for BBBJ, really dam shit good!

Location: Puchong
Category: CKTMILF
Remark: She is MILF, not pretty face and sexy body. only for those like skill. She serve 1Malaysia!

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