Pearl Point GORGEOUS body – Yang Yang

Pearl Point GORGEOUS body – Yang Yang

Master: Jason

Just yesterday, get a room number from OKT lily, once reach Pearl Point Hotel, call OKT for the room number, of cause if you call OKT, they normally will provide a few room for you to “view glass”. 

Saw this PRC girl and I totally stunt.. Look at the Body. OMFG!!! GORGEOUS body.. 34 28 34 just from looking at it. DIDI so cant tahan.. go in without thinking.. 

Once inside, We had a ice breaking session where she ask me where am i working and bla bla bla… she ask me to take bath and she help me to unbutton my shirt.. OHH paradise.. she come near near me and help me unbutton and look into my eye.. like i am her husband.. 

IN the bathroom, she wash my didi and while washing it, she lick my nipple… OMFG!!! already rock hard at that time and she say “hao geng ar” which mean very powerful.. COME ON who would not if you lick man nipple when you are naked.. ONCE i done.. she ask me to go to bed first.. she want to clean up some more… 

ONCE in the BED action ON!!!! i laying down at the bed and she wearing the towel… and infront of me she pull out the towel and she sit on me… ask me ok mah? BOTH my mind, body sure okay lah!!! body wanted so much, brain already practically wan to cum… She still slowly slowly lick my nipple and go down and go down till my didi.. she hold on it and then suddenly suck it… 

OH SHIT>< and then slowly lick it as it she eating ice cream pong pong. About 5 min of BBJ she say ok liao.. then she help me cap... she cow girl me... not very wild cow girl.. been with more wild girl.. SHE took her time cause she say pain.. ofcause she quite small i mean the height around 152 maybe.. Pussy definitely SUPER tight due to mine above average size... After 10min cowgirl when to me top and CONTROL!!! 

hahaha… cannot tahan already.. pump like piston… she keep ask me to slow down.. which i did and TOP speed and she say man man lai.. I listen then ignore.. which make her moan like AHHH……. hmmm….(relieve) then AHH…. hmmm….(relieve) then AHH…. I pretty sure she cum at least once.. then… i also cannot tahan already… cum in the cap…  She enjoyed it so much that she ask me come back “ofcoz i will” after that chit chat then is time to “PIT” 

Name: Yang Yang
Face: 10/10,
Body :10/10 according to each preference
FJ : 7/10
CIM : DIDT ask
BBJ : 10/10
GFE : 10/10
Damage : 200 


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  1. Sam says:

    bro, can share contact? plz…011-28768928

  2. Dan says:

    contact number thank you

  3. theo says:

    contact number pls bro

  4. jon says:

    contact number pls

  5. Joe says:

    I want massage..can u give me the girl

  6. Joe says:

    Please share me the contact number

  7. Alvin says:

    Is this girl still at Pearl Point ? How do I contact her or the OKT ?

  8. sepon says:

    I need contact num plz

  9. Billy says:

    bro, can I have her contact no ?Please sent to thanks!

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