My test drive with LIN

My test drive with LIN

Master: broship

hi all. this is my first FR for LIN. i got her number from other webmaster and straight text and set an appointment.

after work on the day of appointment, i just go straight to her place. her place not so hard to find but the parking space is quite limited. maybe due to the area is industrial area and still in working hour. lucky me because i riding motorcycle on the day.

knock her house door and quite surprise. she kind of MILF but her cleavage, damn hot lor. cannot wait to put my didi between her tits. she invite me in and sit down at her hall. her place is nice and clean. its suitable for first time like me. lol. we chitchat little bit and i ask for bath before start our activity.

she join me bath and help me rub my back and my didi. my didi go to hard mode and she just smile, notty smile. after bath, she bring me to her massage room. her massage room is cozy with nice aircond’s temperature and big mirror at the room’s wall.

she start massaging my back. she good with massage and i really enjoy it. then she ask to turn. damn it, my didi so hard right now because she b2b me when do the massage. again she b2b me while massaging and i cannot tahan then i grab her tits. nice bro, so nice. firm with cute nipple. i rub her nipple and suck it. she moan and ask to keep it slow because her nipple is sensitive.

she just HJ my didi while i play with her tits. after awhile, i ask her to put my didi between her tits and BBBJ me. she turn and BBBJ my didi while i rub her abalone. around 5 minutes, i shot all my load to her mouth. she swallow it all. she massage my didi for awhile before i pay her.

Name: Lin
Race: Bakso MILF
Face: 6/10
Body: 8/10
Boobs: 9/10 (36D, maybe)
Moan: 8/10
GFE: 9/10
Overall: 7/10
Damage: RM 150 (need to add money to do more than massage dan batin)

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

A good evening with Xiao Qin milf(pic)

A good evening with Xiao Qin milf(pic)

Master: Vanzai

I got her contact from postmaster I contacted her with WhatsApp and ask her is this evening OK for her to service me ? She was reply fast and ask me what time will be and she said she not work so late. Then I told her I will be there about evening 6 . She told me OK . Then she tell me where is her apartment and how to go find her. Very fast the evening has come actually I really hope to see her because many of FR said that she really a nice milf.
After I reach to the apartment I call her and she let me in . Wah…. When she open the door and I saw the milf that I really like it and her look really like Japanese AV milf and the body is good. In my mind I thinking this is the milf I very love.

She invite me to go in the apartment and we have chit chat for awhile she very friendly. After awhile she bring me to go bath and she bath with me together. Wow… After she took of her clothes my litter brother can not tahan… Stand up !!! Really nice body and big boobs… She help me wash my body and slowly wash my litter brother for a 5 mins bath then we go to the bed and I start kiss her boobs and she BJ me. Her BJ really good and skillful. After my litter brother stand up again she put in the cap then start sit on top of me. After awhile we change position and I really fuck her hard until she was moaning very loud. After a few minutes I request her to CIM and she agreed . So she continue to suck my dick she really make me so enjoy suck until all my sperm cum in to her mouth. Really good ….
After we go wash up and clean together. Then we sit at the living and continue chit chat then awhile after pay her and go back.

Name: xiao qin
Location : cheras
Age : she don’t want to tell me (look like about 40)
Face : 8/10
Body : 8/10
Boobs: very nice and big 
BJ : 8/10
FJ : 8/10 No rush 
Damage : RM130 but I gave her 150
WIR : sure  

Location: Cheras
Category: PRC
Remark: Only serve Chinese

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This is one of my best times with MILF Devi

This is one of my best times with MILF Devi

Master : Faberoy 

I always met Devi at least once every month. Im one of her regulars and she is very fond of me. As usual lil bro was very itchy, called her and made appointment that night, 8pm.

I arrived at her place and for new guys, her apartment is runned down and the lift always on repair.

Went up, as usual she in a sexy dress kimono waiting for me . I went and asked for a cup of water. after sipping the water, caught her from the back and started molesting her big tits in the kitchen.

She was also horny and grabbed my lil bro. She sat down and started to open my jeans and straight away swallowed my dick. OMG what a feeling – having a milf sucking your lil bro in the kitchen.

I started to fuck her mouth and she was trying her best to swallow it every time i thrust. Her deep throat is the best.

She then told me cannot tahan ready brought me to the living room, capped me and started to cowgirl on the sofa.

Then reverse cowgirl, doggy and all the positions of kamasutra at the living hall. Finally i unload everything in her mouth and she was happy to swallow all.

We were so tired that we lay on the sofa hugging each other for the next 30 mins. Got up, cleaned myself, paid her and left a happy and satisfied man as always.

Name : DEVI
Age : 30+
Origin : Indian mix indonesian
Face : 6/10
Boobs : 6/10 ( saggy but huge)
CIM : yes
BJ : 10/10
FJ : 10/10
WIR : Yes
HURRY : Not at all
Damage : RM 200.00

Location: Old Klang Road
Category: IndianMILF
Remark: She is MILF, not pretty face and sexy body. only for those like skill. She is 1Malaysia.

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Great momemnt with petite Celine

Great momemnt with petite Celine

Master: zack

Got Celine contact from webmaster, straight away call her to make appointment. Went to hotel at Cheras area, booked and waiting for her to come. She knocked the door and my first impression was a little bit down as I wasn’t expecting such a petite lady.  Chit chat with her to break the ice and notice she is really chatty. She brought me to the toilet and cleaned up. Then we proceeded to handjob and blowjob. Surprisingly she was quite good with blowjob.  The BJ roughly tooks about 15-20 mins, as i’m not the type to cum fast when come to blowjob.

I strated to fxck her. She like faking her moaning and I dont really care as i continue fucking her real hard. Her pussy is warm and but not so tight. Really great and cannot stand while looking her body keep pumping with my didi. Change position to reverse cowgirl for 10mins then pump for another 5-10 mins, end up with doggie style and shoot my load.on her petite body.

Took a short rest and chatting with her while she keep on sucking my didi, My didi cant stand up anymore, so decided to clean up. Before i left, she mentioned that if i’m interested for threesome on next session. Of course i am! Definitely will coming back for threesome session next time haha. Paid her and left with a smile

Name: Celine
Age: 40+ (I guess)
Face : 6/10
Body: 6/10
Boobs: 6/10 (saggy)
BJ: 8/10
FJ: 8/10
Damage: RM200/shot

Location: Cheras
Category: CKT

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Devi massage legend

Devi massage legend

Master: Bruh

Got her contact from webmaster two years ago and have been visiting her sometimes but after a long break I messaged her for booking.

After that make appoinment after finish my work, straight away drive to her place.

Reach her place arround 10pm and sms tell her i already arrived.

For info her flat is abit dodgy la.

She knows me well that I’m a massage fan.

She greet me with kimono.

She serve me with halia drinks. It taste very nice and she said it could relief the pain. One thing, she is always passionate about her job. Just tell what u want and she will do accordingly.

She brought me to her room, undress me and started oil massage.

After a full back massage, she started her work, with her blowjob which the best i’ve ever had.

I grab her boob while she still giving a blowjob and i also try boobsjob.

She really know how to do proper batin. When almost finish, she ask whether I want to cum or not, I said yes. I asked her to apply more oil and climax the hand job slowly.

For Bro who like good massage and proper batin by big boob lady that quite pretty, Please do get her service. Devi is not only goddess for FJ Service but she’s equally legendary with massage and sorry guys I’m not a FJ Service fan.

Name: Devi
Face: I won’t rate it because u must rate her based on service only.
Body: busty
Pussy:  no smells
BJ: 10/10
FJ: –


Location: Old Klang Road
Category: IndianMILF
Remark: She is MILF, not pretty face and sexy body. only for those like skill. She is 1Malaysia.

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Maria the super milf(pic)

Maria the super milf(pic)

Master: Test me

Got Maria number from webmaster decided to msg her on the CNY eve and she said yes. I was excited to see her base on all the good reviews.

Park the car at the condo parking and went up straight to her unit. She opened the door and she was hiding behind the door with her sexy red lingerie. Oh man! She is petite with nice shape of body. Her condo is very cosy and renovated nicely with the western style. She direct me straight to her room and ask me to shower.
Then her action started by massaging my back.

She really use her knee to massage my back with the oil. All started after she ask me to turn. She started to cat bath me and often lick my ears during the process of making me horny. She has nice looking boobs and its too good to be real. I think she got her boob job because its hard and firm and i enjoyed every moment of licking and sucking her nipples. She have a verry smooth skin like  baby and she maintain her hygiene is superb.

She started to BJ my didi slowly and deeply. She really can deep throat guys especially mine when she said its big and she still can do it and not everyone is good in that. Without realising she capped my didi using her mouth. She is very skillfull. We started with the missionary, doggy and she rode my did before i cum. Overall it was a superb session.

Name: Maria
Race: CKT
Face: 8/10
Body: Petite
Boobs: 9/10
BBBJ: 10/10
FJ: 9/10
DATY: 10/10
CIM: Never try
Overall: 10/10
WIR: Yes
Damage: RM350

Location: Kuala Lumpur
Category: CKT

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Master: Brandon

After a long 1 year hiatus from the cheonging scene, i had the urge to let loose again when I received a Hi! On whatsapp from the legendary Lin bakso BC. I quickly set an appointment, ponteng my next meeting and rushed to her place.

Seeing the sensual lips greet me at the door got me real hard and we started off with me sipping mineral water on her couch and her rubbing my didi over my pants while doing small talk. Business isnt as it was so please support her more! She stripped off her top in the hall and claimed she was shy. We washed up in the bathroom and she kept claiming that my didi was “besar macam tangan”. Bet she says that to all her customers to boost our ego hahahhahahahaha.

I wasnt in the mood for anything more than her BBBJ and that was what we got into for the next 45 odd minits. I dont cum easily with BJ but this MILF was totally out of the universe. She sucked and sucked in all diff positions possible. Still the best ever. And i dont even need to talk about her boobs as all of u who read her other FRs will already know.

Long story short, she sucked me in the room with mirrors, then her living room then back to the massage room when i quicken the process by thrusting into her mouth in the same rhythm as she sucked. Mindblown and cumblown she swallowed every drop! We washed up and small talk and i made a bow after paying.

Still the best this Lin!

Name: Lin
Country: BAKSO
Fcae: 6/10
Body: 6/10
Boobs: 8/10
BBBJ: 10/10 (best ever for me)
FJ: not in the mood for this today but previous experiences-9/10
Damage: 150
Wir: whenever im in town

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

Starry evening with milf – Azura(pic)

Starry evening with milf – Azura(pic)

Master: Gene

I got the contact for this lady recently and message her asking free to meet or not. The first appointment had to be postponed to an hour later. She was so mad and began using curse words and kept asking why which i already explained earlier. Anyway just be cautious on timing and dont be late. Arrives at her place and waited at the lift for her to come down and bring me up. The unit is clean but the bed and sofa looks like years havent wash. It has smell but i dont mind that since i’m there for fun 1 hour only.

A little chit chat introduction and ahe offered drink which i politely refused. She asked to go into room and ask me to wash up while she wait outside. After that started to touch my body and moving down to didi. She said it is big which i think is bullshit talk. Startes to blow and 5 mins later ask me what package to take
I said the massage package only so she continue to blow and do some massage. She took her top off but did not take the bottom off.

The msaage was relaxing. I lay on my front and she continue to massage the back while her phone keep ringing. Maybe more customers. The job didnt seem rush and she ask me if i want to continue blow or handjob. I said handjob and she obliged to give it a few strokes before i cum. Overall it was an ok experience. Not really good service but not bad as well. Oh yeah that day she wasnt feeling too well after eating some durian so she couldnt talk much. I wash up and paid her. She said come again and i sjust smiled.

Name: azura
Age: 40 maybe
Boobs: big
Gif: 6/10
Bj: 6/10
Hj: 5/10
Wir: maybe
Price: 150

Location: Subang Jaya
Category: NL
Remark: Sorry, she only serve Malay and Chinese!!

Shakira NL One Hot FL(pic)

Shakira NL One Hot FL(pic)

Master: Ray

Greetings bro,

This is my first FR on this web. Got her wechat contact from webmaster. Add her on the spot & look into her moment and found out she is doing OD in KL.

Contact her & make an appointment somewhere in KL around afternoon. Meet her at lift lobby & she take me to her room. After go into her room, she wear her sexy dress. Walawei..sooo hot..then she bring me to take bath & help me with the shampoo. She really helpful.

Then we go to the bed, have some chit chat & start with bj. Quite some bj but not so hardcore. Then she cap me & go with cowgirl. After 10 minutes go to missionary & a few more style. She so superb. After about 30 minutes of freestyle, ask her to cap me off & HJ till load out.

Then she help me to take bath. Before going out give her a good bye kiss.

Name : Shakira
Race : NL
Age : 20’s
Face : 8/10 (cute face)
Body : 8.5/10 (petite type with b cup)
GFE : 9.5/10 (very high gfe, event when u talk with her, she will looking deep into ur eyes)
Damage : 250 for 1 hour 1 shot
WIR : absolutely YES‎

Location: KL 
Category: NL

* She only serve Malay and Chinese

Superb service from CKT MILF – Wendy

Superb service from CKT MILF – Wendy

Master: Mohd

On Tuesday whatapps Wendy to book for Friday Session. It’s good if you book her a day before the actual session. She replied and set time for 3PM. The hotel is on me. I normally book for 2 hours to get very relaxing session.

Check in into the room and wait for Wendy. Wendy is MILF age around 40++ but still maintain her figure and have size B firm Boob. She actually have full time job at spa which provide FJ but doing this to get extra money. After one hour wait Wendy knocked door.

Straight away she help me to remove the clothes and shower. Wendy remove her clothes, can see her solid boobs hanging around. Then we showered together, she washed me clean top to toe. Then she ask me to lie down and start massage. I ask for first shot with BBBJ, damn her BBBJ very good and I cum a lots. So now a bit calm. Wendy start the massage, she crack every bone in my body.

Good massage though. Today I requested a good massage. Few session last time I request for a relaxing sensual massage. Then comes BBBJ lick again like a pro. Damn good she is. Please experience yourself. Then comes b2b with a lot of oil .She use her boobs and ass very well. Nice cat bath even lick my asshole. I proceed with DATY, her moan quite loud. No smell and trimmed pubic hair.

Then comes the FJ, Caps me, she ride me on top first and moan like hell. Then I ride her, change to doggie and finished with missionary. After shower she massage me. Then we kissed and said goodbye.

For info, CD on her… The best thing is… when I open the door to meet her… She just dress like normal CKT, less make up… Not like ML at FJ Shop.

Name: Wendy
Place : Hotel
Face : 6/10 – Not that pretty but can la
Boobs : 7/10 (Full hand grab)
Massage : 10/10 – The best massage
DFK : 6/10 – Light kiss
DATY : 8/10 – Smell good
BBBJ : 8/10 – Suck like a pro
AR : 8/10 – Great
FJ : 10/10 –
GFE : 9/10
WIR : Definitely
Damage : RM250/hour

Location: Subang Jaya
Category: CKT

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