4 hands CKT of SENSUAL relaxation and happy endings!(pic)

4 hands CKT of SENSUAL relaxation and happy endings!(pic)

Master: Ray

Hello brothers. 

I had been visiting the 4 hands massage for the past 1 year and I would like to share their services with all of you.

4 hands consist of 2 MILF in their 40s who combined their  massage experience  to offer an unique and relaxing massage.

The 2 ladies are Cara and Mel coincidentally their name combine the word caramel!

They conduct their business from home and hence there’s privacy 😉.

The first time I encountered them was last November.

As the name suggests, you get a synchronised 4 hand sensual massage from the 2 ladies whom I had dubbed Cara as soft mistress and Mel is the hard mistress since their technique is different. Cara’s massage is soft and relaxed whereas Mel is hard press.

Each session is 1 hour no rush and the ending is a sensual batin which I like especially how they both will give you a tingling happy release.

You can also opt for a 2 hand massage by either them.

But best you take a 4 hands option to get the best way to enjoy a good session.

Please note the massage is strictly no transfer of fluids apart from your happy ending finale. 

After a while I have gotten to know and build up a good friendship with the 2 ladies. You need book them a minimum 1 day notice. 

Give it a try , you’ll not regret.

Attached some enticing photos of the 2 ladies.
Rating 9/10
Cara and Mel age 40+
Location PJ nearby Glo Damansara
4 hands RM 200
2 hands RM 150

Cara is the smaller MILF type body with nice 36 d chest
Mel is tall chubby body with 36 b chest.

Location: Petaling Jaya
Category: CKT

Elis C Cup Bakso USJ(pic)

Elis C Cup  Bakso USJ(pic)

Master: Richard

Bored at home, browsing through internet and come across Elis. Texted her and set appointments.

Location easy to find. Reached on time and was directed to her unit. Place is decent, a 2 bedroom apartment. Massage room had an aircon but not working.

Massage started from the back, lack of strength. After about 30 minutes, asked to turn over. She straight away tease my shaft. Ask what’s the package. Settled for BJ cos that day she red flag.

BJ was  normal, no deep throat or ball licking.

Name: Elis
Age : early 30.
Face : 5/10
Boobs : C size. Nice to fondle and suck.
Body : Slim
AR. Yes.
BBBJ : 5/10
DFK : No
GFE  6/10
Overall 6/10
Rush :No.
Damage : 150 for massage and BBJ.
WIR : Maybe.

Location: Subang Jaya, USJ
Category: NL

* Sorry, she only serve Chinese!

Devi: Reputation which lives up to her name

Devi: Reputation which lives up to her name

Master: BD

Devi is very known for her excellent skills in the art of pleasure, she enjoys it as much as she enjoys giving it. FJ and BJ, an. Hence, be polite and she will take care of your desires (very sweet by nature). Trust me when I say being polite and mindful has it perks when it comes to her.

Anyway, thanks to admin for the number, I contacted Devi and went to her place at OKL. She was very accommodating and she assured my comfort. Her massage was ok but it was done with lots of care and i didn’t feel the 2 hours went by. 

When it came to my batin massage, she had a very kinky smile. She said she loved my cock n she snapped her red bra off  immediately. She then grabbed my didi and started licking my nipple. However, she does know how to get u excited with her moan and body. However, I didn’t opt for FJ as it is my first time with her but she has huge breast and it was solid plus bouncy. *Her moan is the best

Her service has a personal touch which is tailored to your comfort, which many modern service providers lack today. Overall experience, I loved it and I will definitely go again, that is just for her massage.

*massage lasted more thn 2 hours and she was not rushing it at all

Name: Devi
Age: 36+
Race: Bakso Indian MILF
Height: 5 ft 3
Figure: 6/10
Boobs: Just the right size of big 
Pussy: Shaven
Damage: RM150 urut with manja2
WIR: Yes, cause her massage is so n so but good care for customer and other service plus mmg horny by nature

Location: Old Klang Road
Category: IndianMILF
Remark: She is MILF, not pretty face and sexy body. only for those like skill. She is 1Malaysia.

CKT Eunice Bukit Jalil (pic)

This is a Chinese FR report of Eunice, if you can read Chinese, please click following link:

还会抱着你kiss你的本地妹 – Eunice (图)

Diana Bakso fair skin MILF masseur(pic)

Diana Bakso fair skin MILF masseur(pic)

Master: Raymond

As promised here is the other fr I promised.

Obtain her contact details from a buddy who asked me to test the waters before he decides since I am such a lover of milf and painting pussy.

Made an appointment Saturday afternoon. Was delayed getting to her location as there was the usual congestion on usj1 where she stays…

Arrived late and text / call her but she didn’t reply after waiting 10 mins. Got piss cos she ffk me and drove home. Not even 3 minutes crawling in the return trip in the congestion she calls and ask where was I!

Asked me turn around and since it was less than a km away I said ok since it’s easier to u turn at the traffic lights ahead.  

Arrived parked my car and took the elevator to her floor. Knocked on the door and a petite fair complexion lady greeted me. She apologized as the walk in customer insisted on getting a massage asap.  Can understand since time is money for her. She advised me to call/ text  her if any delays next time so she’ll wait and not take in a walking in customer.

Inside the massage room with a bed and a mattress she asked me to wash up and handled me a towel
Once in the room she took off her dress to reveal a nice pair of breast and ass in the undies.  She massaged me then and we got chatted about many things under the sun.  Her massage overall is good, just the right bland of relaxed massage after a hard day’s work type. 

Upon completion she asked me turn around and started to take off her undies.  Breast still firm and pussy has a natural trim bush.

Standard sop 
She straddles me to batin massage the dick and I in return give her breast a good feeling, she smiles back.

Her breast size 34c with nipples of younger girl small sized.

Next she allows free n easy for me to paint her pussy,no smell and lips look nice. I like to give coatings of painting but alas she can only tahan 2 minutes 😌… Sadly didn’t meet my paintings experience.  But I think other brothers will appreciate her skills.

Next did a missionary with her and finished up.

Name: Diana (NL)
Massage 7/10 for good relaxing 
GFE 8/10
Body MILF fair skin with 34c breast 
Nice ass
Pussy trim pubes and nice lips
BJ didn’t request
Damage RM 200 for massage + sex
Wir: maybe when around the neighborhood

Location: Subang Jaya, USJ
Category: NL

Awesome GFE Nini Bakso(pic)

Awesome GFE Nini Bakso(pic)

Master: Raymond

She was introduced by a buddy and he gave me permission to write a fr on her.

I’m always on the lookout for a good massage and while chatting with this buddy he mentioned about Nini, a bakso lady who works as a masseuse.

Chatted with her on WhatsApp to make my first appointment. From what I can gather from him she gives a good massage followed by extra specialist ☺️ items like batin and body petting.  My buddy hinted she likes a good paint job on the pussy!

Made an appointment on a Sunday morning before traffic builds up in her area located in USJ. parked my car and proceeded to the meeting area.

She stays in a condo nearby and it was convenient.  First time I saw her I was sure she was good; she got a sizable breast 34D which was prominent even when wearing a loose T shirt!

In her apartment she asked me to undress but before that she gave me a passionate hug and kiss and I let go..

I returned her feelings, caressing her ass which was fleshy and nice grip. She starts to oan softly and it’s like music to my ears; she’s enjoying my move  yeah!

She asked if I wanted a massage and I said I think next round la 

One thing led to another.  I took off her t-shirt revealing her black bra which was unhinged easily. Next her pants and she didn’t wear any panties! We hug and caress for another few minutes before I started with her breasts sucking on her tit left and right ones..moaning increases and her eyes are closed in desire ha ha!  Next got her lie on the bed and I started to paint her pussy..she enjoys and in the end I made her orgasm 3 times..she even squirted while I was tongue fucking her clitoris and her labia!

Saw her eyes roll up when she orgasm and that was sight to behold as her body convulsed in excitement.
took more than an hour but it was a win win for me and her.

Asked if I can fuck her and she whispered thats extra…ahh this was just a minor delay,  I wanted to go the whole 9 yards.

When I plugged her pussy the moaning started again, pussy real moist and warm. came and we cleaned up.

She later texted my friend and said I was great, thanks for the compliments.

Name: Nini, Bakso 
Age 30
Height 155cm
Body; somewhat like Lara but meatier.
Breast 34D
Nice meaty ass
Pussy semi shaved and meaty , part her lips to paint her clitoris
GFE absolute 10 in my books
Damage: RM200 massage and good body GFE HJ; for sex RM350
BJ: sorry didn’t ask

Note: she FL in home mornings 9-11+ and 12-9pm in a massage centre located in PJ. But she cannot give max service in the centre; too much attention to her moans of pleasure!

Location: Subang Jaya, USJ
Category: NL
Remark: She is 1Malaysia for all brothers

HEAVEN blowjob CKT Ah Ling

Damn deep throat of Ah Ling CKT

Master: Joschua

Got contact from webmaster and set appointment with her. Straightforward and said price straight i like 

Went to meet up with her and steady la she there dy. She look like office lady and friendly. Most friendly FR imo out of so many i try. 

Started with washing whole body wow she very clean. Wash butt clean all parts. Very experienced also.

Then ask me do dog pose. At first im like ??, then she start lick my asshole. Fuish good. Then tongue fuck me and i start feeling like heaven 

After that she deepthroat me, she can go damn deep and make gagging sound. Didi steam even more. Then try different pose and cap then fuck. 

After few mins then cum. Wash up and then say bye. She v friendly and treat you like bf but depends if you like that or not 

Name: Ah Ling

Ethnicity: CKT


Boobs: Saggy but nice to play 

Height : 150++ 

Body: auntie body so up your preference 

Damage: RM 150

Location: Kepong
Category: CKT

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Lara NL 36 D cups with hot moist pussy(pic)

Lara NL 36 D cups with hot moist pussy(pic)

Master: Ray

Made first contact with her a year + ago and made trips to see her a couple of times.

She’s aged below 30, pleasant personality and has one of the nicest pair of boobs a guy can ask for. Supple and tender and she loves a good suck on them.

When we meet it’s like going for a sex spa, my usual start up is a no rush long term petting caressing her body while she still has her undies on and slowly undressing her while she starts to warm up to my touch and kiss all over her body.

My last stop is her pussy, still has a decent pubic mound with excess to those juicy lips hidden which she’ll moan slowly and work up a tempo.  No time limit for my feast of her pussy since I’m a pussy painter at best.

Occasionally she’ll give a BJ when requested but most times I’m already so horny I pop a cap and enter her hot moist pussy and watch out her moan during the first thrust inside!

Her session usually is one hour one shot but after being a regular I go overtime 😉.

I usually see her in the evenings and her apartment block has ample parking. It’s also discreet IMHO.

Please treat her well. She will normally vet her new found friends requests by post of recent selfie photo and ask for the fee before commencing the good time session. 

Name: Lara 
Ethnicity: NL
Age: 28
Boobs: 36 D with light brown areola.
Height : 150cm estimate
Body: was slim but now chubby due to MCO 😙; I like chubby!
Damage: RM 400

Location: Shah Alam
Category: NL

Moaning like the Japanese porn star – Devi

Moaning like the Japanese porn star – Devi

Master: Bala

This is my first time using cheongster’s service and my first FR after being serviced by Devi.

I messaged immediately her the moment I got devi number from webmaster, and she replied me after 2 days as she told me she was so busy. Got excited ady.

I made an appointment with her on Saturday afternoon.

Drive all the way to her apartment at OKR. The place was really bad with improper parking everywhere. And my bad luck, the lift was not working, shit I took stairs to her house floor. She kept her house in clean and tidy condition even though the apartment sucks

She was waiting at the door as I already called her when I reach her house floor.

She was wearing a black colour shower robe which made me kinda excited as it looks like in a porn vid. Being tired as I took stairs, I sat at the sofa first waiting for her to lock the doors. Then she came sat beside me asking why I’m sweating, explained to her about the shitty lift. Looking at her exposed 36D really made my didi turn wild. After a 5min irrelevant talk, she starts to caress me. She holds my hands and rub my chest. Getting naughty, I start to molest her boobs and nipple.  

I really hope to play it slowly and not to rush into the scene immediately. It’s good she was not rushing too. And then her hand reaches my didi and massaging it. I start to squeeze her boobs and remove her shower robe. I sucked her boobs and she has big areola. Knowing that I’m already in the mood, she unbuttons my pant and take out my didi. She played with my didi so excitingly and I’m getting to the peak.

I ask her to stand up and I molest her boobs from behind, she was moaning and really make me excited. I slap her butt and she loved it too as she asking for more. She then pull me in front the big mirror and knees down. She start with a deep throat BJ and it feels so amazing. And then hearing the choking sound makes me more excited and the BJ session went on for a about 10min. I was just holding my loads not to come out. I hold back of her head and make sure my didi fully immersed inside her mouth. Could see her face was just craving for a didi and she suck it nonstop.

And then she wake up and said ‘Fuck me”. Oh man, immediately took out my condom and wore it on my didi. Then she show me the room to fuck her. My game started with doggy style because many FR says that she loves doggy style. Inserted my didi slowly and could feel the pleasure, even she moaned nonstop. At the same time, my hands keep on squeezing her boobs. Her ass is superb for doggy style. So I started to slap her ass while FK. Then change to missionary style, she was just keep on moaning like the Japanese pornstar.

After spurting, took rest like about 30min. Need to get back my driving force.

While resting on bed she was playing with my balls and rubbing my didi.

Had some dirty chit chat about her sex lifestyle and she asked me whether I want another round.

I said I just want her to BJ me and I want to cum in her mouth, instantly her face become happy and we start again.

After 5min I spurt inside her mouth, she suck it up vigorously!!

She really gave me the gf feeling coz she doesn’t rush at all.

Finally she asked me to take bath as I feel it’s enough and after that sit for a while at sofa.

Some final random chat and I made my move back home happily having been served by blowjob queen.

Name: DEVI
Originate: Indon
Area: Old Klang Road
Face: 5/10
Body: 6/10 (Chubby and a bit short)
Boobs: 8.5/10 (So Fluffy)
FK: Superb Hardcore
Pussy: Never try. 
BBJ: 9/10
WIR : Sure will go again
Damage: RM150

Location: Old Klang Road
Category: IndianMILF
Remark: She is MILF, not pretty face and sexy body. only for those like skill. She is 1Malaysia.

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FR for Liza Milf(pic)

FR for Liza Milf(pic)

Master: MAA

Name: Liza
Area : Rawang/Sg buloh
Age: Around 40
Race : Malay
Height : 165cm
Face: 6/10
Body: 7/10
Boobs: 8/10
Pussy: 9/10 (shaved clean
BBBJ: 10/10
CIM : Na
DFK : Na
FJ: 8/10
Moan : Yes
GFE: Yes
WIR: Yes
Damage: RM 300 (include hotel & cd)

Location: Sungai Buloh , Rawang
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

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