A Pleasurable First time – Devi

A Pleasurable First time – Devi

Master: Caustic

After years of reading Devi’s FR, I have decided to try for the first time. This is my first time having the experience. It was mind blowing for me. 

The place might look a little dodgy and the parking might be a hassle do mind that. On that day the lift didn’t work, had to take a flight of stairs but hey at least it tested my stamina. 

She already unlock the door and waiting for me. All the tiredness are gone when i saw that the legendary Devi is already waiting for me with her uniform. She ask me to rest a little bit first and offered me a glass of water.

After enough of rest, she sat beside me and chatted with me while her hand was slowly touching my shoulders and gently held the back of my head and guided me to her Melons. It was amazing! For the first time in my life I have felt those boobs. I started to nibble it she was moaning with the flow as well. That turned me on. 

After that, I went to the washroom to prepare myself. When I came out of the bathroom she was tying her hair and preparing herself, I hugged from her back and started kissing and nibbling her neck.
She then told me to lie down and enjoy the massage. She had the perfect pressure for massage started with the back and ended with the legs. Not to mention that she massaged my cock and pointed out the nerves which I never knew before she even thought me how to maintain the tool well. 

Then, she started to blow job my cock. Her skill is the best among the best. That is all that i can admit. After that’s done, I returned her the favour. I asked her to lie down and I did DATY. She moaned and had an orgasm. From that moment my bro couldn’t tahan already went on with a missionary, cowgirl and finally I cummed while doing the post coitus position. 

After that, i rest a while. Then go to the bathroom to clean up everything. Had a chat with her for a while then paid and left. 

Name : Devi
Age : around 40 i think
Duration : 1 Hour
Damage : RM200
Face : 5/10
Body : 6/10
Boobs : 9/10
Ass : 5/10
Pussy : 7/10 (Clean)
BBBJ : 9/10 (Loves to suck cock)
Overall: 8/10

Location: Old Klang Road
Category: IndianMILF
Remark: She is MILF, not pretty face and sexy body. only for those like skill. She is 1Malaysia.

Experience with Next Door MILF CKT – Connie

Experience with Next Door MILF CKT – Connie

Master: Qin

Got her contact from webmaster.
Date her , and the location is at puchong. 

Once I reach the hotel, she will inform the room no. 
Was worrying how she look like before meeting her.

Luckily she looks okay, kinda like a next door lookalike milf. Not bad not bad. 
She is a bit shy at the beginning.

As usual, after some chit chat session I took off all the clothes and we start the massage session, surprisingly she is really good in massage. 

She rubs and massage my back for first 30 minutes, and It was good and normal. Things change she started to rub my inner thigh with a delicate touching and  go slowly to the inner thigh and start rubbing my balls. I got erected straight away. When she ask me turnaround, my little brother already become elder brother and she looks shy on it. 

Ans then after the relaxing massage, finally we enter the main topic. Start to helping her took off all the clothes. She is having a nice body shape, for me just nice… i put my hands on her breast and start seducing her. And her start putting her hands on my liitle brother. Slowly I put my finger on her wet pussy and start my fingerings kung-fu. 

The ways she moans softly and pussy start getting wet really make me wanna ride her hard. It is warmie feel when my little brother entered her little sister. Enjoy riding her in missionary position until we sweat a lots and finally we cummed when reach to the climax and after this I have a warm shower and have little more chit chat before leaving. 

Definitely will date again.

Name: Connie
Race: CKT
Sex: 7/10 
Return: of course 
Payment:200 including massage

Location: Puchong
Category: CKT
* She only serve Chinese, sorry other bros

Wild BJ Lin

Wild BJ Lin

Master: Suresh

Read here that Lin not doing FJ from 2019 but not true. Not seen her for a while so in between MCO slipped in a visit. She said business very bad and hardly any customers for a while. She still looks good with her sizable boobs and luscious lips. Still at the same place near Batu Caves. Her place is very clean. 

Got there in the afternoon and started with a massage. Really good deep back rub first with baby oil that makes you high. Then the turn around for the main massage. Asked her to strip but she said ‘tunggu dulu’. Frontal massage was great as she rubs the groin area and rubs the balls. 

Then as you lil bro stands in attention she goes to wash up and came back with nothing on and her C cups bouncing. Asked her to sit by the bed and sucked on her tits while she stroked my didi. After few minutes she asked ‘nak Lin hisap ke?’ That is one question no man has ever said no to. Her bj skills are a different level and as good as before. She devours your dick like Dewi with slurps. I could not tahan and asked to stop before I exploded. 

Asked her to cap me and ride my hard rod and she willingly obliged. She really rode it hard and ground her hips while I squeezed her big tits and sucked on them. Not so much into DFK so let that go. Then told her to get on her knees to doggie. Small ass but jiggly still. Slapped that ass as I rammed her until ready to unload. Asked her to bj again and after about 10 minutes shot my load in her mouth. She readily swallowed every drop and kept on sucking. 

What a climax. Lay in bed for a few minutes and went for shower with her soaping me all over. Got dressed and said goodbye till the next time.

Name: Lin
Race: Bakso
Age: late 30s
Body: 6.5
Face: 6
Boob: 7.5
Pussy: shaved no smell
BJ: 9
Massage: 7
WIR: yes
Overall: 7.5
Damage: 150 + 50 (MCO Bantuan)

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

FR for real Massage & Urut Batin – Angel

FR for real Massage & Urut Batin – Angel

Master: Azam

Feeling horny that day, so i decided to ask mr.google for nearby Massage Parlour that can satisfy my needs.

Luckily, got this contact at the place is nearby. After few chit chat through whataps, made an appointment with her at 3pm.

Rush from office to her easy find place. She scan my temperature as SOP and then ask me to sit on sofa. Then, she start with soak your foot with hot detox water. Very nice and calming. After have a cup of tea, she then ask to enter one of the room.

She from Sabah and very friendly. Look like mid 40’s lady. She will ask for the money first as her precaution. Paid her RM100 as i choose to have a nice massage with batin.

Her massage is really good as i found the pressure (not like piano massage)..She begin massaging my back, shoulder and head. Then she will jump on you and use her knee. Painful but really relieving. I complain for my shoulder pain due to my sport injury and she concentrate on that. As result, my shoulder not pain anymore. She say my body have so much “angin”.

Then she ask me to turn around and start massaging my hand and thigh. My didi arouse as her hand touch & rub my inner thigh. After finish, we will inform that she will start “batin”. I smile abit. She massage my didi and tell that my didi “sejuk”. She stroke and i nearly cum early but i try to tahan. She ask want to unload or keep for my GF. I say unload here and she start stroking faster until I unload all my soldier at her hand.

She wipe my didi and remind that I must not bath for at least 30min. 

Name : Angel (baby)
Race : Sabahan Malay
Age : 40’s
Face : 7/10
Boobs : 8/10 (big)
Pussy : Afraid to ask
GFE : 9/10
WIR : For a real massage. YES
Damage : RM100.
Location : Mentari Court Sunway
Category : All races

Location: Sunway ,
Category: NL

Her skills like very new and shy CKT 20yrs – Hanna(pic)

Her skills like very new and shy CKT 20yrs – Hanna(pic)

Master: Future

Get her contact from webmaster, whatsapp her made appointment. When arrived at location, parking is like hell (next sunway pyramid mall) have some Grandma story at a cafe nearby. Took a hotel (motel) nearby with walking distance. 

Ones in room, I jumped in to clean my self up first follow by her. After showed she started off with BBJ. (Her skills like very new, shy)

After BBJ she cap me and cowgirl for some time before change it to missionary. Try kissing DFK but she decline… (Maybe me no handsom) and doggy her… Her ass is nice… Maybe u could give it a slap or two while doggy her…. Halfway doggy her, I AR her ass… Lick her asshole, could see she enjoyed it but too shy to meow it out loud. 

After some time back to missionary and shot it out…. 

Date: 2021 MARCH

Name: Hanna
Age: 20
Race: Local Chinese (CKT)
Height: 155-160
Weight: 48-55KG
Figure: Soso Slim
Face: Soso
Boobs: B (nipples still very nice)
Pussy: Bushy small jungle
Skills: Little 
DFK: Nope
Pussy Licking: Yes
Anal: No
Video recording: Definitely I’m sure is No.
Damage: 300 (room is on you)

Location: Sunway , or other area at Klang Valley
Category: CKT
*Remark: She is serve Chinese and Malay ONLY!!!

Nice to hold boobs – MILF Diana(pic)

Nice to hold boobs – MILF Diana(pic)

Master: Adam

This happened one day before MCO 2.0 happened, so I was damn lucky lol. 
Like always, feeling horny, and since it was my offday, why not leh. Webmaster share Diana contact, I whatsapp’d her and she replied within the hour. Settled the deets for 7PM, and I zoom off to her area. Nice and big parking space but entry to her condo a bit susah, so I just gave fake name and number at guard house. 

Went to her unit, and she opened the door. First thought was haih, not as pretty as I hoped. She really look like next door Indon aunty in glasses. I am ok with MILF, but this look a bit GILF, and Im not into that. But nvm, brothers here say her service is good so I powered through. Chat with her a bit about pricing (she say 170 for full package, but my boner was raging very hard that day and I asked for 2 shots, but never specified how – she said nvm, see if I can tahan 2 shots or not).

She led me to bathroom where I can shower solo. I entered the bedroom – which was clean, no bed, but a thick mattress on the floor. Laid on my back for massage. Her massage was very good; she targeted all my joints and I had to tahan pain a few times. While she massaged me, we talked quite a lot. She’s very hesitant about taking new customers unless someone (like webmaster) intro. She said once someone she trusts intro, she can trust the person. The reason why she very cautious is because she experienced customers robbing and hurting her many times, so bros, be nice to whoever you’re bonking out there. These ladies just cari makan, no need to be mean or rough with them. 

After the massage, she ask me to turn around and proceed to slowly devour my little man – and this is when I realise even though she is not hot lady, she is very very skillful. For the first shot she finished me off with a skillful batin – she didn’t think I would be up for Round 2 but when my lil bro rose again, she was very impressed and asked how I wanted to do it. I asked first if she do AR – she said no. I was confused as brothers here mention she do AR – but nvm. I capped and played with her young-looking boobs. Her nipples were so perfect and nice to suck on. For 40+ year old, her pussy was fresh as fuck – and I came after she rode me for a couple of minutes. 

After cleaning and shower, she said RM200 was fine – but i gave her all the money I had in my wallet – RM220 lol. Left her place very happy and satisfied. Disappointed with her looks, but service damn onz. Recommend if you don’t mind aunty/granny look. 

Name: Diana
Face: 5/10 (good morning, aunty)
Body: 6/10 (bit chubby)
Boobs: 9/10 (its amazing how her boobs dont fit the rest of her body – not saggy, nice to hold and not too big – they look like they belong on a 25+ year old girl)
Pussy: 8/10 
Massage : 9/10 
Catbath : N/A
AR : no? Idk y, maybe she think my butt is smelly lol
BBBJ: 10/10
DFK : nah
FJ: 7/10 
Moan : no moans, looks like she tahan to make voice, which makes it real for me
GFE: feels like you and your aunt finally gave in to forbidden desire…
WIR: if super horny and no other choice
Damage: MYR220

Location: Subang Jaya, USJ
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

BBW Goddess Melissa boobjob(pic)

BBW Goddess Melissa boobjob(pic)

Master: Kumar

I just recently had the opportunity to visit, Melissa,  BBW goddess with amazing massage skills. 

Got her contact with one of my friend and decided to call her up. First time clients have a make a small booking fee before visiting. After payment was made, she sent her location and I was there in an hour. 

Rang her doorbell, and immediately my brother stood up after seeing her. She was super friendly and made me feel comfortable as a first time client. Chatted up for a while, and proceeded to take my clothes off. 

She gave such an amazing massage and the chats were also phenomenal. Then she asked me to turn around and the fun really began. Oh god, the sight of her boobs were just to die for, they were bigger than my head. She proceeded to massage my didi and asked if I’m rushing or want it sensual. Of course I’m going with sensual. 

Then sucking began, and she let me play and kiss her boobs. Then came the boobjob, can feel how heavy they are the moment she placed them on my didi, hehe. I couldn’t tahan anymore, so ended up exploding over those massive things. Cleaned myself up and paid her. We chatted for another 10 mins or so before I left.

Name: Melissa
Face: 7/10
Race: Punjabi Indian
Area: Bandar Puchong Jaya
Body: 8/10 (for BBW lovers)
Boobs: 9/10
BJ: 8/10
WIR: Definitely
Damage: 250

Location: Puchong
Category: Indian

CNY bonus, fxxk 175cm Celebrity – Evon(pic)

CNY bonus, fxxk 175cm Celebrity – Evon(pic)

Master: Future

Before Jan MCO was dam busy …Earn earn earn as many as possible for CNY. So wanted to f…. Better f…. something good n pretty….(CNY bonus for myself) 

After some texting made appointment with Evon’s agent, the day have arrive, meet at hotel lobby…. Ask agent to arrange hotel too… 

Meeted her lobby, and brings her up to my room… 

Ones in room, took off mask…. Wow really same as pictures. We have some grandma story…And card playing (大弟) just to ice breaking… 

The person who lost will be piece by piece takes off …(I have 8-9hours leh…😋) after few rounds of it she left with her bra n pantry… Is dam shiok to see her 😍

Offer my self to clean up first as gentleman, once i comes out from shower room, could see her nice assests 😘😘. After she out from shower room… Time to start the real game….hehehe 

She started off with BJ for me…. Ask her keen down while I’m standing… Halfway she BJ me and I deep throat her …  and continue for the first round… Doggy, cowgirl… About 30 minutes… I pop out lah…

Clean up.. and we decided ask for room service dinner. After dinner had movie, grandma story….Etc 
As time passes by very fast…. Is time for round 2.. this round we doing it doggy against window, sofa, chair…. 

For almost an hour, I f…. Could see her pussy looks a bit swollen… pitty her…. Gentleman of me, just asked hand job for me will do… after I pop out… Takes a nap for both of us while my hand still on boobs. 

We sleep around 2am, she get up info me she going back… Passed her some tips. Time goes by so fast been 8hours …

Date: 2021 Feb
Age: 25-26
Race: Local Chinese mix Angmo
Height: 172-175cm
Weight: 50-53kg
Figure: Slim
Face: Pretty
Boobs: C
Pussy: Well shave.
DFK: Nope
Pussy Licking: Yes
Anal: No
Video recording: Definitely I’m sure is No.
Damage: overnight 7000 (7k) 8-9hours 2shoot, for 1shoot I think around 5k+ gua… 

Location: Kuala Lumpur
Category: CKT , Model

The joyful meeting with NL Erin [Happy Ending]

The joyful meeting with NL Erin [Happy Ending]

Master: Gan

I got her number from webmaster. Since, I always have this curiosity to try a NL for a long time but I didn’t had any contacts of NL. Luckily and thankfully I got a NL’s number. 

I texted her a day after in the evening after I got her contact. After two hours, she replied me and let me know the operating time of the massage shop that she works. When I asked her “only batin ke?” and she said “cite kat kedai”. Damnnnn. This spiked my hormones and I knew that I’m gonna be high on dopamine. After that, I booked my session with her straight away. Drive to here in Bt.Caves.

I was late as usual making myself as a typical Malaysian as you guys know!!! Hihihihihi…. Once reached here place I called her and she guide me to her place via whatsapp. First impression on her was that she’s a MILF and I knew that she’s in her early 30’s. She greeted me and guided me into the room. I paid for the massage session first at the counter. 

After that, I undressed myself, and laid on the mattress. She begin the massage session. While the massage session was going on I chit chatted her and get to know about her exact age and etc. She massaged my back first, and then legs followed by my arms. After completing the back massage; she said “pusing”. 

With excitement I turned over. She continued to massage my legs and thighs. The moment of truth that I was waiting for came as she asked me “nk extra tk?” I asked what she offers as extra and she said that she’ll get half naked for RM50 and full naked for RM100. Without hesitating I said “buka atas & bawah laa”. She asked me to pay first and I did it straight away. She started to undress one by one, first her shirt then her shorts. ‘KABOOM’ two C cup melons where hanging out as she took of her bra. She came and sat beside me and let me play with her saggy melons. 

Finally, a dream of having fun with a NL comes true. I licked it and sucked it as she moans softly at some points as she was caring on handjob session. Then, she started the batin session which was painful. Urghhh…

During the batin session she asked me “awak nak main dgn saya tk?” It hit me up!!! I said yes of course I want…. She said that would cost me another extra RM100 and I agreed for that and paid straight away as she requested.

She slide down her panties and she removed it. Then, she reach her bag and grabbed a condom and she made my didi hard with handjob as I fingered her warm pussy. She capped me on and she requested for missionary and I was okay with it. Slowly inserted my didi as her warm pussy welcomed my didi in her and she said “slow slow ahhh I dah 2 minggu tk kene”. 

Well, after fully inserted I banged her as I wished. After reaching the climax point I released my soldiers in her with capped on. Then, she asked me to rest as she massaged my legs and arms. I was still holding her juicy melons and playing with her nipples. After few minutes as the massage session was over, I went and cleaned myself. Dressed up and all set to go with a satisfaction of tasting a NL.

I will go for her again in the upcoming times.

Name: Erin
Race: NL Malay
Age: 31
Face: 6.5/10
Body: 6/10 – MILF
Boobs: 7/10 – C cup/ Moderately Saggy
Pussy: Nicely shaved and warm
Batin: 9/10 – Although it was painful it was done as how it should be done it actual way.
Massage: 8/10
WIR: Yes
Overall: 8/10 (For her massage + batin + extra)
Damage: 100 for massage (200 for extra)

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She serve all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

Devi legendary cocks sucker

Devi legendary cocks sucker

Master: Muhamad

After get his contact from webmaster, i have no times to schedule for an appoinment with her. Only 2 days later, suddenly cock dont want to sleep. Msg her to arrange and she replied with the location of her place.

After park at her apartment at Old Klang Road, i messaged her to tell that i reached. Because of i went there during peak hour, lift of the apartment are very crowded. Decided to take a stair. Damn tired and sweaty once reach her unit.

She already unlock the door and waiting for me. All the tiredness are gone when i saw that our  legendary Devi is already waiting for me with her uniform. She ask me to rest a little bit first and offered me a glass of water.

After enough of rest, i go to the bathroom to prepare myself and then enter the room. Here she is ready and asked me to lie down. She started to massage me. After that, she start to play with my cock. This time my cock already feel like want to blow.

Then, she started to blow job my cock. Her skill is the best among the best. That is all that i can admit. I feel like to cum and asked her to stop and start to FJ. She capped me and we go with doggy first and ended with missionary. I cummed inside her.

After that, i rest a while. Then go to the bathroom to clean up everything. Then i pay her and say good bye and received a good bye kiss from her.

Name : Devi
Age : around 40 i think
Duration : 45 min
Damage : RM200
Face : 4/10
Body : 4/10
Boobs : 9/10
Ass : 4/10
Pussy : 5/10 (Clean)
BBBJ : 9/10 (Loves to suck cock)
Overall: 6/10

Location: Old Klang Road
Category: IndianMILF
Remark: She is MILF, not pretty face and sexy body. only for those like skill. She is 1Malaysia.

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