D cup moaning juicy NL – Jenny(pic)

D cup moaning juicy NL – Jenny(pic)

Master: Alvin

Massage Jenny on a Saturday night and was a bit horny that day. Then went to the hotel she asked to come to. Then at the hotel, I knocked on the door and I was a bit excited. 

First impressions were that she looked chubby and cute. Went in and was greeted nicely. We started chit chatting and she started teasing me and my didi. She then grabbed it and winked at me. Waaaah I steam edy. 

After that we went and entered the bathroom for shower and I started rabaraba her big titties and she give that small moan. Then I fingered her a bit and she said “wah wanna start here is it” I was like wahhh but then I prefer bed more comfortable and nice.

Then she brought me out by pulling on my didi and I sat on the bed and she started sucking me. I felt like my soul was leaving my body. She started twisting my nipples here and there. Then she pushed me and climbed on me and she pusing and did 69. 

Her pussy didn’t smell. Then she capped me and we started with doggy style, my fav. When fucking I started grabbing her big juicy tits and hear her moan. Then after that, we change to missionary. She started moaning even harder and this is the best because her facial expression memang syiok. 

Then after that I said let’s do doggy because I wanted to feel and hold her hair, and after that I release my seeds in to her.

My body started pulsating and I was like released. We hugged and she asked me to come back for seconds next time. I gave her a good hug and ciaoed. 

Name: Jenny
Age: Early 30s
Race: Nasi Lemak
Height: 150
Figure: Chubby and cute
Boobs: D cups
Pussy: Well shave
DFK: Nope
Pussy Licking: Yes
CIM: Didn’t ask
Damage: RM 250

Location: Subang Jaya , Shah Alam, Pudu
Category: NL
*Remark: She is 1Malaysia, will serve all brothers

Wonderful Massage and Batin with Zara

Wonderful Massage and Batin with Zara

Master: Pal

Recently felt to get a body massage from NL, so requested for Zara NL. Got the number and whatsapp her. She replied after few hours. 

Fyi, she like when ppl WhatsApp her instead of calling her. Set up appointment with her and went to her house which is in shop lot. Parking as usual, need to find one at shop lot row. 

Before that, she will usually tell only massage in WhatsApp.. anything extra you should ask her during the session which she feel safer than to text in phone. Took complete massage session but sadly she don’t provide b2b. She stays with her housemate apparently and once you step in to her house , she will bring you to her room. 

Once inside her room, she will ask to open your dress and you may opt to shower yourself if you want to. During the massage session she do it gently and if you talk to frankly, then will try to tease your balls and that time you may request her a bit extra; open her shirt. 

She don’t provide fj and no bj. Throughout the whole massage session she will keep teasing your cock until it get really aroused. Once you turn around and there I started molesting her and rubbing her body everywhere. 

She will allow you kiss her boobs and insert your hand into her pants. It was so good feeling , her boobs quite nice I’d tell. She will talk to you friendly if you if you treat good. 

End of the session she will sit on you and do hj. There you go I shoot mine, the She even waited for some time and do 2nd round of hj. Then I washed myself as she’s preparing for next customer. 

She said next time can give French kiss if I come again. Overall it was a good session for a light day service. 

Name: Zara
Originate: Indon 
Area: Shop PJ
Face: 7/10
Body: 7/10 
Boobs: 8.5/10 (So Fluffy)
Pussy: Never try. 
GFE: 8/10 
WIR : Sure will go again
Damage: RM120

Location: Sri Manja flat / shop parking+UG parking 

*** She & her NL flatmate have 4hands. Have not tried yet. In the list.

Location: Petaling Jaya , Old Klang Road
Category: NL

Devi with her pro suction skills!

Devi with her pro suction skills!

Master: Anan

SMS Devi, a few days back to set a date. Got reply and went on the appointed time. Reach her apartment, looks old. Parking is outside.

Knock on her door and as what others side, she was wearing a trademark black lace nighties and her ample boobs is shown.

Chit chat with her awhile and drink some water. After shower, she lead me to her room where the action starts.

So, I had a short massage with her, and my stick start to get aroused as well. Ask, if she do Batin, and she said YES.

Proceed with Batin where she has a unique style. She will ask to spread the leg and sit in between. The hands are soft as she stroke it but the best part is the Balls. She has a way with it, while your stick is firm but you don’t feel like to cum. Just hard and get totally aroused. The balls part where she just moves her hands around it hard to describe the pleasure. 

She will ask, want to cum or not, of course NO. Then proceed with a few more stroke and massage of the stick until your semen comes.

I ask her to finish of with her pro suction skills. She will swallow it all, and do not take your stick just out yet. Waited until all sucked and just felt the pleasure burst out!. Yummy, will return again for the Batin and suction.

Grab her boobs and start sucking, she seems to enjoy it. After a while, my tool start to perk and I let her do her thing which she does best..deep blow job. Was fantastic and when about to cum, I stopped her. Then continue with 69, and she seem to like it and keep on saying don’t stop.

The did missionary style, begin to pump into her thick cunt. then did cow girl, she jumps like crazy, then finish off with doggy style. I off my load facing her cute ass. She oblige to lick and suck what is remaining on my still hard tool. Overall a enjoyable experience.

Name: Devi
Race : Indian
Face : milf TYPE
DATY : No smell
BJ : 9/10
Damage : RM 150
Treat her with respect and can expect more
WIR : Yes.

Location: Old Klang Road
Category: IndianMILF
Remark: She is MILF, not pretty face and sexy body. only for those like skill. She is 1Malaysia.

Abang nak Elly pakai tudung tak? (pic)

Abang nak Elly pakai tudung tak? (pic)

Master: Alvin

Met Elly after work and so tired sial. but still had the motivation to go and see her. Once arrived in Subang I waited for her text and entered the hotel room. Once I enter, I saw a small, short but had BIG assets of woman. 

My little brother started getting hard but I asked to relax for a bit. After that I went and relaxed and talk to her and we chatted for nearly about 15 mins. During that time, while chatting I started getting handsy and started rubbing her assets, sial my small bro become big bro edy. Then we entered the shower and we started rubbing each other. Then she started rubbing my didi and then she visited him. 

After that soapy bath, we continued to the bed to do the deed. She started buy rubbing my cock to make it hard, then she gave me bj and we wrestled a while (her tongue wrestle with my didi). After that she capped me and then we started fucking, then she asked in an erotic voice “Abang nak Elly pakai tudung tak??” and I was like fuck yes and then she wore her tudung and my dick was harder than before. 

Then I inserted my large rod in and then first, we started with missionary then we continued to doggy style and the she said “abang I nak panjat” so we switch to cowgirl and then she fucking cummed then I more excited and I turned her and put her in the doggy style position and then I released my little soldiers in her and my body felt so fucking hot,

We laid down on the bed and we chit chatted for 20 mins while I played with her boobs. I cleaned up and then I kissed her good bye and left. 

Name: Elly
Age: 29
Race: Nasi Lemak
Height: 155 – 150
Weight: 45-50kg
Figure: Slim
Face: Pretty
Boobs: C cup
Pussy: Well shave
DFK: Nope
Pussy Licking: Yes
CIM: No but COB got
Damage: RM 300

Location: Subang Jaya
Category: NL

Unforgettable time with Shobana(pic)

Unforgettable time with Shobana(pic)

Master: Sathis

I wanted to try sensual massage for a very long time. So, eventually,i got contact from friend. I ended up choosing Shobana local professional masseur. 

Her place cozy and worth every penny. I was waiting at the room when she arrived,my first impression was that she looked cute. We both undressed then we went to shower. She gave me a good bath from top to bottom. Her english was okay. 

She said i was her first customer that day because it was a weekend and it rained very heavily that day. She noticed I was very nervous and figured out it was my first time there. Her massage was great. She kept teasing my ass throughout the massage session .She followed it with B2B. The feeling of her giving catbathing and the feel of her nipples at my crotch, balls and dick was a blessing. 

She then gave a BBBJ, she even sucked my balls. My dick immediately keras. She put on the cd and started to ride me. Damn, that feeling was simply amazing. After few minutes, we changed into missionary. 

The view of her face as she was trying to cover her mouth as she was moaning gave me more POWER. I fxcked her hard and slow. We changed to reverse cowgirl, I grabbed her ass as she rode me. I couln’t hold it as I pancut into the cd. 

She wiped my dick and said for a first timer I was doing great. I actually had lots of thing in mind but due to being nervous just let her to lead. So, couldn’t try DATY and DFK.

NAME- Shobana
RACE- Indian
AGE- 30
FACE-6/10(Average looking with makeup)
BODY-7/10(A bit meaty but I like woman like that)
BOOBS-6/10(A bit saggy but nice feel when hold, ORI)
B2B-7/10(My first experience so it felt great)
BJ-7/10(Once again my first experience)
DATY-(Didnt try coz too nervous)
DFK-(Too nervous, dun judge me. Its my first time)
GFE-8/10(Very playful, always smiling, good communication)
OVERALL-7/10(Couldnt DATY and DFK)
Damage: From RM 350 – RM 500, depend what package u take

Only pre-book is acceptable

Location: Puchong
Category: Indian

Squeeze your dick BBBJ – NL Emalia

Squeeze your dick BBBJ  – NL Emalia

Master: Feifei soha
Got the contact from a webmaster about Emalia. Whatsapp her and arranged an appointment with her.

Headed to a hotel in Pudu as told by her. Told to go up and a lady in tight dress opened the door. Not really pretty face, but ok. Body is good. 

Took a shower and she was aside, had a small talk. later on, proceeded to handjob and blowjob. Her blowjob not bad, got suction power, and she squeeze your dick from time to time. 

After some time spending BJ, we proceeded to FJ. Piap-piap her and she moaned softly. Pussy quite warm, and still have griping power. For some reason unknown, little didi not in mood. end up having another small talk, then took shower and end the session. After some talk, i realized that she’s a MILF.

Name: Emalia (NL)
Boobs: 7/10
Pussy: 8/10
BJ: 7/10
FJ: 8/10
Damage: Rm300
WIR: Maybe or maybe not

Location: Pudu
Category: NL
*Remark: She is 1Malaysia, will serve all brothers

Happy Moment with C cup Beautician- JC (pic)

Happy Moment with C cup Beautician- JC (pic)

Master: Sam

Asked my regular agent any big boobs girl available or not during CMCO.

Agent sent me a picture of a SYT locally chinese wit C cup confirm. But only during daytime, as evening might be have many roadblocks around so it might not be convenient. 

Set appointment with agent, date and time. 

When the date arrived, waited out side hotel for her arrival, ask agent sent me a picture of her dress wearing, so I could confirm her. ( Our SOP 😀 ) about 10-15 minutes a girl same as dress walked up to me. Chatted for few minutes and we checked in hotel. 

Ones in room, we sat down have some light chatting…. from MCO, RMCO, CMCO…..etc…. She works as a beautician. So we start off with shower lah as normally. Ones she took off her bra… Holly cow …Her (  .  )(  .  ) is huge. 

After shower she gives BJ, as I’m laying on bed, tells her do it sideways so I could play play her boobs. 

After sometimes she BJ me, my dick is standing strong, and asked her can I tits fxxk her ? Since her boobs is huge… ( We know lah not every girl can do it if they boobs is small ) 

Overall she is a nice girl worth money spent.

Date: 2020 Oct
Name: JC (young SYT)
Age: 22-23
Race: Local Chinese
Height: 155-160cm 
Weight: 50-55kg
Figure: Chubby
Face: LengLui
Boobs: C 
Pussy: Well shave.
DFK: Nope
Pussy Licking: Yes
CIM: Not sure, u needs to ask her.
Anal: I think not, but u could try your luck.
Video recording: Definitely I’m sure is No.
Damage: RM 2,300

Location: Kuala Lumpur
Category: CKT

Sharon CKT : Lovely, Pleasant and Worthwhile (pic)

Sharon CKT : Lovely, Pleasant and Worthwhile (pic)

Master : Danny
Sharon is very known for her excellent skills in back massages and body. Hence, be polite and she will take care of your desires (very sweet by nature). 

Anyway, thanks to admin for the number, I contacted Sharon and went to her place at Sri Petaling. She was very accommodating and she assured my comfort. Her massage was good but it was done with lots of care and i didn’t feel the 1.5 hours went by. She made sure she tend to my back sores and gave it a good massage. I really enjoyed her massage. 

When it came to my batin massage, her hands were very kinky. She moved it along my ass and thigh and made sure it was erected. She giggled and said my cock likes her. As she went to dim the lights, I stood up to put my phone away and she immediately grabbed my cock and stroked it with a smile, saying “syok ke ?” 

I could not respond and the blood flow was just going down there. She then asked if I want batin, I said ok. She then grabbed and stroked my cock and started licking my nipple. However, she does know how to get u excited with her moan and body. 

She started to hug me and took a slow time to stroke my cock, I didn’t opt for FJ cause its my first time with her. 

After the handjob, she gave me a hug while stroking my ass, asking me to come another time.

Overall experience, I loved it and I will definitely go again, that is just for her massage.
*massage lasted for 1.5 hours and she was not rushing it at all

Name: Sharon
Age: 40+
Race: Chinese
Height: 5 ft 4
Figure: 7/10
Boobs: Just the right size, not to big 
Pussy: Shaven
Damage: RM100 for urut for 1.5 hours, 50 for handjob and playing with breast. She does FJ but its extra RM150 for it.
WIR: Yes, cause her massage is good and she care for customer and other service 

Location: Sri Petaling
Category: CKT

D cup breast swinging action with Kim Vietnamese (pic)

D cup breast swinging action with Kim Vietnamese (pic)

Master: Amor

Headed down to KL. The location is in near the city center. 

Saw her and saw she had big boobs. I like big boobs. Negotiated a price . 

The area is not so clean but the room is nice and clean. She has long dark hair and okay complexion. Her boobs were big a little saggy but I like saggy breasts bouncy maybe D. She is very professional and clean. I pay her first then. She helps takes off my clothes and we proceed to shower. 

She cleans every part of my body. Then she uses her hands to clean my didi very slowly and stare right into my eyes. Then proceed to bed room after she dry me off. She gives me an okay massage from the back some light conversation. 

She doesn’t speak English all too well but her malay is okay. If anyone can speak Chinese maybe she can speak. I can’t speak Chinese. 

She asks me to turn gives a little B2b action. Play with her breast and sucks me. Then puts on a proceeds to ride me like a cowgirl and watch her breast bounce is stunning on of my favourite positions. 

Then quickly to doggy for some breast swinging action. Then finally switch to missionary squeezing and licking her breast will I blast out. Then finally I shower and helps wash me off. Off I go.

Name: Kim 
Age: 35
Race: Vietnam Milf body
Height: 5’3”
Boobs: 9/10

Location: Pudu
Category: Vietnamese Girl
Remark: She is 1Malaysia

My lovely Pinoy MILF – Kyla(pic)

My lovely Pinoy MILF – Kyla(pic)

Master: Puvan

Get number from webmaster. I texted here she was fully booked and suddenly she text me back tat one customer didn’t make it. So u knw hw lucky ur tat time. 

She was at one hotel near Bukit Bintang. So i went ter. So she told me to wait at lobby. 

Then she came out frm the lift. Waaaahhh tight jeans n v neck tshirt till cn see her her cleavage. 
She bring me to her room. 

Then she undress me n suddenly grab my didi wit a horny look. She drag me to bath. 

She push me on bed n she swallow my didi. I was like on heaven. She ask me lets do 69. I was ok Wit it. Then i licked her pussy n it become wet so fast. 

Aftr one round. Both slept beside n talking. She pull my hand n put on her pussy to show me our wet she is. Then goes second round. Then had bath n talk to her n went back. She is damn friendly 

Date: 2020 September 
Name:  Kyla
Age: milf type
Race: Pinoy
Height: 160-165cm 
Weight: 45-50kg
Figure: curvy
Face: Pretty
Boobs: i dont knw the size. But its big trust me
Pussy: Well shave.
DFK: if u didnt smoke. She will kiss u
Pussy Licking: heaven
CIM: Not sure, u needs to ask her.
Damage : RM 300

*** Actually tonight she at Kuantan, tomorrow Cherating, she go around Malaysia, you can wait till she come to your town, haha

Location: Bukit Bintang
Category: Philippine Girl
Remark: She is 1Malaysia

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