Now everyone can cheong safely – Aki

Now everyone can cheong safely – Aki

Master: Khairul

I better share this FR with bros while I have the still the high feeling after yesterday.
Saw on CS that this FL was given a PS on the day that I was available. Msg her and she was prompt in her reply. Date and time was set.

Arrived at the hotel on time and msg her. Got the room number and went straight up. When she opened the door, she looks like what she is in her photo and plus with nice big smile. We chatted awhile to break the ice. We undressed and showered together. Got a surprised BBBJ from her at the end of shower in the bathroom. That’s was really nice. Dried up and went to bed and chatted briefly while her hand roam over my dick and playing playfully,. Then she went down and gave me a sensual BBBJ. My hands was also roaming over her firm body. Continue roam and played with her pointed nipples and moving down and fingering her pussy. 

I told her to turn around as I also wanted to taste her pussy. We did 69 for a while. We stopped and she said teasingly that my dick was real hard and like KL tower. LOL. She capped me… and sat on me and rode CG. Dam shiok to see her face expression. She was moaning as she rode and humping on me. Could see that she was tired, Told her to stopped and wanted to give her a good licking. She turned around and I spread her legs wide open and I went down and gave her a nice long licking. I could see that she was moaning non-stop and I believe she would have cum many times or even climax (she was actually shivering). In between licking her, I would go on top her and missionary her slow and fast. Doggie her. I kept this doing this for a few time; lick and missionary till I could not hold back and shot my load on CD.

We showered and hugged in the shower. When I got out from the shower my dick was already getting semi hard. While standing, she sat on the bed and started to give me another BBBJ, Got hard, capped me, I made her lie down on the edge of the bed and spread her legs, I fucked her again. She was again moaning and moaning this time (she was actually grabbing the bedsheet. Not sure she was aware she did that), till I shot my 2nd load. By then I was already exhausted. It was a nearly 1 hour non stop fuck session. We cleaned up and chatted briefly, paid her and gave a hug and kiss on her cheek before I left.
It was of my best FL session I had till now and she was indeed GFE quality if you click with her. I would definitely look for her if she is in town again.

Jane, msg me ahead of time if you are near my area, I would definitely make time for another session or even sessions with you. Thx!

Name: Aki
Race: CKT
Age : Early 30
Height : 167 cm
Weight: approx 59kg
Duration : 1 hour
Damage : RM300 (unlimited shots) inclusive hotel and CD’s
Open to: NL & CKT only
Master / Handler : Self
Face : 8/10
Body : 8/10 (firm and tan)
Boobs : 8/10 a B cup with pointed nipples
Ass : 9/10 lovely for doggie
Pussy 9/10 (nice clean camel toe like. No smell. Lovely to lick)
MSJ : 0/10
HJ : 0/10
CB : 0/10
CBJ : 0/10
BBBJ : 10/10
CIM : Disallow
CAS : Disallow
DFK : 10/10
DATY : 10/10 (tasty… cant get enough of it)
AR : Disallow
ANAL : Disallow
MOAN : Y (very sensual moan. At time can be loud you hit her at right spot)
GFE : 9/10 (friendly and chatty; guess we have common topics)
FJ : 10/10 (still tight)
WIR : Definitely will
OVERALL : 9/10

Location: Selangor and KL
Category: CKT
*Remark: She will serve CKT and NL brothers ONLY

She licks my balls like enjoying ice cream – Lin

She licks my balls like enjoying ice cream – Lin

Master: John

It was such a long day from work, and need some massage. Read through the blog and noted this FR regarding Lin from Batu Cave. Hence wanted to give it a try.

Got the contact from webmaster

Texted her right away, no reply and thought she not working.
Texted her the next day and she replied. Book with her at night time and she gave me the location.
Drove to her place and i guess its due to night time hence not so difficult to get parking.
Slowly walked to her apartment as per instructed.

First impression….not really my type (for the face), but as per other brother’s report she is very friendly.
She invited me in and served me a bottle mineral water and we talked about current COVID situation.
Subsequently she showed me to her room. 

She asked me to get undressed and she showered me, she even helped me to dry my body.
Once in the room she asked ” nak minyak panas atau baby oil” , i opted for baby oil as i remembered one of the brother said if minyak panas then she wont give BJ.

The massage session started with the back. To my own opinion the massage was just ok, as she rubbed my body very hard…but overall was ok.

After massaging for almost 40mins , i was wondering when will the BJ or FJ session started. I couldn’t wait anymore and i asked her does she provide BJ or FJ. Then she only replied , nowadays she hardly do FJ only BJ and HJ.

Then she asked whether did i bring condom , i told that i didnt bring as i thought she is doing FJ and should have condom with her. In the end opted for BJ

She went to shower and rinse her mouth and came back with the slutty look.  The BJ session started. You can see her greatest assets, her two huge melons soft and firm and jiggly too….she started with sucking my little brother slow and smooth to arouse it. She kept on saying she likes my little brother. She licks from your base of penis until the head with her tongue twisting and slurping with it..

She uses her tongue to lick my balls as well, she’s like enjoying an ice cream.
When im about to cum, she gave me a deep throat and CIM, she swallowed all my cum and she still sucking it despite i cum.

after that we went to shower together. 
Paid her and left.

** She said if she doesn’t reply message, just send another message again and she will try to reply ASAP

as for FJ it depends …and bring your own condom if you want to try your luck.
She also mentioned if first time visit customer, best to tell her at the beginning of the session what you wish for (eg 1 shot or 2 shots)

Name: Lin
Race: Bakso MILF
Face: 5/10 
Massage: 7/10
Body: 7/10 
Boobs: 8/10 (Her greatest assets)
Pussy: didn’t explore
GFE: 8/10
Overall: 8/10
Damage: RM 200
WIR: Maybe (for FJ maybe)

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

Delicious Vietnamese Honey(pic)

Delicious Vietnamese Honey(pic)

Master: BEN

Had Honey contact long time ago. Was nearby her place and little bro itchy. 

Immediately whatsapp her she replied cause afternooon not so busy. Reached her place quite private looks like she rented a room inlanded house. Greet her and rush to her room upstairs. 

I was horny that day so started groping her tities and planted my kisses on her lip. After 5mins we strip and took shower. She bj me in the shower it was sensual. Dried up and start action on the bed. Did 69 with intermittent DFK. Made her cum durin DATY. 

She said lets do it , slid my dong into CD started pumping her in missionary while squeezing and sucking her titites. Was able to hit her G-spot she started moaning really loud. Got tired told her to take control – cowgirl. She has this style of clamping down on the mushroom almost shoot. 

Pushed her down and switched to doggie. Went slow then fast. Honestly from rear looked like a hot chick. Ass had nice cushion. Room filled with piak2 sound and her moan. Did for about good 10 mins while playing while rubbing her clit. Still couldnt cun changed to lotus position. Non stop DFK and tit sucking. Final back to doggie slow and deep thrust – made her cum again. Sigh still couldnt make myself cum. She offered to BJ and tit fuck. 

Finally offload she took like a champ but didnt swallow. Cleaned up gave a good hug and left.

Name: Honey
Origin: popiah
Age: Late 30s
Language : Broken english
Face: 6/10 passable milf but a bit like moon surface
Body: 7/10 petite, well-maintained no tummy
Skin: fair and soft
Boobs: 8/10 perky tits B with just the right amount of sag. Small pinky nipples. Handful.
Pussy: 8/10 pinky, yummy
Ass: 7/10 nice
BBBJ: 6/10 not much suction , a lot of tongue play & ball sucking
DATY: 8/10 very wet. Made her cum with tongue fuck and clit stimulation.
DFK: 8/10 a lot of tongue play even saliva exchange. Maybe she likes young stud like me.
HJ : 6/10 nothing to speak about.
FJ: 9/10 tried many positions no complain.
GFE: 9/10 pleasant experience, no rushing.Felt like having affair with neighbours wife.
Moan : 8/10 ok
Damage: RM200
WIR : Yes but want to try others first.

Remark: She is 1Malaysia

Putry – the answer to your demands(pic)

Putry – the answer to your demands(pic)

Master: Bruh

Got the contact from webmaster who told me she is the best when it comes to personalised service.
So contacted her during a weekend and quick reply, she said can. She is staying in a popular AirBnb apartment in KL.

After the usual process (parking, taking lift etc), finally reached her unit. A big house for her alone.
First look, she is a milf in her 40’s maybe and got a huge rack and busty-sized. Nice face also
Turns out she is a Filipino but has been residing in Msia for a very long period. So her malay and english is very good and she’s very friendly as well.

Proceeded with shower. She will shower you and she will help you clean your body. You can do your part as well which I conveniently did by rubbing her body in return and she will enjoy it. She is a person who won’t say no to anything. (Of course, treat her with care).

Moving on, she starts her massage from the back and her massage was actually good and she knows where to apply pressure and where to tease.I was already turn on at this point. Soon after, she asked me to turn around n starts massaging the front part of my body. Again she continued her professional way of massaging until she went to my groin. 

She teased that part a lot in the beginning and she gave me a BJ. Blowjob goes slow, then fast, then slow again. She will change position after a while. She also allows to fondle her ass and boob. After a while when the feeling comes, I CIM while holding her head until the ejaculation end.After that I went for a quick shower and clean up.

After the clean up, she offered me a coffee. Paid her and she would hug and kiss you before you left. Overall no rushing and no restrictions. If you’re done paying, anything and everything for you. That’s her concept. 

Name: Putry
Age: 40’s
Body: 6/10 Busty and tall
Boobs: Firm and quite big haha
Pussy: well shaved and clean (but im not a FK kinda person, so didnt try)
Look: 6/10 Milf
Ass: 9/10, the perfect ass i tell u
HJ: 10/10
GFE: 10/10
Damage: RM250 1hr/ if 2 hr, RM400 (she gives FK service as well)
WIR: Anytime always on
*venue: Regalia residency KL

Location: Kuala Lumpur
Category: Pinoy
Remark: She is 1Malaysia for all brothers

40E BIG boobs Sabrina Shah Alam(pic)

40E BIG boobs Sabrina Shah Alam(pic)

Master: Joe

Got the contact from webmaster and he told me that “you’re gonna try her if you like BOOBS.” Since i’m a boobs lover, how can i miss that.

Whatsapp her and knowing she’s a part time FL, got the reply on the second that and manage to make appointment on that day.

Follow the location given and instruction to go to her unit. First impression is WOW. That pair of boobs is really huge and bounching. NO JOKE.

She told me to put my belonging, shirts and pants at the basket provided (SOP). Had some conversation and found out she is a nurse. No wonder, hygience comes first.

Without wasting anymore time, i took a quick shower. She asked me to lie down and she took off her dress. OMG, you will love her if you are a BBW lover.

I started to play with her boobs, lick and suck gently. She moaned a little, then she asked me to stand up and gave me a BJ. She might be cool at the first. Warm her up a bit.

I asked if i can kiss her and she said yes. Started with some gentle lips kissing. I really tak boleh tahan, Grab her huge big boobs and french kissed her. Firm and nice. 

Started off with missionary. She finger herself while i banging her. I can feel the juice and just can’t stop the action. I just can’t stop kissing her.

Until she requested doggie and said “fxck me hard”. 

Grabbing and rubbing her boobs and banging like no tomorrow. I bet she likes it fast and hard (but not the hardcore harsh one).

“Sedap sedap sedap, fxck me harder” till i release my army.

She’s definiely a genuine person and just cool abit. Had some conversation after the shower and say bye bye. Will visit her again for sure.

PS: She’s a part time FL. If no reply from her, she might be busy with her job. Just try whatsapp her another time.

Name: Sabrina (Sabahan)
Age: 25
Height: 165++
Face: 8/10
Body: Chubby 9/10 (if you like chubby)
Boobs: 40E (i think bigger than that, probably F cup)
Daty: No 
FJ: 8/10 (no rush, it’s fun if you can stimulate and trigger her well)
Damage: 200/shot 

Location: Shah Alam
Category: NL
Remark: She serves Malay and Chinese ONLY

Black lingerie Kelly massage(pic)

Black lingerie Kelly massage(pic)

Master: Kamal

Feel horny and decided to book for Kelly (almost every 3-4 month once contacted her). Meet her around 930pm on Tuesday night at a Hotel in Damansara. She gives the room number once I arrive and snap the picture of the outside hotel and then I will quickly go to her room.

Its already at least few meet up between us, so this time around she is already in the black lingerie when i enter the room. My didi still cannot resist the temptation and easily get erected. 

Quickly approach her and give a friendly kiss while my hands slowly touch her boobs and butt. haha still big and firm. I enjoy touching both boobs and kissing them. 

Start the session, she started by giving b2b at my back with good thai massage. Later turn infront of my body, she use her big boobs to massage my body and put in between my dick to it. I continuously also kiss the boobs and fingering her pussy. I ask if he will allow me to F**k her, but she still refuse, no luck so far.

After a while, she massage my didi with her hand while she on top of me. Cannot tahan already after about 15 minutes, I ejaculated.

Clean myself in the shower. Then Kelly said maybe next time she will allow me to F**k her. Definitely a point for me to come back, or her point to attract me again..

But I do feel satisfied with the service and the paid money..

Name: Kelly
Race: local chinese (CKT)
Face: 8/10
Body:7/10 (slim)
Boobs: 9/10 firmed and tight
BBBJ: not try
CIM: not try
GFE: 7/10
Moaning : Soft
Damage: 300 for b2b and handjob

Location: Petaling Jaya Damansara Uptown
Category: CKT
*Remark: She is 1Malaysia, will serve all brothers

Slowly made you indulge Batin – Ira

Slowly made you indulge Batin – Ira

Master: Ahmad

It happened last march before PKP2.0. I had a job to do at KL. Actually i wanna have B2B massage at a parlour near seri kembangan but the shop has been closed (i think). As i got her contact for webmaster and quickly set the appointment with her.

The response was quick and actually the responder is not her. her friends @ operator. Set the appointment and went to her house. easy to locate. as i arrived, she told me her level and unit. Go to her unit, and she let me in. Straight to the massage room. very dimmed like no light at all. I undress and wait for he to massage.

Overall massage is okay. She pressed on the point. As she massaged, she also teased your didi. She not afraid to teased him. After back massaged, she asked me to flip to the front and my didi already  standing. What i like about her is there is no rushing at all, even for batin. she just play with your didi slowly and  chat with you. i did ask if there are any extra, not more than HJ. u can touch her body but there extra charges. But i dont have the mood during that time.

Then i load my soldier, paid and went back home.

Name: Ira (Vera)
Origin: NL
Language: Malay
Age: 20++
Face: 5/10 – can see the face
Body: 6.5/10 – quite busty and the butt is well fleshed
Massage: 8/10
Batin: 9/10 – i give 9 because she didnt rush. she took her time and slowly made us indulge in the feeling
Damage: 148 include batin for 60 mins. extra if want to add on touching boobs

Location: KajangSemenyih
Category: NL

* She is 1Malaysia, will serve all brothers

Baby – Batin massage with a twist

Baby – Batin massage with a twist

Master: Mike

Wanted to try a batin massage from a local NL after friend told me her massage comes with a twist at the end. So, texted her thru whatsapp, and she replied quite late, maybe because she was busy on that day. So arranged with her to book an appointment at Friday night (10pm-ish), since I was working around the area she’s based on (she’s based in Ampang).

So on Friday, went to her place around 9.30, and parked my car at the side of the road. A lot of the residents parked their car there also, so it shouldn’t be a problem. She then instructed on how to go to her unit. Once reach on the designated floor, she instructed to scout around if there are any people outside the corridor, once the coast is clear, then she ask you to come in. (She said that she afraid of noisy neighbor finding out what she was doing).

Went inside her apartment to be greeted my her wearing really tight knee length skirt and short black tee (accentuated her boobs) and she’s using perfume that smells nice too (my didi is half mast just by looking at her, haha).

She then direct me to her massage room and ask me to undress all so she can start her session. Her GFE is quite high since even before massage she will bring you to chit chat. Once the massage session starts you can tell that she has quite the experience on massaging (she told me that we worked in a nearby parlour before, then switch to do in her own apartment since it is much safer).

During the session, she will also tease you didi and quite a few times caress your inner thigh. Her massage is quite okay and she like to use her fist to tekan your knotted muscle area. After back settle, she asks you to turn around, (this time my didi is stiff already due to the teasing). She then proceed massage your hands and abit on your face.

Then comes the batin, she said that she can do either topless, fully undressed and can do BJ also (extra cost of course). I chose topless and BJ. She then undressed her t-shirt and lo and behold, her bountiful asset. She told me that it is 36C. Her nipple is also cute and fluffy. I played with her boobs while she played with my didi and managed to slip my hands inside her skirt also. She let out this cute moan several times which makes me harder. 

When I’m on the edge of cumming, I told her to stop for me to take a breath and for her to do BJ. Her BJ session is quite entertaining since she will suck with slurp slurp sound and play with your balls. After I was on the edge of cuming, she then pulls her mouth out (no CIM, sad). She then plays with my didi abit while I was catching my breath. After then I starts to get to shower to clean the massage oil, she gave me a smile and said, ‘terima kasih you, air you banyak tadi’, which is quite a confidence booster for me.

After shower, I went to get dressed, and paid her the massage fee and ‘extra service’ fee too. We hugged and I can felt her boobs pressing on my body again. Overall, quite a fruitful experience, and I went back home a happy man.

Name: Baby
Race: NL
Age: Late 20’s
Height: 160-ish
Face: 7/10 (quite nice have abit arab / Pakistan face, but got a bit birthmark), overall quite ok
GFE: 8/10, she’s abit manja2
Boobs: Firm C cup, she said this is her asset, and she jaga it really carefully. This is where she wins
BJ: 6/10, entertaining, but nothing worth to remember
Damage: RM 100 for massage and batin + RM 100 for BJ and topless
WIR: probably. Her boobs is what I’m looking for
She is open to all. Treat her well, and maybe you can score further with her

Location: Ampang
Category: NL

Remark: She is 1Malaysia for all brothers


Super combo 4 hands Batin with Zara and Mira

Super combo 4 hands Batin with Zara and Mira

Master: Amur

Back was feeling sore and needed some assistance to help with the pain. Anyways I  received contact from admin thank you as always.  I was horny the night before but she messaged back saying that she isn’t feee tonight and was her day off. She said to try again tomorrow. So I messaged in the morning and she sent me the location and asked me to come now. 

Feeling rather excited I drove down to her place it’s above some shop lots. To my surprise when she opened the door was a super cute lady. She had pretty good figure and with nice features. Her breast looked pretty round too. 

She asked to go into the room and get undressed. She also asked if I wanted to try a “combo”. I asked what was that. She said she will get her friend to massage at the same time. I never tried before so I definitely had to try. 

Mira came in also quite cute. She is local and can talk quite a lot. She is also quite naughty. Her body is a little thinner than Zara but had good bust as well. They both undressed and massaged me. The sensation of having 4 hands on your back is amazing. Their massage is very sensual caressing your buttocks and your thighs. They made me very aroused and I was getting very hard. is very professional with her massage. She massage every part of my back more Indonesian style. Then she uses her hands to massage to tease my body from back and bottom. My didi very slowly getting excited. 

They asked to turned around so they could massage my front. My didi was very hard seeing both ladies naked massage me in the front. Their breasts jiggled while they massaged me. It was an amazing sight to be hold. They let me touch their bodies while they massaged. I couldn’t concentrate where to look and where to touch since there was so much breasts and body and only my two hands. 

They don’t full service and only do Batin. This is the best Batin service I ever had. I had Zara on my right side. She licked my nipples and played with balls. While Mira is on my left using to hand to massage and stroke my didi slowly and gently. It was amazing. They really took their time and never rushed. I was completely in a trance. Finally I let go.

Name: Zara and Mira
Age: 27- 30
Race: Bakso and Nasi Lemak
Figure: curvy 
Boobs: 7/10
Damage: 360
Location: Sri Manja Flat
* She is 1Malaysia, accept all brothers 

Location: Petaling Jaya , Old Klang Road
Category: NL

Angel – Powerful Massage and Nice Batin

Angel – Powerful Massage and Nice Batin

Master: Micheal

I was in the mood for a massage and something ‘extra’ on that day. So I went and texted Angel to book an appointment at night (my friend gave me the contact number and told me that she is good at what she’s doing, which makes me more excited).

Come night time, straight went to her place after work. Parking is easy (outside the compound got ample parking space), and straight to her unit. She the greeted me, and the first thing that I see is her big ‘rack’.

Went inside her unit, and she asked me to sit while she prepared to soak your feet with her herbal concoction. Soaked my feet, and we chit chat for a while. She is from Sabah, and is really friendly. She told me that she’s wanted to lose weight, but from what I see, all of her meat is in the right place. She then asked me to pay first before the session starts.

Once the session starts, she asks you to lie on your back first. Her massage was surprisingly good, no light touches, but firm massages starting from your feet, up to your neck. She uses her knee and elbow to hit all the right places. (I have some soreness in my neck, she massages the soreness away). She said that soreness and muscle pain is from angin accumulated in your body.

She then asked me to ‘bersila’ on the massage table and proceed to do some chiropractor – like position. I’ll tell you, the whole body will feel abit sakit at first, but then your body will feel syok. Then comes the batin session, she sat right in front of you and starts caressing your pp. 

Within seconds, my pp becomes PP already. She stroke and massage the crotch area, abit sakit, but tolerable. After that she ask me to release all or to save. Alang2 there, I said release all, and she proceed with HJ. She didn’t rush the session, eventho the session went past 10 mins after the agreeable duration.

After that, I get dressed, and she gave me a herbal drink. She said it is for virility. Drank that, and my body felt abit nice and calm.

She told me to try to come urut on a monthly basis to buang any extra angin in my body. Will definitely go if I got the time.

Name: Angel
Race: Sabahan
Age: around end 30 or early 40.
Face: 6/10
Boobs: 7/10 (its big yo)
FK: nope
Pussy: nope
WIR: try to go there monthly. Her massage is really good
Damage: RM100
Category: all (she even said she got angmoh customers)
Location: Mentari court

Location: Sunway 
Category: NL

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