OL colleague – Ah Ling

OL colleague – Ah Ling

Master: Kai

Got her contact some times ago from webmaster. Messaged her through Wechat using my small account (without profile picture), no response. Messaged again with my big account and she responded within 15 minutes, she was being straight-forward telling me the location, price, and availability. I quickly arranged a date with her on the following Sunday morning.

On that day, I was just on time, I parked my car just below the budget hotel and messaged her, she told me the room number and floor. To my surprise, when I was scanning the QR and measuring my temperature, the counter clerk asked whether I wanted to book a room or am I heading to room XXX? 

I was stunned for a second and said yes yes I am going XXX room, it seemed like she knew Ah Ling too hahahah, a little bit awkward here tbh. Anyway she then guided me the way to the room. I knocked on the door and it was not locked, I got in and was greeted by an OL looking milf.

She offered me drinks and invited me to sit together on the bed to relax and chat a little first. I was hugging her with my hand busy touching her boobs and legs. She too started to touch my little bro. 

After some ice-breaking, we proceeded to shower. She then asked me to wait for her on the bed.
Later we proceeded with the SOPs, she started with BJ with her warm mouth. Not long after that, she capped me, and she ride on me and moaned sedutively. Her pussy is not the tightest, but is wet and warm. After about 10 minutes, I really can’t tahan and took the first shot.

We then rested for a while, she non-stop teased my little bro by touching and sucking it, then my little bro fully erected again. With cap on, we started the action again with missionary. It feels so good to pump her hard while French kissing with her, and kiss her neck and ears too. About another 10 minutes past, I took my second shot. Haiya was thinking to take this shot by CIM, but never mind it felt just as good shooting it inside.

She cleaned me up a little bit then we went to shower again, paid her and bye.

Name: Ah Ling
Race: CKT
Face: 5/10 (Typical MILF)
Body: 6/10 (Typical MILF)
Boobs: 8/10
Pussy: 8/10
BBBJ: 10/10
FJ: 10/10
GFE: Friendly, very natural even we were met the first time
Damage: RM150 (1 hour for 2 shots, if you can hahah)

Location: Kepong
Category: CKT , MILF

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  1. Ray Ng says:

    Contact no.

  2. Lan says:

    Bro can I get her number

  3. Gene says:

    Hi, would love to pay Ah Ling a visit. Can share contact details to me pls? wingka_1@hotmail.com

  4. Naz says:

    Can share contact

  5. Ken says:

    share contact?

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