Master: Bob

I whatsapp her after I got the number from the webmaster and she replied real quick. Probably she was hunger for customer…. Booked a hotel and waited for her almost 1hr. It was raining damn heavily that day and she said got caught in the jam. I was hoping to see a good one and worth for waiting…

Finally she arrived…taadaaaaaaa….

Chit chat a while and we both get bath together…she is huge for my size..BBW
Then normal duties starts, BBBJ me for not even for 5 minutes and she stopped. Told her to BJ more she said my didi already awake and no point BJ anymore. Fine I said..then I went straight down.. cant even see her pussy due to her fat big thigh. God! really turn me down and I just wanted her to get lost fast. Nvm.. I still tahan…

Then she capped my didi n and ask me to do her missionary. She said cannot do cowboy bcoz of my Didi is long and she is not comfortable. Drilling her about 10 minutes and I don’t feel anything and she also don’t show any reaction. She really potong stim. To cut her story short, I told her I enjoyed enough and ask her to pack and leave. Of course I paid her by no choice! I could have invested the money at some massage centre which can give me far better service than this.

It’s a total waste of money taking her. I don’t know why some of the FR shows some good review on her. Probablyly not my type of girl!

Name: Dayana
Race: NL
Age: 30+
Breast: Big n saggy
BJ: 4/10
Face: 2/10 (look old)
Damage: RM250 for 1 hour

Location: Kuala Lumpur
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

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30 Responses to “NIGHT WITH DAYANA(pic)”

  1. Reds says:

    Hmm… Lousy service.. Thx for yr fr

  2. Mistress x says:

    Wanna a good BBW mix girl and with some fantasy in it too . Please email me . Camera sensitive . Good GFE and nice warmth horny feel too . If u sunat all the better. Educated and clean . Rm250 per session. If moment is right can be 2 shots.

  3. wakwak says:

    I like all malay girl picture

  4. JP says:

    Golden key pls bro

  5. Dean says:

    Golden key please

  6. Dragon says:

    Golden key pls

  7. remi says:

    Need gold key
    Pm me contact also

  8. sos says:

    Golden key pls

  9. ben says:

    golden key pls

  10. pepsi says:

    boss, share contact and golden key to

  11. jimmy says:

    bro, may i know golden key and contact as well. tq

  12. karl syafiq says:

    mind to share contact please?

  13. Sam says:

    Share contact n golden key

  14. Sam says:

    Share contact n golden key pls

  15. coolgang says:

    Share contact and golden key

  16. coolgang says:

    Pm contact and share golden

  17. Jack says:

    golden key pls

  18. Mat Fuad says:

    please share golden key


  19. Ariffin says:

    Can share contact no

  20. Sidekic says:

    pm her contact.. thank you

  21. VINCE says:

    bro, may i know golden key and contact as well. tq

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