Nice nipples gorgeous Malay lady – Lisa(pic)

Nice nipples gorgeous Malay lady – Lisa(pic)

Master: Gooch

After got her number from webmaster, i go directly send a massage… but she reply quite late (i think shes not interested or busy)

after a couple sending massage shes agree to meet up around KL, buttttttttttt suddenly she cancle due to her work time 🙁

but i didnt give up and asked for another time, and she offering to meet up on 9/8/2014 around Sunway area.. so i prep the place and wait her to come to the place. I feel really rushing and nervous since this is my first time (seriuosly, i didnt lie here bros *:"> blushing).

After i checking in i massage her i already arrived and the room number, and wait for her for about 1/2 hour and suddenly somebody knocking on my room door (getting more nervous, dammit!)

i open the door, then….. wow… just wow! shes looking really gorgeous i could say. so i asked her to enter the room.

we chat a little bit, and she asked me to wash first… when i come out from the bathroom shes already in towel, daaaamn her skin so damn white and smooth (even i havent touched it).

she asked me to jumped on the bed, the shes starting licking my nipple and kissing all over my body including  bbbj my hard rock dick!! and i started to sucking and licking her nipples and daty her (her body really smells good). after that i started capped my dick and proceed a mot first for a couple min then wot then doggy the mot again till i unload everyting in the condoms!! 

after the session we chat a bit more and she asked a permission to off due to her schedule that day.

Name: Lisa
Type: NL
Age : Didnt ask
Face : 8/10 very stunning
Body:  7.5/10
Boob: 8/10 Nice nipples
Pussy: 9/10 Didnt smell at all!!
BBBJ: 8/10
FJ: 8/10 (accomodate all style i want)
CIM: Didnt ask
GFE: 10/10
Damage: 200
WIR: Yes absolutely!!

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  1. kamal says:

    hiii master, can we share the ctc no. tq

  2. jazzman says:

    Anyone can pass me her wechat or contact plse desperate need for tmrw.. emel me at holydiver003 at geemail

  3. Justin says:

    Bro mind to share the contact to my email, or wechat Justin135, thanks a lot ya.

  4. Gerrard says:

    Pls email me her contact number. thanks bro!

  5. Ben says:

    Thai girl 012-6211484

  6. Alfred says:

    anyone can pass me her contact number or wechat?pls email to thz a lot.

  7. Alex says:

    Contact please

  8. David says:

    hi there, can give her contact to me

  9. David says:

    hi there, can give lisa contact to me

  10. daus says:

    Bro can u email me contact no.tq

  11. daus says:

    Bro can u email me contact no.tq

  12. cica says:

    number please

  13. Zabrueal says:

    Send me her number please

  14. Dev says:

    Please send her contact number to my email

  15. sharen says:

    Hello bro..boleh kongsi x..please send her phone no to my emel

  16. ahmad shah says:

    Bro..boleh kongsi x…please send her number kt emel..tq

  17. Ben says:

    Can u kindly share her ctc no pls

  18. sammy says:

    i need her no..please

  19. topz says:

    What is the hgolden key? I am interested

  20. Lee says:

    Can provide contact and the key?

  21. superxtra says:

    can i have lisa’s number dear webmaster.. interested in giving fr in this website

  22. Coolie How says:

    Please email me her contact with me. Thank you.

  23. sanchez says:

    share contact please

  24. Jack says:

    Hey mind exchange contact with mine? Send to email

  25. tanker says:

    bro please send me her contact number. tyvm

  26. Skyweb says:

    Please PM the contact No. Thanks.

  27. mark says:

    lets exchange contact bro email me at

  28. joe says:

    Hi, newbie here. Can i have lisa’s ctc no pls. Been trying to get her. Thks.

  29. daniel says:

    cntact number

  30. Amir says:

    Anybody can email me her ctc at

  31. ben says:

    hiii master, please send her contact number to my email.

  32. kay says:

    Pls pm me her details tq

  33. kay says:

    Pls send me her details to tq

  34. Swagbro says:

    Pm contact and golden key

  35. KAS says:

    Please PM the contact No & Golden key. Thank

  36. nasr says:

    pls anyone pm me the contact no and to my email

  37. Bla says:

    Pm me the number

  38. BM says:

    Can i have her contact no. Pls

  39. Shen says:

    Hi all, new here. Was recommended by a friend. How do I get this girls contact?


  40. Abstact says:

    Please share the contact and the golden key please tq

  41. Gigs says:

    Contact no and golden key pls. Tq boss

  42. teddy says:

    Please share the golden key pls. Thx

  43. fiz says: contact with me…

  44. Jim says:

    Can give her contact bro? Tq

  45. joe says:

    Bro, can give me contct number and golden key number.

    Email to:

  46. kit says:

    bri can share contact a not? if u dont mind me can exchange mine with you… email to me kit9059@hotmail.con

  47. sam says:

    please share golden key and contact!

  48. Michael says:

    Webmaster pls share contact thxxx

  49. sz says:

    Hai webmaster..please share any available phone number with me..tqvm

  50. Kong says:

    Hi webmaster, could u please share her number?

  51. fad says:

    Can i have her contact no thanks

  52. ahmad says:

    Hi master,

    Kindly share the contact numm…thanks

  53. addik says:

    Im new to this forum. Appreciate the ctc. Will post FR after session.

  54. oppo says:

    Bro,.pls share golden key and her number please.tq.

  55. patrick says:

    Bro… email me golden key and contact detail pls. Thanks.

  56. ayie says:

    can i have thia lisa?

  57. John says:

    Bro, can you please email me her contact at Thank you!

  58. needlove says:

    pm ctc & golden key bro.. tq

  59. htc says:

    hi bro, can u please send me her contact & golden key:
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  60. Ryan says:

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  61. Niki says:

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  62. Vs says:


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  63. jia says:

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