Nice & Friendly Lisa(pic)

Nice & Friendly Lisa(pic)

Master: Naga

Already cheong her a month ago n only now got free time to write FR….

Got her no from webmaster.

A week later sms her. Immidiately she reply. Introduce myself n have a chit chat on wassap. She is very busy n i need to wait untill next week for make an arrangement to cheong her…for me it…

On cheong nite i arrive early to sunway mentari n i have to wait almost 1 hour coz she got a customer…..

After dat she sms me her room number. I knocked her door n she slowly opened the door n was supprised n happy to see her in sexy black lingerie….it make me worth for waiting her almost 1 hour….her skin is very smooth like other FR that mention her as snow white…..

Then we chit chat and go for shower while she lying on the bed waiting for me…when i complete my shower, she already naked on bed with smilling on her face n a bit notty face….

Then we proceed to BBJB….very good n not rushing n i can play with her tennage boobs with nice n hard nipples…

fingering on her pusy make her not tahan n ask for 69…i daty her hardly n she moarned…very sedap n i almost cum….

Then she cowboy me from slow to hard….she is very good to in cowboy..

Lastly i doggy her n explode my soldier in CD

What a great cheong dat nite coz not rushing.

Name: Lisa
Age: 31
Looks: 8/10
Body: 8/10
Breast: 6/10
Pussy: 7/10 (no smell)
BJ: 9/10
FJ: 9/10
Damage: rm150

Location: Sunway
Category: NL

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129 Responses to “Nice & Friendly Lisa(pic)”

  1. john says:

    Bro her num please…

  2. Kevin says:

    Can share her photos and contact number, thannk you.

  3. abea says:

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  4. bossman says:

    maswter naga…please do share her contact number. tq

  5. withheld says:

    Bro, can share the golden key?

  6. jebon says:

    Master naga.. Please send me the details on how to get her… Tq..

  7. mai says:

    Bro share contact and golden key please..thanks

  8. Jason says:

    Share contact & keys pls

  9. withheld says:

    Bro, can you share her number and golden key?

    Best regards

  10. adamzain says:

    The more I read, the more I want her. Please give me her contact number. Please.

  11. mozzie says:

    Contact no pls

  12. direct says:

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  13. man says:

    hi,can give me her num & golden key?

  14. james says:

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  15. michael says:

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  16. Shean says:

    Hi Bro, can pls pm Contact & golden key. tq.

  17. jinnx says:

    Master Naga, pls pm Contact num and golden key…. TQ

  18. yman says:

    Pm contact no.

  19. casey says:

    Bro,please….im really wanna be her man tonight…please her contact or how to contact..

  20. john says:

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  21. Coolie says:

    Hey bro, kindly share her contact.

    Please PM me,

  22. Jeff says:

    Contact number n golden key please, thanks bro

  23. Joe says:

    Bro, contact number & golden key please. Appreciate it. Thanks!

  24. sz says:

    Bro..please share Lisa’s number with me..tq

  25. brotherbee says:

    Master Naga, pls pm Contact num and golden key…. TQ

  26. glakisrpi says:

    Intrrested pm contact bro

  27. nazzry says:

    contact n golden key plz

  28. Wolfen says:

    Bro, Golden key and her contact no pls.

  29. cham says:

    Pm ctc n golden key bro wchat ie-cham

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  31. Ukno says:

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  33. Fisher says:

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  38. Chris Lim says:

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  39. gin says:

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  40. Tora says:

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  41. Trol says:

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  43. Joi says:

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  44. bell says:

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  46. Yuri says:

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  47. danie says:

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  50. Dev says:

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  51. johnkyu says:

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  52. sonny says:

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  53. richie says:

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  54. richie says:

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  55. joey says:

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  56. rockstar demand says:

    really need golden key n ctc no Master Naga… 😀

  57. azman says:

    Share to me that girl number bro
    0172793950 thanks a lot

  58. Wrec says:

    care to share her contact bro?

  59. am says:

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  60. Romeo says:

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  61. Gudboy says:

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  67. witwai says:

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  68. mat says:

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  69. Ryan says:

    Master Naga…

    pls do share the contact number for Lisa…she sounds interesting…

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  88. ash says:

    Been following this blog for sometime, guess now is the right time for hunting… Can I have her contact pls???
    Hope some good souls can help me out.

  89. Ruff says:

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  90. Ruff says:

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  93. baristas30 says:

    Bro master, can u share lisa’s number w me, am traveling to klang valley tmrw. appreciate so much

  94. Sai says:

    Can share number and key please. Sounds like a good cheong…

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    Can share me contact?

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