Nice and Friendly PRC, Lan Xing, Cheras(pic)

Nice and Friendly PRC, Lan Xing, Cheras(pic)

Master: Terrence


This my second FR. Few months ago, i manage to date her although i have her contact quite some time ago. Manage to book the time at afternoon 2.00pm. Immediately rush to her place and she text me her apartment no.
Knock…. Knock…Knock…. The door open and she was hiding behind the door. Quite nice and beautiful lady standing welcoming me to her room. She greeting me with a cup of warm water and chitchat for almost 10 min.
After that, we go for washroom to wash up together. She wash helping me to clean up and start to bbbj me with toothpaste. Very nice and cool. Almost come at the time.
We proceed to the bed and she start to catbath me. Follow by fire and ice from top to down bbbj make my didi can not tahan already. After a while, she cap me on and start doggy position. After a while, change to missionary and we finish here.
After that, we go to wash up and she give me another warm water, chitchat again for 10 min before ciao.

Name: Lan Xing
Face: 8/10 (my taste)
Body: 9/10
Boob: B
Hair: long hair
BBBJ: 8/10 (Fire and Ice)
FJ: 7/10
GFE: 7/10
Pussy: tight
WIR: may be
Damage: 130 + tips

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  1. neo says:

    hi. how to see pic?

  2. hj says:

    Please pass her contacts

  3. Man of iron says:

    Send me the contact bro.

  4. Jim says:

    Share golden key and contact number please

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