Naughty Cheung Pak Chi – Ana, Kuala Lumpur, KLCC, PRC Ana

Naughty Cheung Pak Chi – Ana

Master: Terry

So right after work was wondering nearby KLCC where got good place to cheong. been looking for quite a while but cant seem to find. Then i came across our good old blog saying someone had tried at this spa next to thai club. so went in there, took the lift up, saw a few girls. wow pretty. tot it was gonna be good stuff.

greeted by okt. nice fellow. poured drinks. then brought out selection of gals. first lineup were chinese gals. 2 prcs. generally all looked pretty but i saw this one Gal Ana, reminded me of a TVB star. petite size, chesty, was wearing a one piece blue dress, short, with sexy high heels. nice make up. hair done up. like a gal from the clubs. but she was stunning. anyways asked okt to bring out next seletion of tom yams, viets and phillys. saw all. not bad actually. but quickly told okt wanted ana.

i then paid. he showed me to the room. was left alone for about 5 minutes then…got a knock on the door.

as she entered wow. she was pretty indeed. and reminded me of an ex gf. lagi got incentive to screw haha.

so chat a lil she took out her stuff. theni realized. somtimes the pretty ones arent all that good. a lil SOP. so thought gave her benefit of the doubt. so got her to sit on my lap. some small talk. havent warm up also she pushed me down on the bed. and got a lil notty.

sadly, she didnt allow kisses. u cant even kiss on the cheek. was like wahlau. then she kept insisting me on taking a shower. but i really wanted to get some heavy petting action first la. keep harassing me. fine nvm went in, she stripped saw her beautiful body. touch while showering..then she acted like all scared to masuk the shower like that. but i figured that she didnt want to get her make-up messed up. Fine. got dry went to the bed.

catbath action intially wast great till..she started using her boobs..ahh those glorious breasts to tease me on my back. lasted for about 10 mins theni got allnotty and turned around and push her to the bed. now my turn to please her. haha. started from the neck , concentrated quite a while on the boobs. gently caressing them sucking the large and pink nipples. she moaned gracefully. licked her bottom forest and beyond. lasted bout another 15 minutes then she gently moaned, ” i need you” in mandarin. wow…i know that was my cue la. but she wasnt very wet dunno why. didnt allow me to finer her as well…anyways,

she put on the cap and we begun action. missionnary for about 5 mins. craps, didi feel like cumming di. reason being why so turn on cus of her hot body, hot face and sexy moans. she kept on licking her lips like to tempt me stroke me and etc. how to tahan la. anyways, cummed soon after that.

then she suggested to bathe. but heck i wanted more. said have to pay. wahlau. nego for 10 mins she still didnt want to give in. but due to my long layed off sex life and her notness, i cave in to her demands. , and extra rm100. sorry bros.

this time i made her work for it. had 4 positions. got her to wear her high heels as well. looked sexy 🙂

did doggy, standing and hump from behind facing a mirror. sciccors and place didi between breast as i cummed.

total experience was about 50 mins. but felt quite transactory.
asked her whether she does outdoor , she said yes. RM100 per shot.
asked her where she stays, shes not sure. only in msia for 2 monhts. pretty fresh.

so if u bros like pretty faces hot bodies then shld try her. but shes ex and not much of gfe.

Name: Ana
Face 8/10 (Looks like Cheug pak chi). Loos sultry with make up. small lips that go on licking hehe.
Age: 23
Race : PRC
Boobs : Beutiful. 36-38C. Big for her frame and soft.
Skin : smooth white
Body : petite but with the right curves at the right place
HJ: no time for that
BJ : she wasnt keen
FJ : yea. cum 2x
WIR: Yea, guess so. read my story then u know why
Damage: RM188 + RM100 (Tips). Over priced bros definately.

Location Cabana Inn.
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