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My Little Snow White

Cheongster: No Name

Here is my humble FR for little snow:

This is my first visit to shi quan, luckily i able to find the place.. haha.. anyway.. little snow is not staying nearby to shi quan la, and we enter the old flat which the room condition is quite bad, and continue with the action…

little snow is a bit commercialize and quite rush, but as u know, the flat-keeper will knock the door every 30min.. dis is the bad part.. however, i find that she’s a bit robotic and cool. no much foreplay, she straight away take out her clothes and service me.. i m a GFE sucker.. this action make me no feeling dy.. and also i feel bit stress for ‘curi makan’ la..

anyway.. the good point of little snow is.. if u treat her nice, she will try to treat u good too..

ya forgot to mention abt her look… ya her look is not bad.. young mar.. and quite pretty lor..

thanks so much bro yong~

Name: xiao xue
Age: 21 (according to her)
Look: 8.5/10 (her look is like OL we see at KLCC there, without make-up already quite pretty dy, but is not HOT and hiao hiao type, is cool cool type)
FJ: nv try, dunno
BJ: with cap, she’s trying her best dy.. so i gip 8/10
Service: 7/10 (ok la, myself a bit no mood la, cant blame her also)
RTF: maybe will after got enough bullet.

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