My first time and first African – Torera(pic)

My first time and first African – Torera(pic)

Master: SnowWolf

This is a story about my adventure with Torera. I had her contact. I quickly sms her in that night and go for her on the spot.

She stay in hotel all time, so dun worry about the hotel fee.
She speaking in English, she’s from Nigeria, 19 yrs old, wish to study college in Malaysia, just landed around 4 months.
She ask me to bath, but refuse to bath with me, state that she already bath for me before I came. Then we finish a movie only start the job.
I ask she to put condom on me, she done it with a bj.
Then I started to play her breast, she can’t wait, and asked me u wan to fuck anot? then jump on me and kissing my breast and stomach, v start with girl on top, she’s good on wriggle her waist, v ended with missionary .
She’s not satisfied by my job.
We start listening to music, she dance with the rhythm, shake her breast, then go down from bed and start dancing.
Here we start our second round, I tried to go in from behind on standing position, but…. hmm…. it’s my fault…
We return to bed and start doggy, then missionary. Here I start feel moist on my groin, not too wet, it’s just nice.

Name: Torera
From : Nigeria
Age : 19
Language: English
Face : 6/10 
Skin : 6/10 Black
Body : 7/10
Boobs : 7/10 Ok natural.
Pussy : Shaven
Anal : No
Finger: No
Damage : RM100 (before v met, i offer, n she accept)
Location: USJ

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33 Responses to “My first time and first African – Torera(pic)”

  1. nikiyama says:

    hello bro could u give me ctc torera tq

  2. ROjan says:

    Contact and Golden Key..?

  3. JamesChan says:

    Bro please share with me her contact and golden key please

  4. JamesChan says:

    Bro please share with me her contact and golden key please.. my email is

  5. roland says:

    may i have her contact number…thx in advance….

  6. Charles says:

    Ey bro plz pass the contacts if still have

  7. Bobo says:

    Bro, still available? Golden key and contact please

  8. Brendon says:


    can i have her contact? or perhaps we can exchange a number if u want-:)

  9. alpha says:

    make someone’s life better, contact and golden key please?

  10. Shen says:

    Hi all, new here. Was recommended by a friend. How do I get this girls contact?


  11. Paul says:

    Bro, Share your contact Pleeeeease. Buy you good lunch
    when you free.

  12. wilson says:

    Hi can i have her No.

  13. James says:

    Can I have the golden key for pics please bro? Thanks

  14. Greatness says:

    Can I get her number brothers. Been longing for an African almost 3 years now.

  15. Coolie says:

    Hi SnowWolf,

    Can I get her number brother.

    Wanna to try Africa babe.

  16. jeevankay says:

    hi SnowWolf…Can get her number and the golden key please?

  17. nevermore says:

    Hi bro can share the contact & golden key?

  18. john says:

    Like to have her contact please.


  19. Fikri says:

    Hi Master, Can u share the contact and golden key..

  20. jim says:

    contact n golden key pls bro

  21. sherman says:

    bro pm detail and phone

  22. Mike says:

    Bro, contacts pls…

  23. abdul says:

    Detail num please

  24. lol says:

    contact and golden key plsss

  25. ChemCo says:

    Bro, pass me Torera contact num ( And what is the golden key? What does it mean pls?

  26. ChemCo says:

    Hai Guyz, can any1 pls pass me her contact num (012-2504580).

  27. John says:

    Hi Bro,

    Please give the contact , tq

  28. KUMARAGURU says:


  29. Julian says:

    bro golden key n ctc pls

  30. gonzo says:

    golden key pls..Thank you

  31. steve says:

    Bro can share with me her contact and golden key please

  32. zul says:

    Bro can share with me her contact and golden key please

  33. atanrayback says:

    Boleh bagi contact number? Please

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