My 3rd CKT FL experience goes to Wing!, Kuala Lumpur, Local Girl – Wing

My 3rd CKT FL experience goes to Wing!

Master: bullbull

Honestly, i think i am about to quit for trying FL especially CKT. I am not trying to say CKT FL is not good, but i am very choosy on face/looking face… if i continue to try and see low quality FL (low quality in term of face/looking), i will switch back to OS, as i can choose my taste when i select my target at OS. Although some service are not good, but at least face can look first.

ok, let me continue on my FR at Wing. Appointment had been made at one of the LRT at cheras area. I wait for her at the bus station, and sms her i hav arrived. Then i saw a girl coming toward my car…. OMG!!! i was thinking to start engine and RUN AWAY! Although i was expecting her face is so so after reading her FR, but…. i never know she is this LOW quality!! she is below average! is like those girls when sitting beside me, i also wont look at her 1 sec. But i tell myself cannot run away…. coz this will make me become a busuk guy in cheong world. Ok lo… try and see lo…. since most of the WSG bro here saying dont jugde book by its cover.

We didnt really chat a lot in the car, because her face really turn me off. When we checked in to a hotel, she straight take off and invite me to take shower. well…. if not looking at her face, her skin is actually very smooth. body also not bad although boobs are small. When she helped me to wash up, she started to naughty naughty play my didi, then i know most of the WSG bros are right, she is nasty!

After washing up, we moved to bed. Without catbath, she start her job by giving a long long long and hardworking BBBJ. SHe likes to blow so much! non stop without feeling tired! she give me BBBJ for about 15 mins without break, i keep asking her not tired meh? she said she likes to torture guy’s didi like this, so nasty! After 15mins, i worry she tired… so i try to stop her and serve her. But her hand didnt want to stop, keep holding my didi and stroke it when i catbath her, she keep trying to pull my didi into her mouth again…. aiya… she likes it so much, give her again la. she BBBJ me again at sitting, standing, laying, reserved, side, 69… almost all positions have been tried… she also didnt satisfied…. still wanna hold it and suck it… soooooo hungry la! I started to feel cuming… so i stop her. Then she cap me on, and start with cow girl….

She is so wild when doing cow girl…. keep on pumping up and downs with hands pull her hair. i believe her moan is real, but 1 thing i dont understand…. she seems enjoy, but why her pussy is not wet at all???? so far only FL Sharon given me wet pussy feel.

After riding for a while, we switched to standing position. She is slim, i am able to hold her with standing position, and she keep swinging her butt. I dont know how to call this position (standing cow girl?) After a while, we changed to missionary. During this missionary position, i really fark her kau kau! she moan so loud until her hands keep pulling the comforter. After about 10 mins of in and out stroke, i unload my first shot. She laugh like a devil, saying i lose to her already. She is really very naughty and enjoy sex so much.

After 1st round, she asked me to rest a while… she wants more. Then we watch TV for about 15-20 mins… she start to tease and catbath me. But its not easy to make my didi hard after 1st round. Anyway… she did a good job by giving me HJ, catbath and BBBJ to make it negaraku again. In this round…. obviously i know she wanted to BBBJ until it cum. Because she is 2X hardworking to BBBJ me compare to first round. But she didnt know my 2nd round is very very hard to cum one…. pity her.

she tried to lick, suck, blow, deepthroat, together with HJ. I really salute her…. wondering why she is not feeling tired at all for giving non stop BBBJ?? Her BBBJ is the longest i have ever tried, even longer than my white meat experience. I think she blow for more than 20 mins without break… i still didnt feel like wanna cum yet at all. Then she stop already… and she say let me rest. (i dont know she rest or i rest :D) After resting few minutes…. she is alive again… continue her hardwork…. blow blow and blow. I am wondering… how come she is so stubborn and wanted to BBBJ it out? I didnt feel like cumming at all (after 1 round). After about 10 mins of no break BBBJ, i told her…. i still not feel cumming yet, how? Then finally she surrender… she said if not yet cum, then wanna rape me. SHe straight cap me on, and ride me. This time, she ride me kau kau and didnt allow me to change position. SHe ride it fast and furious…. 1 word- WILD!

After few minutes… I finally unload my 2nd round shot at cow girl position. After this, Although i know time is not up yet… but i know my 3rd round is gonna kill her (2nd round already kill her half)… so i said no need to stay for 3 hours la, let’s check out.

Well…. She is wild, nasty and enjoy sex…. but still i m not very satisfied because i am very choosy on face, and she didnt give me a gf/mistress feel like Sharon do. I think i will try 2-3 more FL… if they are not good in term of looking again… i will quit for FL and switch back to OS.

name: wing
battle: ~2 hours
face: 2-3/10
body: 6/10 (smooth)
boobs: A-B, small
age: didnt ask
BBBJ: long long long and hard working!! 8/10
FJ: wild and hungry for sex 7/10
pussy: 5/10 (no smell, but not wet)
DATY: yes
FK: didnt try
Anal: didnt try
Damage: 300 + 50 room for 3 hours unlimited shot (but i stay ~2hr with 2 shot only)

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  1. Simon says:

    Hey buddy can trade Sharon & Wing contact? I hv models with great look & GFE that U may like 🙂

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