Molesting her soaped up boob – Lin

Molesting her soaped up boob – Lin

Master: Snooker

I went to look for Lin again some time this month. Needed a good massage after a long week at work, and why not some release down there as well. Got there late at night when it was quiet. It had been a while but when we met, she said she can still remember my face.

Stripped naked right away and started with massage. As usual, she’s distracted by her phone on and off, but I don’t really mind because her technique is firm and hits all the right spots. Up and down, back and front, and my dick slowly comes awake… Suddenly I sit up and strip her out of her clothes and unleash those tight round boobies. She laughs and act manja and goes down for BBBJ.

Lin’s lips were made for blowing I swear. I told her to go slow, and enjoyed the view looking at those lips while groping her boobs. She did a good job slobbering all over my groin and balls. Then capped on and started riding me, boobs bouncing everywhere. Hard to control myself, so I quickly asked to change positions. Doggy only a short while because she said it was painful. Continued in missionary before switching again and I blew my load in a wild cowgirl finale.

Showered and she washed me thoroughly while I continued molesting her soaped up boobs like a zombie. Then she made me a coffee and chitchat a while before I chao.

Name: Lin
Origin: Bakso
Location: Batu Caves
Face: 5 – Not exactly pretty, but CFM look with a pair of hot lips
Body: 6 – Chubby and bangable
Boobs: 7 – Rounded and bouncy
Massage: 9 – Deep and hard, very relaxing afterwards
BBBJ: 8 – Look at her lips, they were made for this
FJ: 7 – She’s up for most suggestions
GFE: 8 – Friendly as usual
WIR: Yes
Damage: RM150

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

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23 Responses to “Molesting her soaped up boob – Lin”

  1. Lai says:

    any form of contact bro

  2. adam says:

    Hi bro if possible please share contact really interested in trying out

  3. Peter says:

    Who has Lin’s number? can trade with either Azie, Devi and the famous Hani, can contact me at 0 one two – 3 nine 8 lima eight 9 enam

  4. Stefano says:

    Bro, have contact number? Really wanna try

  5. Qinzir says:

    Contact please. Tq

  6. zaidi says:

    anybody;;;can sent her contact

  7. zaidi says:

    have her contact??

  8. Arm says:

    who need contact pls ask Bro Arm ‘zero one eight 9558114’

  9. besta says:

    Contact number please.. TQTQ

  10. aafif says:

    Master, please share Lin’s contact to me.. thank you so muchh

  11. David says:

    Can I get her contact??

  12. enjoy123 says:

    Who nèed Lin Number can contact me..0162093143

  13. Zellman says:

    mail me the picture please

  14. kobis says:

    Bro share contact Lin at Thanks

  15. Hery says:

    Bro..can i have lin number. Pm me at 0176029353

  16. M'Dan says:

    Share golden key and contact bro at

  17. Benna says:

    Bro can please share contact with me at

  18. Mac says:

    Please share contact bro.

  19. Darren says:

    Send me golden key please and contact for Lin

  20. Boy says:

    Bro pls share her contact to my email tqvm

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